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  1. Irrational 14

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    A diehard and accomplished I14 sailor in his earlier years. RESPECT.
  2. Irrational 14

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Looks like a neat boat but not for LB. Needs a foredeck and hiking straps. Perfect for Newport Beach or SD.
  3. Irrational 14

    Polish laser hull

    Save your cash and wet sand it. Those 3M products and others are great but add up quickly. Wet sand from 400 -1200 and polish then wax. Don't burn thru the gelcoat. Looks brand new when done right.
  4. Irrational 14

    Any cool bicycle builds lately?

    One of my "Old School" builds from a couple of years ago. Vintage '49 Hawthorne Deluxe from Cleveland. Start with an all original skiptooth Craiglist find in sad condition but salvageable. I rebuilt everything then refinished everything keeping the original parts but updated the tires and saddle. Painted the frame in rust tone and oil rubbed the patina on the tank. With the wide Brooks saddle, Fat Frank tires, and double spring forks, its a super plush ride at the beach. Only weigh about 60 lbs. .
  5. Irrational 14

    Are "T" keels a nightmare?

    Kelp cutters definitely help.
  6. Irrational 14

    Are "T" keels a nightmare?

    It's fine with a T-Keel. Just use common sense and remember that there is more potential for hang ups.
  7. Irrational 14

    Best Sailing Knife

    Lirakis = Really really good quality old school knife. Always on board. Made the way a knife is supposed to be made. Other brands - Spring for an older USA or German fixed sheeps foot blade with thick stainless and no serrations. They are easy to resharpen and will not corrode as easily. Cuts dyneema like butter. Kabar Sheepsfoot blade is another good one. Good weight, well balanced. I think they were US Navy standard issue in WW2. Often found on Ebay. Expect to pay about $100 for one in good condition. Again, you rarely find a knife of this quality these days unless you pay much more. Sad.
  8. Irrational 14

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

  9. The dude has pulled off the near impossible before, multiple times. He is one crazy mofo... do not underestimate this nut.
  10. Irrational 14

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    That boat is so bad ass... probably has over $100k into it but but it's extremely cool and very well done. Love that boat.
  11. Irrational 14

    Trapeze Harness's

    Waist harnesses will not support your back muscles like a sailing harness. The kiteboard versions also sit higher up. You will tweak your back eventually. You don't see any olympic or skiff sailors using them for this reason. Just get a custom harness if the off the shelf versions don't work for you.
  12. Irrational 14

    So. Ca Cooking Water Temps.

    Was at the Isthmus last weekend swimming off the boat... unbelievable how nice the water was.
  13. Irrational 14

    Trapeze harness recommendation

    BIGFOOT - no substitute.
  14. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    Thanks Dan - Gotta say your yacht was smokin up the course! Well done and a fine looking vessel to boot. Hope to see more Holmans soon.
  15. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    The' 39 on display at the 2018 Worlds in San Fran last week. She was a hit.