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    Best Sailing Knife

    Lirakis = Really really good quality old school knife. Always on board. Made the way a knife is supposed to be made. Other brands - Spring for an older USA or German fixed sheeps foot blade with thick stainless and no serrations. They are easy to resharpen and will not corrode as easily. Cuts dyneema like butter. Kabar Sheepsfoot blade is another good one. Good weight, well balanced. I think they were US Navy standard issue in WW2. Often found on Ebay. Expect to pay about $100 for one in good condition. Again, you rarely find a knife of this quality these days unless you pay much more. Sad.
  2. Irrational 14

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

  3. The dude has pulled off the near impossible before, multiple times. He is one crazy mofo... do not underestimate this nut.
  4. Irrational 14

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    That boat is so bad ass... probably has over $100k into it but but it's extremely cool and very well done. Love that boat.
  5. Irrational 14

    Trapeze Harness's

    Waist harnesses will not support your back muscles like a sailing harness. The kiteboard versions also sit higher up. You will tweak your back eventually. You don't see any olympic or skiff sailors using them for this reason. Just get a custom harness if the off the shelf versions don't work for you.
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    So. Ca Cooking Water Temps.

    Was at the Isthmus last weekend swimming off the boat... unbelievable how nice the water was.
  7. Irrational 14

    Trapeze harness recommendation

    BIGFOOT - no substitute.
  8. From the era when real men sailed... no ratchet blocks, no cam cleats, no auto bailers, no ball bearings, no dyneema, no wet-suits. FOR SALE - 1947 International Fourteen built by Douglas & McLeod - US 360 This boat is the precursor to the common Thistle. Sandy Douglas just scaled up the lines. A little background - I found this rare boat about 6 years ago. It's been stored indoors it's whole life for the last 70 years! This is the first professionally built design that started the West Coast I14 development. It was mostly home builds and East Coast based before then. I intended to do a full Bristol Restoration but sometimes life gets in the way. Too many boats, too many projects. I have to let this one go. It's survived 70 years so far under good care. I'd like to have the new owner continue that tradition. Everything is there and sound. I just wanted to make it look perfect but now I realize there is no time for me to work on her. This boat is a kick in the butt to sail and gets tons of questions and compliments. Boat is watertight, still stiff and quick even by today's standards. I would repaint the interior just for aesthetics but that's it. No rot, no delam, no issues. Hot Moulded US Ply Construction (5 veneers laminated at opposing 45 deg) . Professionally sheathed in fiberglass to preserve integrity about 8 years ago. Designed by Uffa Fox using the "Alarm" lines. Spruce Triple Spreader hallow Mast w/internal halyard winches. Miter Cut cotton Ratsey and Lapthorn (NY) sails from 1947. Still in good shape! Mahogany slats with Oak rails. Foils are solid Mahogany. All hardware is period correct. Mostly bronze. White Hull with bright Transom. This boat is an excellent example of US dinghy racing history. It should probably be in a museum. Regretfully, this boat has to go as I have too many projects at the moment and not enough time. For Sale - $1000 usd. Go see the ad in SA Classifieds under "dinghys". More info here: PM for questions.
  9. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    Thanks Dan - Gotta say your yacht was smokin up the course! Well done and a fine looking vessel to boot. Hope to see more Holmans soon.
  10. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    The' 39 on display at the 2018 Worlds in San Fran last week. She was a hit.
  11. Irrational 14

    Classic American Dinghies

    Laser was designed by Bruce Kirby, a Canadian I14 sailor.
  12. Irrational 14

    Death at Cowes week.

    Condolences to the family. Hate hearing about these things but it does happen. Be safe out there.
  13. Irrational 14

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    Berserkley Circle is definitely less of a one way track than the Cityfront however the waves will stack in an ebb as it's also very shallow but probably the best racing venue in the bay for a large fleet. See everyone up there next week! Should be epic both on and off the water. For those traveling from afar, welcome to "Merica," my 14 brothers and sisters. USA 1168 MAPFRE
  14. Irrational 14

    Henderson 30?

    JD - I know the boat well. PM me for info. Irrational.
  15. Irrational 14

    I had a Cal 20

    BTW - Thanks for all the photos. Great job and hope everything is well.
  16. Irrational 14

    I had a Cal 20

    Were you the "Plastic Surgeon" in the harbor at that time? If so, I remember you.
  17. Irrational 14

    3D adjustable jib sheets

    You would loosed the in-line leverage of the purchase. The farther away you go, the more difficult it will be to pull it. Athwart-ship tracks are better IMO and easier to duplicate settings.
  18. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    Almost ready for the road tour...
  19. Irrational 14

    Bravura 29

    Hobot - He had his own shop - made locally in Costa Mesa, USA. Sad to see no more boat builders in the area.
  20. Irrational 14

    Bravura 29

    Yeah ok slick..
  21. Irrational 14

    Bravura 29

    Sailed that particular boat (#1) when it first launched. Despite all the BS about the boat on this forum, it was quick in the light and yes, it was well built. No Aso on the boat back then, and it still had an aluminum mast but it went fine and we sailed well against H33's. Nice interior too.
  22. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    Dam, Fine looking vessel. Souters boats were from Cowes, UK. They made some champions and were very popular in the 60's. You have a nice boat. I'd need to see some close ups of the problem areas you are talking about but generally you can fix the problem areas with epoxy and new laminate. Matching the wood will be the issue and most likely you will have to paint some areas of repair. Anything can be fixed/restored, it just takes time and money. I would definitely not get it wet until you sort out the repairs. For the rudder, vintage bits, and general advice, I'd also contact the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association, UK. Someone should be able to help with sourcing a rudder or at least a near original design for you to replicate. I'd try to keep it as original as possible. Here's a 64 Souter I14 (restored). For sale too.
  23. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    This one pretty much sums it up. Exhausting 40 days but worth it. New life for an 80 year old.
  24. Irrational 14

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    After umpteen coats of Epifanes Varnish...