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  1. MK1 Sprint 750 #17

    I guess mine must be an MK1 (2008?). The dang thing is solid. Overbuilt IMHO. Mine had he Calvert load path but they wore out and I am broke so I got mac dacron last year. I'm not a racer anyway - but the new sails have already his 15+ knots and they are not even broken in yet. I'm sure I will be replacing shrouds (again) as well as other stuff, but the boat seems rock solid. Mine is moored in fairly rough water and sailed in extremely rough (RI) waters.
  2. Corsair Pulse 600

    No doubt I am taking a test ride when they get here. I'm thinking of spending a couple months each year in Sarasota and this would be a boat I could easily bring to RI and down to FL and handle all the rigging, trailering, etc. myself.
  3. Corsair Pulse 600

    45 with trailer.....
  4. Corsair Pulse 600

    Strange - they have "update pics" on their web site or FB about building the molds, etc...except that it seems impossible that the pics they are showing are of this unit! That is, they are BIG.......floats, etc. http://sail.corsairmarine.com/development-update-on-the-pulse-600 vaporware?
  5. Corsair Pulse 600

    Picture of the mold in their factory ain't a computer rendering.....I still think it's the searail mold, though. I agree that under 30K is prob the magic number. It certainly can be built and sold for that, but it's the old chicken and egg thing- they'd have to price it like they were gonna sell 100+ per year. The only other boat in a similar size I know of is the windrider, which is a cool piece of technology but not a big seller - still, it does sell. I rented one a few times and sailed in in big winds and fairly big chop. It works better when you rig it so you can get out on the tramp and control it - the in-the-hull seating is a bitch on my back (I find the same with kayaks - just don't like that position).
  6. Corsair Pulse 600

    It really does look like that searail - it makes sense that they may think it would sell better under the Cosair name. As much as I like my Sprint, I could be tempted because I want to start going to FL for a couple months each winter and this would be easy to trailer down there. Also, I keep my Sprint on a mooring but am always worried about pulling it out if a hurricane approaches....this would make pulling the boat a really easy job! When I really think about my sailing it's all day sailing and it's 70% solo, 20% with 2 of us, and maybe the final 10% or less taking 1 or 2 others for a ride. The other negative is that I'm sure we well get much wetter - but we'll have to dress for the occasion.
  7. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    Hope Boothy doesn't have an orgasm watching this!
  8. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    "sin"? Wow.....
  9. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    If the HJ's of this world were just wrong once, twice or thrice...as Chuck says, that wold be another thing! But some folks have been wrong since they opposed the New Deal and the Square Deal and despite those and all the other progressive actions creating the largest middle class in history, they continue to champion some kind of turn to the hard right. Of course, their inconsistency is appalling - after having been ready to nuke 1/2 the world and actually spending TRILLIONS because of virtually nothing, they now question actions which are 1/10,000 th of the same and actually based on reality. You couldn't make it up! These folks come to conclusions and then make everything fit them.
  10. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    New Cat Stevens stuff is out. That should keep him busy.
  11. Lying Bitch, Just Like Her Old Man

    Ever vote for Ted? Actually no.....but he and the senator from WY had equal votes in our Senate. Any questions?
  12. Lying Bitch, Just Like Her Old Man

    Uh, J, all senators have one vote and therefore vast powers. WY matters. Very much.
  13. Problem with using government and actual statistics is that you then have to discount all the lies and BS stats which have been cooked up over the years and agree on the basics such as having a firearm is statistically MUCH more dangerous than not having one. You'd have to accept their suggestions that doctors can and should question parents about whether they keep guns and let them know the dangers. Picking and choosing one gubment statement is not gonna float.
  14. It's been tried for decades but the likes of you and the NRA fight against them because it would cut down the sales. Maybe your gun would cost $10 more because of the lower volume of production. This would be unacceptable. The resulting decrease in violence in Chicago and the other places these guns end up would also remove a talking point from your friends. Unacceptable.
  15. Well, what do you know? One of thousands of gun dealers selling guns illegally...is the same dudes who sold the Newtown gun! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/08/22/owner-of-store-that-sold-newtown-gun-pleads-guilty/2690401/ These are the card carrying NRA supporters....wink wink. I'm sure they are in the database...