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  1. I14 Capsize Compilation

    And bring a snorkel. Oh, and plenty of pain killers.
  2. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    I've got a 70 year old International 14 built this exact method (Douglas & McLeod, Ohio)... Still Stiff, still strong, granted very well maintained. It won't win any trophies today except for looking gorgeous but cool none the less.
  3. I14 Capsize Compilation

    Always loving the Boobie vids... You guys kill me. Hope you're well.
  4. Interlux Ultra Bottom Paint in SoCal?

    Couldn't you buy Copper based paint out of state, then just bring it back and apply? Might be worth the effort for less growth. I see a Road Trip in your near future.
  5. beach cats in the ocean?

    YES - Definitely interested. I think many F18's would like something like this. Looking for more long distance races in addition to the Ditch Run. Keep us posted.
  6. Just reviving this thread... Jim any chance you got to view the Englert boat? Any updates? BTW way, US 377 is currently for sale if anyone is interested in a Bristol Vintage International 14.
  7. Legal "Wingmast" for I/14

    Good stuff. Totally understand how life gets in the way sometimes... Good luck w/the Cuckoo and hope to see you at the Worlds next Summer in SF. Paul
  8. Legal "Wingmast" for I/14

    Is this the latest Cuckoo? Good Looking boat. That waterline beam looks mighty narrow... how is she going in the results this season?
  9. F-18 Main Decksweep

    So the complete package for this is the new main design w/decksweep foot, and half wishbone curved boom? That's it? Would like to see if they changed the rotator location and downhaul. Also curious as to how they manage heavy air jibes for the crew. Is he still going in front of the mast?
  10. I14 US Nationals @ The Gorge

    Big Congrats to Steve and Alan for winning this event again! Wish I could of made it but we will be there for North Americans next month.
  11. Jacques-Yves Cousteau

  12. Live Racing Thread

    Fat lady is walking on stage with mic in had... just about to sing.
  13. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    Boat looks good. Looks like they need to beef up the wing frames... starting to sag compared to the earlier videos.
  14. Curved/Foiling F18's - A matter of time??

    The F18 class in the US (West Coast in particular) is gaining a ton of traction right now. Changing the boat to foiling status would not be in the best interest of the class IMHO. 20 boats at a regular weekend regatta is a beautiful thing. That is what is appealing to me right now - Why screw that up? I agree - a new Foiling Formula would be more appropriate OR we settle on one of the new foiling classes at the moment. It will happen soon - first in Europe and hopefully others follow. Three point has proven to be faster but I like the idea of 4-point foiling for the masses. The Nacra 15 ticks the boxes for this except for the fact that it's a smaller kids boat. The 17 should be one to watch once they sort it out. The N20 is a beast which makes storage and transport an issue. The Phantoms are a very nice choice in both the Essential and FP. These are beautiful boats built to a higher standard. The Cirrus R2 and OP are an interesting approach targeting the F18 sailors that want to foil for fun yet still race to current F18 rules in the same boat. Smart designs for US sailors at the moment. It's an interesting time right now and a ton of development is brewing. Once the dust settles, I think US sailors will start to bite on these designs.
  15. DAGO NOOD ????

    In the last few years of this event, it's been getting more and more crowded in South Bay. I'd say we are at capacity now at this event, perhaps over. Not sure why the 70's do not sail outside with the other big fleets. To the RC's credit, I thought this year was managed a bit better than others. Less wait time (at least for the F18's) and it seemed like the fleets were spread out better than previous years. This regatta has always been unique in that you have to know the local conditions very well and you also have to know how to sail around the obstacles like a long wall of slow boats going downwind with very few gaps. You either pick a side or you shoot for a hole in the chain and try to stay clean. Either way, there is always more close crossings between fleets than at other regattas.