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  2. SeaGul


    If you are going to tune it like Morticia - it will take a lot of money - those changes are not cheap - it add weight and its not totally obvious that it will win more races. Keep it simple - but top building quality - that was Marstroms take on the boat - and its still working.
  3. SeaGul

    Dragonfly 40

    The Dragonflys typically hasnt 2-300% amas - and the reason is safety - when pressed the ama will go down and you really feel close to the limit - but without immidiate danger to capsize. Then you will understand that its time to reduce sail - and that is totally a safer way to sail. DF is touringboats and have many sailors that come from mono and want to have safety at first. Many of the capsizes with DFs that I have heard of is really top sailor that press the boats beyond this basic consept thinking. Jens are maybe using this boat to test those ideas.
  4. SeaGul

    Swedish Skerries with Trimaran

    The archipelago of the swedish west cost is perfect for a Farrier trimaran. You han often lay side by with a tri - then you have the deepest part 2-3m from the rock. If the rock is a low angle you can put the ama on it and fenders under the ama. The holiday period - July - can be ver cramped in the harbours - but usyally a tri can get som place others dont like bec of their ability to retract rudders and boards. In August it very much less boats out - big difference from july. June also less people. The kanal - a Dragonfly 35 going there : Active FB-site: Most east coast sailors - but also west coast.
  5. SeaGul

    Dragonfly 40

    I think DF knows what their doing - they want relatively safe boat to sell to not so experienced sailors - many from monos. Jens himself has a featherlight racing boat so he knows how to do that - but also that it takes an expert to sail it and that the market is little.
  6. SeaGul

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy" I losing - didnt know I was in a competition. But I wonder why a "super anarchist! with 15.000 post feel the need to attack a young sailor girl that defends other young sailing girls? And Trump - who do you think he would support; you or me?
  7. SeaGul

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

    The use of the SA-forum has dropped a lot the last months - from what I can see, Ed can maybe confirm that - can be many reasons (it happends to many different forums) - but this type of post and treads can be one reason...
  8. SeaGul

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

    "free stuff" .... if you run a popular blog I wouldnt call it "free stuff" - she probably worked pretty hard with that blog before she got anything back. And it work like this; she run the blog doing things and writing taking pics films etc - she have no rights - its totally up to someone to pay or give something to her - but I someone do it its because the where entertained by that blog, like TV og books etc - that they have to pay for. Running a blog is no free ride, and it certainly dont block her to have her opinion on this - she knows more about that theme than any of us men.
  9. SeaGul

    Dragonfly 25 MKI

    The Swing Wing is not MK1 - the first was with fixed alubeams - and lighter - its popular to make those into fast racers with upgrades in carbon. Rudder an dagger can be better if they are original - and if its swing-wing - one has to make sure all is ok here.
  10. R2AK 2019 - a lightwind beast. Hard to find better at that money...
  11. I read som post again now - and think about this one. Our assymetric daggerboards is very strong (break off the ama) and they have good cases etc. so to make a lifting foil on them could be possible - not to lift above water but something like the C-foils on some tris.
  12. SeaGul

    R2AK 2018

    ..look like good idea ... but he must keep his fingers away from those sharp teeths...
  13. SeaGul

    the greatest

    heres a game changer:
  14. SeaGul


    It is no comments on the swedish sites - and that says a lot...
  15. SeaGul


    Sven has given up his trip - is in Madeira now - some problem with the boat he has to do better...has been 40 days. POSTED ONJULY 12, 2018 Yrvind explain his situation in a short video Video made by Andreas Eidhagen Share this: Facebook10 Twitter Like this: POSTED ONJULY 7, 2018 Sailing report 7 Yrvind is now on Porto Santo. He has decided to restart with a new boat. ExLex, which is basically an experiment, has some issues that must be solved. For example is the boat too heavy, which affects both speed and stability. There is a serious problem with the stering control that causes the rudder to lock. It is too cramped inside and it has not been possible to handle the sail from the front hatch as it was intended. All in all, this means that Yrvind decided to make an restart and design a new boat where these problems is corrected. Yrvind now needs to rest and comes when he feels ready with a status update here on the website.