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  1. Irrational 14

    Elvstrom / Anderson Self Bailer

    Most of these were glassed in. If that's the case, you'll need a dremel tool and a steady hand. Grind out glass layer from inside, tap out from outside. Don't cut thru boat.
  2. Irrational 14

    Removing oxidation from matte finish carbon spar

    Try wet-sanding lightly, don't sand the finish off. Then rub on some quality wood polish w/beeswax. Buff and follow this with 303. It should look brand new and last a few months depending on weather. Reapply as needed.
  3. Irrational 14

    squaretop headsails?

    14's too, and yes- the jib is set up to match main head twist.
  4. Whoops, correction CARVEL.
  5. Great pics!!! Thank you for sharing. Looks like Shilshole Marina. Up until now I've never seen a Pre-War Douglas boat. Plenty of Post War Douglas & McLeod One Design 14's but never a "DOUGLAS" clinker. Thanks for the tip on the Rosewood Stripe. I bet his Pre-War boats were also based off Uffa's "Alarm" lines. Sadly, there are not many Pre-War 14's left in the US. Especially the clinkers.
  6. Irrational 14

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    The jib is a square top too... Can't go full hoist unless you want it to hang up every tack. More efficiency up top but lower hoist. That's the trade off.
  7. Irrational 14

    Evolution (Front Page)

    Nicely done. Amazing how much the class has contributed overall to the sport of sailing in the way of innovation.
  8. Irrational 14

    Carbon lifeline covers/roller

    The carbon is over the top for this application... Looks cool but UV will make a short mess of the finish in little time. Any hefty impact from the foredeck will shatter that tubing depending on how slack your lifelines are. Kind of a waste. We use PEX, tubing available at any hardware store. Cheap, flexible, easy to cut, comes in many colors, and lasts in the elements. Biggest benefit is super slippery for kite launches and take downs.
  9. Irrational 14

    Shocks vs Friction Rings vs Blocks

    For the 14's we use friction rings now wherever possible. It's just way better than ending up with a prematurely worn or mutilated Harken 29mm. I'd go rings, one and done. Requires no replacement. Pre-stretch all your splices and if you need a turning block for hi-load, go with wire blocks.
  10. Irrational 14

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    You"re pretty exposed on a 30/32 performance sailboat anyway you look at it. Whether in the cockpit or on the foredeck, risk is higher than a deep cockpit cruiser. A non overlapping jib w/hanks and battens is cake to handle. Furlers usually complicate the boat that size and can take away sail area where it's really needed. Limp leeches are also not great. As the boats and/or head sails get bigger, furlers start to make sense.
  11. Irrational 14

    Graphics on sails?

    Forgot to add - if you use a white screen printing paint first as a binding layer, the UV print will last much longer and look sharper. It does add weight so consider that into the equation.
  12. Irrational 14

    Graphics on sails?

    Try a UV flatbed printer. You'll have to prime the image surface with acetone first. Dacron is not easy to stick to. It will last a few months to a year depending on how you treat it.
  13. Irrational 14

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    Crash - good points. The jibs are dinky so no issues there but the main is a frickin monster. A bit of a bother in the big breezes. I keep a delivery main on most of the time when not racing but may consider slugs with a fast pin setup to detach the fat head when sail is on boom. Getting better at it but still a chore.
  14. Irrational 14

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    SoCal - To answer your question... The boats were originally all 30 footers then the builder either modified and/or built them to varying specs/options requested by owner. Essentially custom builds. They vary a bit in mast/engine/length, and displ. Obviously the outboard option is much lighter. I'd say most of the boats are in the 4200-4900lb. displ arena. The one listed has been offered for awhile. That boat is very nice, stored indoors from what I know. PM me if you need any other info. Happy to help. The boat is cool, seems to be built very well and finished in quality gear. Looking forward to some downwind point to point events this year after I sort some new sail inventory.
  15. Irrational 14

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    Been Island hopping with my new to me Lumbo 32. Super happy with the simplicity and performance it offers. It's no Melges 32 but that's not what I got it for. For a keelboat, it sails very well for someone like me who demands a good performance ride. Standing headroom, ample V-berth, inboard sail drive, Fat head Main, Aso, Carbon Southern Spars rig, and a monster cockpit. Friends and I can race around the cans or point to point and more importantly the wife, dogs, and I can spend a week on it comfortably and still plane downwind all the way home in some breeze. When they came out, SA trolls castrated the boat in usual fashion and the FT put the nails in the coffin for any future builds. I think they built about a dozen or so. If you can find one, they are a deal. Funny how J-Boats developed the J88 with almost the same design parameters a decade later.