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  1. So I got tagged by a hit & run a-hole and am now faced with a fairly minor fiberglass repair to my port bow. I'm considering doing it myself but just have a couple random questions: 1) would there be a problem recoring the repair with a different material than the original? I've worked with Gurrit corecell on another project and I like it, but I'm pretty sure the hull's factory core is balsa. Any reason I can't scarph in a section of different core material, so long as it's the same thickness? 2) I have no idea what the original layup schedule was. Is there any problem with just effecting the repair with glass cloth to the required thickness (scarphed back into a stable perimeter, or course)? I won't even really know what the skin thickness is until I open up the wound. 3) I'm also inclined to repair with epoxy rather than polyester, again because I've worked with epoxy and am comfortable with it, and I know epoxy is stronger and forms much better secondary bonds. I've read doing gelcoat over epoxy is doable. Anything I'm missing here? Attached is a pic for reference. The smaller, lower gouge does not appear to have any core involvement, but the larger upper wound has an obvious area of shallow crush damage to the core. I really doubt there is any interior damage to the inner skin, and no evidence of damage inside the boat. I'm assuming I can do the whole repair from the outside.
  2. zzrider

    Wireless outdoor security camera?

    Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking; something that just grabs a frame every 3 seconds or so. All the consumer cams I'm seeing seem to work on motion detection.
  3. So my boat got rammed by some hit & run shitbag as she lay on her mooring. Certainly could have been worse but I'm pissed nonetheless. Is anyone using any sort of outdoor wireless security or game cameras to capture what happens when you're not on the boat? Too late now but I wish to hell I had video of this asshole. I would think motion-sensing cameras would have a problem with the fact that a boat on a mooring is constantly moving. Thoughts?
  4. zzrider

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Regarding the subject of independent controllers for each panel vs. one controller servicing multiple panels, Genasun has an interesting article about this specifically referencing solar on a boat: With a small system and inexpensive controllers, I figure every 10th of an amp I can wring out of my panels is worthwhile. I do notice the output of my two controllers varying wildly from moment to moment as the boat moves around, so there appears to be some truth to this.
  5. zzrider

    Finished upgraded solar system

    I did it primarily for redundancy and flexibility. With a 3-way switch downstream of both controllers, I can send the output of either controller to either house or start batteries. I've also read that dedicating a controller for each panel does extract max efficiency from the panels if there is partial shading on one. I understand IStream's point about wiring multiple panels in parallel to a common controller. I don't have enough experience to make a definitive statement, but I figure having a controller for each certainly doesn't hurt.
  6. zzrider

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I'm a bit envious of that frac rig. The masthead genoa on my C&C can be a handful.
  7. zzrider

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Actually, ancient sails. It's amazing that main still sets as well as it does. Yay for full battens. Hoping to get a new one over the winter. Gender sail gap...lol! Not worried, wife is happy with her 26'. She loves the 34+ too but has no interest in trying to singlehand it.l
  8. zzrider

    Show your boat sailing thread

    A quick little vid of our C&C 34+ sailing, shot by my wife from her boat. https://youtu.be/9CxFEx4RaEQ
  9. zzrider

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Valis - i agree on the accuracy. I'm seeing 0.2-0.3 variance also. As you said, good enough for my purpose.
  10. zzrider

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Little multimeter They are far from weatherproof so I'd only mount them where they can't get wet. Not sure how long they'll last but for the price I don't really care. Have one that's still working after 2+ years. Edit: Yacht? Wassat? I have a money-gobbling hole in the water.
  11. zzrider

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Valis - already addressed that. The terminal posts are capped with nylon washers & acorn nuts.
  12. Finally finished upgrading my solar arrangement. Dual 100w Renogy Eclipse monocrystaline panels, each feeding its own Genasun MPPT controller. Controller output switchable; can be combined to feed one bank, or split to maintain separate banks. On to the next project...
  13. zzrider

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Recent pic from a couple weeks ago. My wife sailing her Capri 18, with me on our C&C in the background.
  14. zzrider

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    yep, PASS. Way too much $$$ for a sketchy project boat. C22s are everywhere.
  15. zzrider

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Absolutely gorgeous shot. Love it!