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  1. Did that on my IF long time ago - sailing alone - going to the crapper..... But never tried with the trimaran - one could have a traveller arrangement on the self-tacking jib... But the Back Marlin with the self tacking bigger jib - that a new one? One problem with a genua on the forestay is to sheet it properly in without getting problem with the shrouds - will no be a problem with that arrangement.
  2. Yes on a cat that make sense - but most tris tack easy....
  3. If rating weight is 2700kg for Shutt39 - isnt that including the crew? The T-35 has basic 1300kg - weight inc. decleared rev eq. at 1445kg and crew at 382 - total Rated weight 1827kg.
  4. The sail configuration - we have selftacking jib - and that is very handy at times. I see also the Shutt39 has that - shorthanded or touring its a very good solution. I see the well designes and fast Danish Black Marlin has that too - but then it has two roller-sail on the sprit - and it seems that the smallest is a selftacking jib too - bigger than the one at the forestay - anyone seen this before?
  5. It will be very interesting to follow this boat - the Shutt39 is abit too basic - the R42 has the accomodation that can be acceptable to use as a cruiser and tourer - not around the globe but on extensive coastal trips - and do racing.
  6. Really - looked at Graingers site about this numbers.... at 70m2 thats better for mainsail... 42 jib - thats not selftacking...
  7. R42 against the Shuttle 39 again - some data - and just for fun with my T-35. R42 Shutt39 T-35 Weight: 3300kg 2200kg 1300kg Beam: 9,58 - 9,7m 8,2m Mainsail: 58m2 70m2 58m2 Headsail: 28m2 35 m2 19m2 So really - dont think the R42 has a lot of sailplan for the potential. The S39 and the T-35 has daggers in the floats - the T-35 has assymetric daggers. S39 also two rudders at the floats - its set up for going on one hull. The Seacart 30 is very proned to be sailed one one hull but has the main dagger in the centre - two rudders on the floats.
  8. The Shuttle 39 is abit more race orientated - and then they prioritize the continious beam.
  9. A new boat that can compare to this is the Shuttleworth 39 Morpheus - its a little more race orietated - but still has touring capasities.
  10. The vid: well my father that was a officer at the ferry similar size Norway-Denmark in the -80s experienced a wave that crushed the center window at the brigde and gave them a blackout - loosing the steering - and almost led to a disaster as they where just outside the coast. The center window was twice the size of the others - and couldnt resist the green sea right at it.
  11. SeaGul

    Dragonfly Project Boat

    Its in AUS - and kangoo money - so very cheap.
  12. SeaGul

    Over the horizon

    About the bows - see a 2006 Out55 light - has sharper bows than 55 std from 1993...
  13. Yes of c - 80 is more like british money - before Brexit... Its in good condition. Buildt in Divynicell an Vinylester - carbon mast boom - boards and rudders.
  14. The TRT in Norway was in good conditions - a real bargain - another with cabin is for sale at about $ 80.000.- now - twin diesels -in good shape - but I like the GT version better.
  15. Just looked at you vid - among the most informative Ive seen for a while.... The boat is very nice and good planned - you even have that wc/shower possibility that we lack in our 35ft tri. Compared to a TRT1200GT its more powerful and will feel safer to sail as a tri with a lot righting moment - and it will be faster Im sure - but for space - in and out the TRT really shines; 4 double beds - big bathroom, big galley and seating for 8, and the cockpit is big - you can have 4 drinkers in the back 4 chicks on the trampoline and 1 (or 3) that sails the boat - all have their own space. The last one that got sold here was at $65.000.- I think there is a lot interest for a boat like yours - but the price is the problem - people will want an 1991 (same ours T-35) cheap .- even its good.