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  1. So the complete package for this is the new main design w/decksweep foot, and half wishbone curved boom? That's it? Would like to see if they changed the rotator location and downhaul. Also curious as to how they manage heavy air jibes for the crew. Is he still going in front of the mast?
  2. Big Congrats to Steve and Alan for winning this event again! Wish I could of made it but we will be there for North Americans next month.
  3. Fat lady is walking on stage with mic in had... just about to sing.
  4. Boat looks good. Looks like they need to beef up the wing frames... starting to sag compared to the earlier videos.
  5. The F18 class in the US (West Coast in particular) is gaining a ton of traction right now. Changing the boat to foiling status would not be in the best interest of the class IMHO. 20 boats at a regular weekend regatta is a beautiful thing. That is what is appealing to me right now - Why screw that up? I agree - a new Foiling Formula would be more appropriate OR we settle on one of the new foiling classes at the moment. It will happen soon - first in Europe and hopefully others follow. Three point has proven to be faster but I like the idea of 4-point foiling for the masses. The Nacra 15 ticks the boxes for this except for the fact that it's a smaller kids boat. The 17 should be one to watch once they sort it out. The N20 is a beast which makes storage and transport an issue. The Phantoms are a very nice choice in both the Essential and FP. These are beautiful boats built to a higher standard. The Cirrus R2 and OP are an interesting approach targeting the F18 sailors that want to foil for fun yet still race to current F18 rules in the same boat. Smart designs for US sailors at the moment. It's an interesting time right now and a ton of development is brewing. Once the dust settles, I think US sailors will start to bite on these designs.
  6. In the last few years of this event, it's been getting more and more crowded in South Bay. I'd say we are at capacity now at this event, perhaps over. Not sure why the 70's do not sail outside with the other big fleets. To the RC's credit, I thought this year was managed a bit better than others. Less wait time (at least for the F18's) and it seemed like the fleets were spread out better than previous years. This regatta has always been unique in that you have to know the local conditions very well and you also have to know how to sail around the obstacles like a long wall of slow boats going downwind with very few gaps. You either pick a side or you shoot for a hole in the chain and try to stay clean. Either way, there is always more close crossings between fleets than at other regattas.
  7. So far, all we know is the following: One Wanker aggravates another Group of Wankers. Said Wankers get revenge and ban Original Wanker. Original Wanker is now whining about it and continues to Wank on. Original Wanker does not disclose exactly the reason for ban, but most likely for being a Wanker. None of this is new. The sport of Sailboat Racing (esp. handicap) has always and continues to be a Wanker Hotbed. Wank On!
  8. Appreciate any updates on this Dry... thanks.
  9. Boat US is tough to beat. Progressive is good too. It really depends on the size of boat as well.
  10. Nice find Torrid. These crafts are spectacular when viewed in person. So much work involved in the builds but remember there was still a great depression so good labor was dirt cheap.
  11. Rod, I am sorry but I don't have any more info that I know of. Just some vague mentions of the boats that were built. My dad passed away a few years ago. This thread has been fun, showing me something I have never seen. I saw from digging a bit that the mariners Museum in VA has one of these boats. They are just a few miles from my office, I contacted them and they said the boat is in storage, but offered to make arrangements for me to see it sometime. A great opportunity to for me to see a piece of family history I never thought I would. Thanks, Jim Englert Jim, Please take plenty of photos when you do make visit. We would love to see this boat and others particularly of the pre-war era in North America. Paul
  12. ...My dad told me my grandfather built a couple I-14's out of Syracuse, NY in the 30's. Looking at the some of the pictures, I remember we had one of those hand cranks for the sails in our garage. They were/are beautiful boats. When I was around 16(mid 80's) I joked and said we needed to find the boat that goes w the crank. About 2 months later, I had an old kirby 5 I14(USA 890??). Was a fun boat. It needed a bunch of work, actually made $400.00 of the thing when I sold it. LOL. You must be talking about Englert boatworks... who, with his brother Clarence, had been building a batch of 1930's 14's for George Ford of Rochester Fleet 1. George went through a few builders on the East Coast who would take on the project then realize that the boats were too time consuming to build that they made zero profit. They were replicating the techniques of Uffa Fox in the UK but that required hammering about 7000 copper rivets into many many frames. US builders decided no more and a more simple boat was made using molded plywood known as the One Design - see US 360. US 34 is a Englert boat. These boats cost big money back in the day. The top and bottom photos in post #1 is an unidentified build we are currently trying to track down. Could be an NY boat, could be Canadian or possibly the first California (Eichanlaub) build. Sails are stamped by Ratsey and Lapthorne from 1939 and it shares many components and traits of the NY 30's boats. That's all we have so for.
  13. Are these the missing archive bits the dead links on the original SA threads? No.. this is the Classic I14 Website. An interesting read when you have the time.