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  1. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Never. If anything quite the opposite especially in nasty conditions. Dry too. Its not designed to be like a Farr 30.
  2. Irrational 14

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    People going Bat Shit Crazy everywhere!
  3. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Maybe it's the pics... It's 14' long, far from cozy. Better pic here.
  4. Irrational 14

    Florida Goes On Lockdown

    This is Floriduh folks... the slow kid in the classroom. Good luck with that.
  5. Irrational 14

    Ideas for soft shacle dogbone

    Clever. Very Nice.
  6. Irrational 14

    Sad Day in Dana Point

    Different boat. She's still afloat. Not looking great but still sailing at the same place.
  7. Irrational 14

    best pic of the year?

    From my F18 sessions. I'll stick to Skiffs with t-foils thanks.
  8. Irrational 14

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    Even with the 50K excluded, 200k for a glass 30' boat? Come on. At least the Figaro 3 has foil assist to warrant it's price tag.
  9. Irrational 14

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    It's not even a full pre-preg carbon boat... for that kind of money it should be. Hull and deck: sandwich PVC / fiberglass / polyester (vacuum infusion).
  10. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Projects completed just before the Apocalypse. New rigid Cockpit Bags. Sheets flow in and out easy peezy.
  11. Irrational 14

    Help! Henderson 30 vs FT-10

    For short sprints in and out of the harbor, an outboard would be fine. Personally, outboards have always been the weak link of any program I've been a part of. Plain and simple, outboards can be hard to start. They don't store well. They leak fluids all over the place and worst of all, they are back breaking to move and mount especially when the boat is in choppy seas. We've impaled at least 3 cockpit floors doing this on other boats. If the outboard was in a well ala Henderson or Melges 32, it's much better however there still is the issue of unreliability. We LOVE the inboard 1gm10 diesel on our boat. These little Yanmars were originally made for water pumps on the rice fields of Japan. There would run 24/7 and get buried in mud while still doing their job the whole time. With the point to point regattas we do, semi long deliveries back home are part of the game. I would not have anything else other than my trusty little diesel and saildrive. If the engine on the Farr 30 is toast and in need of replacement, I get it. Replace w/outboard to save money and weight. If the engine is fine, I'd say it's a big compromise on an otherwise great boat with higher pedigree then the FT and Hendo.
  12. Irrational 14

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    Bet Cal Offshore is off. Sad times.
  13. Irrational 14

    International 14 Info

    Try the above. There are still some old sails around but honestly, they are old laminates and not worth it. The 470 rig is quite a bit more bendy so the sails will mostly not match the luff curve required but you can have these recut if necessary.
  14. Irrational 14

    New boarding ladder

    That setup is in exactly the perfect position to lasso and foul your rudder wings and cause loss of steering. Careful w/that. You may be better off w/o.
  15. What size boat/luff length?