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  1. DFL1010

    No Rorc Caribbean 600 thread..?

    If it was truly an uncharted rock, it doesn't matter what plotter they were using. Howeger, if it's a charted (i.e. known about) rock that wasn't shown on screen, then yeah it's a different question (although I suspect the charts comapny would be the bigger aspect)
  2. DFL1010

    what is it?

    Esse 330
  3. DFL1010

    the perfect boat

    Pogo 850
  4. And if they don't (or you prefer studying independently), then I commend https://www.meted.ucar.edu/index.php This has a wealth of information covering not only the basics but also more advanced, niche areas.
  5. DFL1010

    Davis Mk-25 sextant - worth it?

    Used the Mk25 quite a bit, as well as 'proper' sextants. The Davis one is perfectly alright. Not amazing but not terrible. You'll have no issues being able to take a sun/moon sight, or HSA/VSA off shore objects. It'll struggle in marginal conditions, and stars are a bit of a mixed bag. Regarding accuracy, again it's not bad. All the expected adjustements are there so a) you can dial out most of the errors, and b) it'll serve as training for if/when you use a proper one. Being plastic wear is a greater issue than with plastic. Obviously not disengaging the worm gearing properly is a hanging offence at any time but especially so with this one as the plastic won't last. However, one area where the plastic will be an advantage over metal will be that it won't expand due to temps in direct sunlight. Not that much of an issue here in the UK (nor from what I understand of PNW weather there either). Regarding the half mirror vs full mirror: it's to an extent personal choice. I much prefer half mirrors, especially for stars; others disagree. Here in the UK, a Mk25 is about half the price of an Astra 3B (£300 vs £600; a Freiburger is about a grand). To me, that's just too much for what it is. If it were £150, maybe £200 then it would be worth it for what it is. That would leave it well defined as either a backup to a better sextant/GPS, or as a good enough one for fun/intellectual exercise, but not for £300. Used is a bit of a gamble, given how important precision is. For sure don't buy unseen, and the problem is if you don't know too much about what you're looking for then it'll be too late by the time you do. I'd suggest therefore either a Davis Mk3 or an Astra, depending on which of those two sides you want to sit. However, the super cheapskate option is to download Stellarium onto your PC. This'll give you the altitude of the body, and then you can do the maths yourself, since that's the tricky bit: actually taking the sight falls into the fiddly but not difficult column, once you've done a few dozen the novelty wears off.
  6. DFL1010

    Bravura 29

    Yes. JPK 1080 and Sunfast 3300:
  7. No. First in a while though, and I agree that the class has a good record in this regard.
  8. DFL1010

    Sad Sack 12?

    Not 100% sure about the tartan paint job: ... but I guess when I have my own 12 I can go for whatever I want. I wonder how much is original (Ship of Theseus and all that)
  9. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Really? I thought it was a race to get as far away from there as quickly as possible
  10. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Protest decision is out: http://media.prod.cyca.s3.amazonaws.com/media/3440631/protest-decision-no-1-quest-v-envy-scooters.pdf Conclusions: 1.Envy Scootersas port tack boat did not keep clear of Quest, on starboard tack, and therefore broke RRS 10. 2.Quest was justified in taking the avoiding action by bearing away, in order to avoid contact. Rules that Apply:RRS10, RRS14, World Sailing Case 50, SI 21.2, Decision:A penalty of 2 hours is addedto Envy Scooters’ elapsed time.
  11. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Nic Douglass gone live again on her Facebook for the current crop of finishers
  12. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Oof parked up now.
  13. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Looks like they're pushing forward the go time on the official stream: now says comencing 'shortly' Edit: now live
  14. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Depends on where it was pulled from. If it was from someone's pocket within a second or two, then I'd suggest that would probably be OK. Somewhere downstairs, not so much.
  15. DFL1010

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    if you're using the gis.ee tracker, if you zoom in too much you lose the wind overlay