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  1. Irrational 14

    Masthead kites on Fractional design

    The boats in the video use a Factory Hobie Cat Mast... Not the best option for larger, heavier monohull. More of a wiggle stick with short spreader and diamonds rather than D1/D2's and multiple spreaders. Looks like it fractured on a puff, then came tumbling down when loaded up again.
  2. Irrational 14

    Non-glossy gloss varnish

    Light sand w/220 first.
  3. Irrational 14

    Non-glossy gloss varnish

    10-11am. Boat is usually dry by then and the wind is not up yet.
  4. Irrational 14

    Non-glossy gloss varnish

    Varnishing is part Science, part Voodoo. You need ideal conditions for a flawless finish (proper temp/humidity). My guess is this coat was put on too early or too late in the day and dew (moisture) killed any gloss potential.
  5. Irrational 14

    moore 33

    Absolutely. That thread veered way off topic. Let's stay on course this time people.
  6. Irrational 14

    moore 33

    Retracting sprit does not leak if engineered correctly. Way better than bolt on/off option.
  7. Irrational 14

    BMW 5-Series wagon

    Gotta agree w/this. I also had a 3 series sportwagon. It was so fun to drive. Handling/Acceleration/Braking/Cargo Room, all amazing. Makes today's crossover SUVs laughable. The issue was maintenance and repairs. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ It also went thru tires and brakes about 3 times faster than other cars. I'd like another but can't stomach the cost associated with owning this car. I'd probably lease next time around but trouble is the NA offering is nil at the moment.
  8. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Correct. Bale was useless. 2:1 is terminated at pole end cap with dyneema strop and ball on inner side. Note that my end cap plugs into pole about 2" so there is no risk of compressing the tube with those wraps of dyneema to fix the rings.
  9. Irrational 14

    Carrera 290 - Offshore?

    Cool boat. What's your opinion on the articulating sprit? Do you find that you use it often or not?
  10. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    The trick is to use smaller dyneema lashing (2.5-3mm) with more wraps then the larger diameter option. I think I have about 8 wraps total with minimal overlap. Each ring is spliced on a loop with the tails each wrapping the tube then constricting the base of the loop. The 2nd tail is made longer and chokes both rings closer and tighter together which keeps it all in place and secured with a final triple hitch knot . Been there for at least a year now and holding steady with sometimes hefty loads from the zero. I've done something similar on the TP52 when we needed another tack line option so it's a plenty strong option. I find having a spool of 3mm Dyneema comes in handy for so many projects, it's ridiculous.
  11. Irrational 14

    Farr 30 irc modification

    Yes and yes. Better overall in the light. Heavy still needs TBD. There is nothing wrong with the standard boat in original format though. I like the config options. More F30's will probably be bastardized with sprits. Some will be a nice install. Many will not be.
  12. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    So your tack line runs thru the cabin now? Different approach on this coast... We find that we use our 2 tack lines quite often since peels are common and we like the ability to change out quickly. Both lines are tapered and run through double friction rings at the end of the pole (see pic). The 2nd tack line also has a 2:1 purchase so we can whale on the luff tension we need for the code zero. Without it, we would need to rely on extreme halyard tension that can cause some issues and delay deployment. We also keep a knot in the pole haul out line so it keeps the pole from slamming in upon retraction and gives us a little head-start on the deployment. In the pic you can see both tack lines with the inactive 2:1 (White) clipped at the pulpit ready to deploy if needed. The foredeck just finished attaching the 1:1 (Red) tack line for deploying the A2 in this shot. If you run a zero, you may find as I did find that a 2:1 tack line is almost essential as it's much quicker and safer to crank down without stressing the rig. My zero is cableless w/o a furler so tension is critical for any type of reaching.
  13. Irrational 14

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Is the tackline inside the pole as well?
  14. Irrational 14

    Show your dingy sailing....

    I14 NA's and Worlds SF. F18 NA's and SF Regatta. Classic I14 past and present.
  15. Irrational 14

    Flattening topsides

    Flat Paint scratches and scuffs easily. It will show every imperfection. Paint or wrap, flat looks great until it doesn't.