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  1. newbie bowman tips

    you mean the button on top of the propellor ?
  2. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    owners will supervise salvage ? not the insurers ? is there another story concealed within ?
  3. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    A " few " questions for all the professionals with tickets ----------- If Schettino was dining with we all know who, WHO was in charge on the bridge ? What were their instructions on the bridge re the proposed " Fly By " ? Was there a failure to follow ( part of ? ) those instructions ? Can we presume those instructions were from Schettino ? If Schettino had arrived on the bridge, just before " contact " , WHO was in charge of the ship ? Did a hand over of the ship to Schettino ACTUALLY happen, either before or after " contact " ???
  4. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    how do we know that tugboats did not push the ship sideways to the shore ?
  5. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Result of Yahoo search ---- Australian Cruise Ships Carnival ships come out from dry dock with more wet thrills and more relaxation - Bal Cruise Addicts - 11 hours ago Ships support going it alone - The West Australian Cruise Addicts - Feb 03 03:31am Ship industry cruisin' for a sprucin' AAP via Yahoo!7 News - Feb 05 07:16pm Scan latest headlines with the Y! News Toolbar Search results Cruise Holiday Packages, Holiday Deals from under $999 - P&O ... P&O Cruises offers cruise holiday packages to exotic locations around Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Pacific ... Our Ships. Pacific Dawn; Pacific Jewel; Pacific Pearl; Pacific ...www.pocruises.com.au - Cached Australian tries to sell stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia ... [Jan 23, 2012] "FOR sale, one cruise ship - slight damage to right-hand hull, mainly cosmetic."www.news.com.au/travel/news/australian-tries-to-sell...More results from news.com.au »
  6. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    maybe the use of decimetres caused the decimation of the ship ........... but if L N is french, I believe that is how they say a tenth of a metre ... in france ................. but it sure fucks with the brains (?) of the ( imperial ) yanks ! sort of like, how the chinese count in units of 10, 000 after they get past one thousand ...................... remember 20 shillings to a pound, and then having to learn fractions and percentages of a pound ?
  7. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    and the norweigians have a satellite that can receive and relay A. I. S. signals ........................................... errr .... mR kINGSTON on the lake ......................
  8. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Apparent wind and leftover rudder. any kitchen scraps help with that ?
  9. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    the abrupt turn was a figment of the cartoonists who lacked A. I. S. data full stop ......and what has been discussed suggests there possibly was not power to the steering gear as the momentum errrr died
  10. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Lies Dammed Lies Statistics RAW DATA an A. I. S. plot based on raw Data ( REAL DATA ) is the only thing that will keep this story from fairyland By the Way ................. IT IS THE MED NO or minimal tides, FEW currents except places like around sicily, dardanelles, gibraltar mroe fairyland stuff keeps cumming about tides and currents do the gREAT lAKES have tides and currents ?
  11. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    ................ so it looks like .................... no thrusters no anchors no power ( engineroom flooded ) 1 MW emergency ....... lights and what else ? no A. I. S. for a time between 16 & 40 mins was it that the rudders were stuck on starboard helm from the too late attempt to clear the island when the power went down, and momentum took the ship in a loop to its final stop ? .... or is that all too loopy ?
  12. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    try 0.28 NM = 518.56 metres
  13. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    a mac 26 skipper ?
  14. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    That's all they are ---- pretty pictures errr CARTOONS update 21-Jan-2012 We have created a more detailed version of the reconstruction. Please note that we have used interpolation to fill in some of the position gaps of the original movie. <br class="atl-forced-newline"> Grounding Costa Concordia Interpolated.wmv AIS Data Analysis Statement.pdf NO further comment from me