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  1. Sail area - in light conditions - then all the fast mono har 5-6 sail they use for every 1-2ms change - we have a very solid jib that doesnt work very well in the light - so here we can do something - but rating will rocket. Longer amas - yes -designet today - they would be bigger/longer - but then one have to beef up the beams and other stuff - and heavier... These amas - as you see on the reefed pic - ere slim and with very fine last section - the SC30 amas is more like planing fat end. The amas tend to go a little deep and can nosedive wile using the big code 1, so that why we look at some cheap compensations.
  2. Last Fastnet there was som touring cats - TS42 made it in 3.03.12 The IMOCA 60 was in from 2.16 to 2.23 - just hours before the 42 touring cat. Fastes Class 40 was 3.03.22 after the TS42. Some Dazcats also made quite well.
  3. so I guess you are an architect -like me? 

  4. "With regard to your North Sails info. I gather 40 m2 sail you have bought is the red one? As you already have it, see how it goes. But I was thinking along the lines of a genoa which fills the basic triangle of the blue screecher (again like Mighty Merloe)." These are the jib and two flying sails - code1 or schreechers ... we got them and use them - works fine - but also - the races here is upwind-downwind - seldom reaching - so what about a spinnaker - or other sail that can go real deep?
  5. ...they say the best building are...
  6. Yes - the mesh is too fine as its now - when wet - the wind can come under the trampoline - and lift. And the 100kg - + one less crew in case of light wind sailing, then its 200kg.
  7. There was a newer Dragonfly that flipped backwards in a British regatta - didnt find it now. About the calculations: center of effort, stability - how wide and the type/size of floats - and how you distribute the movable weight - must be important parameters?
  8. How many parameters do you have in your formula? Here som about the sails: north offert.pdf
  9. Fastnet isnt the perfect match for this boat - we have many good races here - that is abit more sheltered. Dazcats kan be sailed like there no tomorrow - so maybe more usable top speed. But this is fast if we get a little angle - and can use big sails in moderate conditions.
  10. Very interesting that T-rudder solution - but you need an advanced adjustable rudder to get it optimalized, so theres some work and money there.
  11. It can take quite some wind close - 13-14kn in good wave conditions.
  12. That will be next season - soon winther. Its no active SC30 around now that I know of. 24kn is currently the best -last owner - the boats real strengt is easy doing 17-18kn in 6-7ms reaching.
  13. ..you are spot on - but it suits me good that not all are multisailors - then I can feel abit special - not as a sheep.. But for the AC to go BACK to monos - that is really conservative - and will be a step back - in sailing development that took big steps with the last 3 ACs. And remember this is SA...
  14. ...there not much hope of any progress here... People change what they like... I dont know any monosailer that didnt enjoy a ride on the dark side - but some are happy to get back to the hurd....