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  1. Ray McLeod "Crossed the Bar" Feb 11 2018

    Douglas and McLeod built some cool boats in those days. Here's one of thier I14 builds. Hot molded ply. Still kicking today.
  2. La Ventana at Christmas

    And try not to drive at night - too many steer on the road.
  3. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    2nd the Lumbo - Used Lumbos are realistically priced now and some can be found for a damn well bargain. For the draft issue, you could always crank the keel up some when mooring. Just picked up a 32' version for Point to Point Racing/Offshore/Island Fun stuff. Compared to what I normally sail, it's a cruiser but it does have some legs downwind and surprisingly nimble upwind. My wife and I can double hand it with no issues. A simple, fun, and well built boat for it's purpose. It also rips pretty well with a Code Zero or AP. Nothing better then getting it planing downwind with the wife and 2 dogs in the cockpit. The boat is loaded with top brand gear - Southern Spars, Yanmar, Lewmar, B&G, -Top Shelf stuff. Sure you could get a faster boat, but it's PHRF for Christ's sake - Who cares. Race another class One Design to get your fix. With low sheet loads, spartan yet comfy accommodations below (standing headroom), ginormous cockpit, and saildrive, it's a nice package. Made in USA too.
  4. F16 like foiler?

    New boats get here mid April. If you are in Cali anytime after that you are welcome to check it out and go for a ride. Just PM me and we can set it up. How's the new Harness?
  5. F16 like foiler?

    Expect at least 3-4 New US R2's at the F18 Worlds in FL later this year. With more R2 teams from Europe as well. Boat looks to be proving itself at the moment in EU. The boat is in full F18 mode at the moment and looks great. As always, the fit and finish of the French boats are much higher than the other offerings. Hopefully as quick as the Phantom in the fresh breeze and faster in the light. The French are planning an invasion!
  6. F16 like foiler?

    Looks like a container is headed to the West Coast US with a few R2's in it... room for a few more in the if anyone is interested. The closest thing for you is a Nacra 15 with Z-boards (the Nacra 15 FCS). Regardless, you really want an A Cat. The robustness issue is overblown, I would argue that the A-Cat is stronger than the other options simply because they use far better materials (carbon over nomex honeycomb with fully bonded carbon beams). They've had 4 years to sort out the strength issue for foiling, so you're coming in at the height of the development curve rather than at the start like the Viper F16. The other thing to keep in mind is that foiling requires a lot more hand/eye/body coordination than the regular cat. You loose the roll stability of a standard catamaran when up on the foils. I say this as I caution you on taking others with you on a foiler that don't have a good bit of experience. Small kids will fit on the A one at a time, and you can go race with the A cat fleet. There is also the reality that on a foiler, rudder and board setup is critical to easy, stable flights, and those numbers are known in the A-Cat community.
  7. J/88

    Columbia 30 or 30-2. Gotta say the boat checks all the boxes with some bonus points. The Lumbo is almost 10 years old now. People thought is looked funny for a Sportboat with the cockpit comings and an inboard engine. Now JBoats are doing the same thing. Both boats are relatively close in comparison. Check the numbers. SA/Displ are very close. Same cockpit layout, inboard, Aso/sprit, but the Lumbo is lighter so should hop a plane a bit quicker. You can also stand up inside. Some also have a Southern Spars carbon rig. You can buy a Lumbo and trick the hell out of it and still pay less than half for a new J88. If class racing is important to you, stay with the J. If you're just doing PH stuff or offshore, you have options.
  8. East facing Harbors SO CAL- Time to leave

    Shu, hope everything is ok. Let us know if you need anything. You have my number.
  9. I14 Capsize Compilation

    And bring a snorkel. Oh, and plenty of pain killers.
  10. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    I've got a 70 year old International 14 built this exact method (Douglas & McLeod, Ohio)... Still Stiff, still strong, granted very well maintained. It won't win any trophies today except for looking gorgeous but cool none the less.
  11. I14 Capsize Compilation

    Always loving the Boobie vids... You guys kill me. Hope you're well.
  12. Interlux Ultra Bottom Paint in SoCal?

    Couldn't you buy Copper based paint out of state, then just bring it back and apply? Might be worth the effort for less growth. I see a Road Trip in your near future.
  13. beach cats in the ocean?

    YES - Definitely interested. I think many F18's would like something like this. Looking for more long distance races in addition to the Ditch Run. Keep us posted.
  14. Just reviving this thread... Jim any chance you got to view the Englert boat? Any updates? BTW way, US 377 is currently for sale if anyone is interested in a Bristol Vintage International 14.
  15. Legal "Wingmast" for I/14

    Good stuff. Totally understand how life gets in the way sometimes... Good luck w/the Cuckoo and hope to see you at the Worlds next Summer in SF. Paul