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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    comfortable and fast - thats a multi....
  2. ...I was thinking that was a part of 2....
  3. "So if you fly a canted rig T35 at 12-15 degrees heel, you have no main hull resistance/drag, no additional dynamic ama sink resistance/drag and negligible/zero ama uplift." So the advantages comes from: 1. The weightcentre of the rig is more to windward - like you move one fat guy from the lee trampoline to the middel. 2. The attach centre of the sails moves away from the lee ama - which when you fly the main hull is the gravity centre of the boat. But it will also be higher so that will counter this to some degree.
  4. ...one thing with added weight in a multi - it will increase the stability - witch can be an advantage . If its a good designed touring boat it can even go faster in windy conditions - or at least you dont have to reef as early as before the weight was added.
  5. ....cheap one here....
  6. ...well I can see some fun with a fast bike there... rollercoaster..
  7. Pogo 12.50 is a sensible boat - I like that- kit not in the category I bash. - last time we races against one they used 13t20min on a 85kn course - with an 25 year old touring trimaran at 35ft- we used 8t 56min - but at that time the Pogo was not sailed good - a time round 10t40min with a good crew I resume.
  8. ..well dont know what type of boat you have - but when they get poles for canting rig, foils on each side that has to be winded over in a tack -with also a canting keel that needs pulled over - an probably a diesel to get the jobs done - its a motorboat - and still not as fast/safe as a similar priced multi for the same purpose.
  9. ...I think it was -87 - our first regatta with the partner owned IF (26ft fiber folkboat) - throught the fleet 1000 boat fleet came tree fantastic boats; the danish 70ft surfboard Buksesnekkeren beautiful wood/epoxy, then a yellow 46 Newick tri named Heliode, then a small white catamaran Catalyst - micro-multihull - homemade and own design by a young lawyer Morten Svatun from cheap 6mm ply and epoxy inside a city flat. The 3 had similar speed at windward and was gone in a few minutes. It was pretty obvious to me that the real genius was the small cat. I later bougt it in bad condition and fixed it - cost me about 5000 USD. You could sleep 4 inside and had 16m2 solid deck so it was very comfortable cruising in good weather. And the genius was - no lead - get the power by to slim hulls 5m from each other, light weight and lots of sailarea. Still is a good concept. That boat could still outsail most of the mono-fleet.
  10. ...said it before -its totally ok with me that some get irred and wont go for multis bec of that..... but I really think that those new boats doesnt look right - its like they try all they can to be a multi - without beeing a multi - and the result is not good.....
  11. ...basically - the record breakers are different...they tend to be unsafe passing 60kn.... monos will never do that...
  12. ...what do/did they know...... Can you give a link - where one of them says those worthog looking monos are safer than the fast multis?
  13. Is there a T-foil on this? If so what is asymetric - the daggerboard part?
  14. Yes I think the T-35 - at 8,2 wide - the F32 is 7,2m - it dont heel that much.
  15. Nice pic - and there is the mast canted 15deg? Optimal sailing - must be - beating a Gun 66 by that much.... ? 32 miles - is that naut miles - 1.852m og miles 1.604m? The average will be 12+ or 14+kn - in 4-6ms wind - faster that the wind. The T-35 would also be very fast in those conditions. Even lifting and canting - it seems the ama has a good job to do - how big volume is the ama? I can see that the rig probably will be 90deg or canted wrong way when pressed.