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  1. B.Wilkinson

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Guy on my boat knew the droner. I'll see if I can get it and post it here.
  2. B.Wilkinson

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Fantastic day of sailing. If you weren't out there, your loss!!
  3. B.Wilkinson

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Instead of talking about those who will not be there, who WILL be there?? Forcast for this weekend looks fairly kick ass!!
  4. B.Wilkinson

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Good picture but y'all need a bigger Texas battle flag!!
  5. B.Wilkinson

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    ^^^^I want your job.
  6. B.Wilkinson

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Looks great bill!
  7. B.Wilkinson

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    No input on the mechanics of how you sailed, but wow. Your boat looks seriously bitchin. Nice job, and hope you had fun with your new toy!!
  8. B.Wilkinson

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Geez dude, who cares? Good point. Boat looks freaking awesome! KWRW still the plan??
  9. B.Wilkinson

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Dude-Read the whole thread. It clearly says that the entire job was inspired by the Q 52, which he thinks is a good looking boat. And he's right.
  10. B.Wilkinson

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Heard that the rc was going to make a call, tommorow night but dont hold me too that.
  11. B.Wilkinson


    Not too active in these forums. Excuse me if this is the wrong place to post this.... Came across it and thought it was rather good considering how close they were http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/sailing/10094237/I-came-close-to-quitting-sailing-after-Andrew-Bart-Simpsons-death-says-Sir-Ben-Ainslie.html