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  1. Jake


    At what price? When I started sailing A-cats (not THAT long ago...8-10 years?) I could buy a new boat ready to go for about $15k-$18k. Less if I get a slightly used one after a worlds event. Now a new A-cat is twice that not including the foils you need to upgrade in 6 months when the new ones come out. I bought a brand new F18 in 2005 for $12,500. I guess that's fine if you have a demographic to support it but can the F18 class also absorb the cost increase that comes with that development? What new boat class remains for someone interested in getting into one design catamaran racing that costs less than $25k? A Hobie 16 is pretty much the last one standing as it is - not that there's anything wrong with that but 30 minutes from now we'll all be pondering again why sailing isn't growing.
  2. Jake


    I own a very competitive F18 (2012 Nacra Infusion) and A-cat (2007 Bimare XJ in excellent shape) and a J22 for club racing. I do well at the regional level and am a competitive sailor/racer. I like racing boats and studying wind, water, and tactics. I abhor wallet racing the guy next to me to spend more money on the latest and greatest go-fast thing that does nothing but distract me from the actual racing. I'm also entering my upper 40's and feel a very distinct "get off my lawn" phase of life coming so take this as you will. A hard deck on the front of an F18 does not make tacking easier or better - it's an end plate to make the jib more efficient but does let your crew cross up there so you guys can spend (waste) more of your money on a deck sweeper mainsail setup and 1/2 wishbone boom that the crew can't get under. Leave the mainsail at normal human height and your crew can cross under it like a normal person. C-boards will make it incrementally faster but make working on the deck with boards raised a pain in the ass because they're now at brow level and protruding across the trampoline. And for heaven's sake, if you REALLY want to go to those lengths to get 5% more speed, why in the hell are you racing a 420lb F18? Get off my lawn. This very topic of a class allowing development that risks obsoleting legacy designs is an impossible question to answer correctly. If you don't develop the class, the wallet racers inflicted with shiny-itus get distracted and move to something else. If you do develop the class, the guys like me get kinda irritated and stop going to events where wallet racing prevails. Either path causes more participation losses - but I think the shiny-itus sailors are more excitable and louder than most which gives an impression that they are more of a majority than they really are. I'm not a fan of opening up class development for an exceptionally well established class like F18. Rather, I believe that if the class is truly outdated and the sailors move on to other more high tech stuff, fine - that should be the natural order of things. Leave the class alone - adjust the rules for reasonable changes related to safety, convenience, and cost only (the foundation of the F18). If it dies because of it, fine - it dies staying true to what created it and the new class comes along leaving the lines of what-is and what-isn't an F18 very clear. I'm going to keep sailing my old "classic" (as the class has deemed my boat) XJ and my ancient F18. PS - For the love of god, who thinks a 164lb carbon fiber A-cat should be called a "classic" and what kind of marketing does that do for the class?
  3. Jake

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    pure conjecture on my point here, but I think NZ was as surprised as anybody when the boat flopped to port. I would think that if it was going to be a close port/starboard situation, they would have rounded up slightly and taken Artemis' sterns, protested, and won the protest with the obvious round up I don't think you gybe in a tight port/starboard situation with a 45 degree closing angle and I think NZ was caught in a decision between choosing to round inside Artemis and fight or trying to make Artemis maneuver to avoid them. You can see where NZ dropped their board to gybe right before making any significant course change. You can see them just start to slow as they steered down and appear to try and hunt Artemis. It's really hard to tell from the moving helicopter view whether or not NZ genuinely needed to change course to avoid Artemis but I really don't think they were going to get there.
  4. Jake

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    Daaaaam. That stings like hell. Going to be a night of trying to get your attitude focused on tomorrow for the Artemis team.
  5. Jake

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    But rule 18 doesn't even turn on until they are in the zone. The port starboard situation happened before they were in the zone. NZ was already on port when they entered the zone and Artemis barely skirted the outside of it. Assuming the ruling was, as the judges said on the broadcast, a port/starboard situation, NZ's bear down and eventual gybe was apparently to avoid Artemis. Nobody is required to adhere to anything in rule 18 until they are in the zone.
  6. Jake

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    hmmm...not at that point! NZ is already solidly on port there and has plenty of room to pass between Artemis and the mark. If we are talking about a mark room situation (which I don't think we really are in this penalty situation), it's not Artemis' fault that NZ gybes slow and late.
  7. Jake

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    OK, but the zone is tiny and neither of them would have been in the zone at the time of the crossing. The question is, was NZ steering down and ultimately gybing to avoid Artemis? Even in the presser, Artemis keeps talking about leaving NZ room but I'm not sure that NZ was required to gybe at any point of that rounding. Conceptually, they could have remained on starboard and taken Artemis to within a few boat lengths of the boundary. Seriously, though, these zones are absolutely ridiculously small for the speed of these boats. They might as well not exist. They have to be maneuvering long before they enter the zone - they're literally in and out of the zone during a normal rounding in 3 seconds.
  8. Jake

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    Good lord that zone is small for these boats at those speeds. The zone really doesn't come into play at all in this scenario. NZ is already gibed to port before she gets to the zone and Artemis barely ever enters it anyway. The zone is so small and all of this happens at a point where I don't think room at the mark even comes into play. I would really like to see an extended view from Artemis' tail camera - they showed a short shot of it during the broadcast and it was trained on NZ. It was hard to tell if Artemis was going to cross from the broadcast and given NZ's steering down. NZ gets to port gybe pretty quick once she starts heading down. Tough call and tougher loss for Artemis. Artemis really can't plan to go behind NZ - NZ could have gybed right at the gate and shit gotten crazy. If Artemis gybed away, they both would have been on the boundary in about 4 seconds. That was a crazy situation. I think Artemis should have rounded even more widely and they would have still smoked them around that mark.