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  1. True, the Mid-Pacific Gyre is home to thousands of abandoned K6's, Viper's, Melges, Open 6.5's, SB20's - all sucked right out underneath from their helpless crews by King Neptune Himself.
  2. Buy a VX One, throw it in the Bay and start lapping the J/70's. Make sure they see a few sets and douses. You'll have a fleet in no time! Not only that, there are no keel wedges on the VX One to modify! Just sayin'!
  3. Let me hear your guns!
  4. Don't eat the fish!
  5. We'll see, Innmarsat left a little weasel room in their statement. Some of the Malaysian PM's statement was to give the families an impramateur to go home and begin the grieving process of the loss of their loved ones. They can go home if they chose, without gilt if that makes sense.
  6. Now saying the aircraft turned left and descended to at least 12000 feet - Inmarsat CEO also said that they are confident the engine data came from that specific airplane. Wish I knew that it was transmitted outside of the supposedly disabled Satcom/ACARS. It is also SOP in many theaters of operation where long range nav is used to turn off of your airway or track and descend after obtaining a lateral offset of a predefined distance. This is the procedure for loss of pressurization or engine out drift down. You would get a clearance to do so if you had Comms, if not, you would still execute the offset and descent while broadcasting on common frequencies, all lights on, etc. this is all to get clear of traffic before descending through altitudes in use. Might indicate a loss of pressurization, fire, uncontained engine failure, etc. I hope they follow up on this and quit chasing "gooses".
  7. Didn't Obama state that the US was sending all available assets to help in the search? One friggin P8? Probably to get some training time for the crew and shakedown the new jet?
  8. Eloquently stated...
  9. Thanks for the info, do keep us updated. You need a "tracking number" for the shipment.
  10. Very Nice indeed. A well done promo that shows the boat nicely. Unless I missed something, it is long overdue.
  11. About how long from order until shipping for you?
  12. Thank you, gentlemen. Interesting setup for the Gnav track. Guess that's what all of that KY jelly ultra carries around is for, lubing the Gnav saddle? I assume this means the Gnav can't serve to hold the boom up and that you still need a topping lift for that purpose, and that you can't rig the boom until the keel is extended.
  13. What are the lines that cleat right next to where the driver sits? Looks like what would be a traveler control line on each side of the cockpit on a traditional boat. Does the boat have a sealed compartment for floatation, a tank between the deck and hull?
  14. Yes, I like the concept as long as it works. I'm familiar with dense foam, more like wood, being located within an FRP sandwich, to take compression loads in airplanes and sailplanes. The the ones I worked on all used blind nut plates to secure the fastener that get sealed when the wing or control surface is closed. No saltwater involved, however. This is the first I've seen something other than a metal insert or nut plate to carry the threads on a high load item. What does the Viper use? It has fasteners that are unreachable on the backsides doesn't it? That was one of the aspects that gave me pause, and it prompted me to ask Brian about it.
  15. Look forward to seeing that, and thanks to all of you for answering my questions. That chute drop is slick, I see how the halyard and retrieval rig work and how you perform a windward drop using the system. I asked Brian about access to the backside of fasteners and he said there is no need, because the deck has G-10 reinforcements (or core?) that can be drilled and tapped. Has anyone tried this, or is there another repair option if you have a fitting pull out or go bad? I assume the trailer works for a standard ramp launch as well?