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  1. Caribbean 600

    If it was my little review of how the boats where moving in these conditions that sparked this rant; said nothing about the crews - just comparing the boats judged from pics an vids - my opinion.... are you a judge here?
  2. Caribbean 600

    Looking at the pics and vids; Paradox is pure grace in these conditions - Elvis looking good - but not that good. The 50tri - too big floats? Not many footage Seacart30 looking good - but have to go up and down the waves. The F4 seems to semi foil - looking very good throught the waves keeping up with bigger boats as long as they sailed. Fujin - seem to struggle with going in the waves - bridgedeck clearance- lots of water - but going fast - think they pushed really hard... All tris finished just one cat.... The tris was more or less pure raceboats - but SC30 and Paradox has some room.
  3. Caribbean 600

    This is a good example of what a job this race is on a smaller boat compare to a bigger; it was hell on the SC30 but seems to be a nice sail on Paradox - and hell lasted almost twice as long.... Both was state of the art modern fast trimarans with experienced crew.
  4. Caribbean 600

    Morticia still sailing - has 170miles and 3 legs to go.... guess the beer and a steak will taste...its some nice pics on the official site...
  5. Caribbean 600

    It blowing so har that the multis can really use their power to the limit - speed and waves- so it really will be hard for the gear - no wonder things breaks- Monos just cave in an fends off the powers of the wind - it obvious that multis sailed hard in a race will get more problems complex as they are . .... and if it never breaks - its too heavy...
  6. Caribbean 600

    ... but one expect the level of knowlegde to be higher than this - bec there is really no connection that can spark that introduction - and they really make it worse when they link to the story - so all who didnt know the term can find out. ...
  7. What happened to Zenyatta - Gunboat 62

    Good information here - the builders of TRT1200 told me they used single skin in the bottom - and other round here do the same - to avoid problems with water in core and freezing, and also -if you hit something - it usually is a rock - and its rather common to do that.... and sometime you need to beak the ice... Anyone... whats the cheapest a used Gunboats has been sold for?
  8. Caribbean 600

    Idiotic title that would mean this it was something basic wrong with the construction of the boat.... and this was racing - not "ordinary traffic" - so the title is totally misunderstood.
  9. What happened to Zenyatta - Gunboat 62

    If you not filling the voids but use vacum - and there stills some voids under vacum in the sandwich - that will such in water/air later as soon as you make a hole for montage. The point with sandwich must be to have as much cell-materias as possible between the skins - no voids and nob gaps filled with massiv epoxy - if its not honeycomb. So the cell material must be adapted to the shape to get this result..... isnt that so?
  10. What happened to Zenyatta - Gunboat 62

    As you said - the Gunboats was vacum-bagged - wouldnt that fill the voids in the sandwich - I never see that type but Divinycell as core material - routed at curvy places - and they get filled as far as I have seen. And up here - wet sandwich will not do well during the winter....
  11. What happened to Zenyatta - Gunboat 62

    It totally agree about the early Gunboats - they look much better than anything other similar on the market - even now. And also about the performance.
  12. What happened to Zenyatta - Gunboat 62

    Is that kerfed-core based on wood - or other organic materials? ... isnt quite ordinary that a 15years old expensive cat need a rebuild of the bottom hulls - given normal maintenance? If used vacum for layup - would that last longer?
  13. Caribbean 600

    Seems like Falcon is limping back....
  14. Caribbean 600

    SHIT!! .... a 53 ft cat goes over - that isnt good!
  15. Caribbean 600

    Yea must be something - now Paradox is even with that record then ...... But else tracker is not good - Morticia is late reported....