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  1. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    I have a place down here in Sarasota so I would be tempted myself except I am a spoiled sailor! That is, any hassle factor will turn me off - I don't even want to launch it mast-up like at the Sailing Squadron! I know this is a little off-topic but maybe someone has a link or two or advice. Do sailing partnerships in this type of thing work out? I don't need to sell the boat for money so I could imagine a year-rounder down here or someone else sharing the boat with me where they may be responsible for many of the expenses and repairs and getting it out of the water when a hurricane comes, etc, and I would get to sail it 10X a year when I am down in the winter. I did dig around as far as price and at 27,500 with a brand new OB and with trailer it's about as low as they go....or lower. Lots of 2010-2014 models at 20K more or 1990's models at the same price (although some are not Sprints, but the cabin model). Of course a NE boat is generally in much better condition than Florida boats as less sun and less salt (we sail in brackish....almost no salt ever evident) tend to keep them fresh. I know, in general, that partnerships suck but if a no-drama and happy human or two can be found it could be a good thing for all. I wouldn't need any money for the boat itself in such a case....(it would remain mine). Any links or experiences welcome. I assume a lot of day sailors have the same dream I have - just get on the boat and go. We have freedom boat right here with 2 Catalina 21's but it seems silly for me to spend the 8K or so a year for 10 rides on those. The Squadron has rental boats which would be dirt cheap but I would have to launch them. Did I say I was lazy? Well, not really, just that if I go skiing I want to stay slope side! It's always a matter of fun vs. time and hassle to have the fun.
  2. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    Yeah, I had seen some others come down in price to about that level.....but, wow, we are talking many 5 boats in the entire country in the age and price range....and maybe 2 in the entire mid-atlantic and northeast. There is no boat I'd rather have for what I used it for - fun daysailing with family and friends. In fact I was looking forward to maybe sailing it this summer but our property down there (the reason I am selling boat) looks like it may be under contract. Even adding the price of transportation (it has a trailer), it's salable to the entire eastern seaboard and the finger lakes and even the great lakes...let alone all those lakes in the South, etc. My take is that sailing isn't very popular anymore....(more generally). When I sail on the Bay in RI I am generally the only boat within sight....and that's many miles! I know it's that way on the Chesapeake....but, still....some of the best sailing grounds in the world and hardly a soul even on summer weekends. Oh, well, someone will come along with an appreciation for value and fun.
  3. craigiri

    Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    All this talk about good racing tris and good prices and my nice 2008 Sprint is still sitting in Bob and Iras yard. I think it is the lowest priced example of the kind......Dang things is still for sale...and, yes, I've placed two paid ads here in the past and got zero from them (a couple Nigerian offers tho). I can't believe it's not moving for the price (just lowered to $27,500, 2008 Sprint at Bob and Iras - Brand new Sailpro engine, good trailer, etc). Maybe a nice pic will tempt.....take me out of my misery or I will be tempted to haul it down here to Sarasota and park it on the bay.
  4. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    The Cabin on the Sprint is certainly big enough to hide in, lay down in, sleep in or even make a baby in. But you aren't gonna steer the boat from inside 8 years of sailing it I never took refuge. Big waves is when I want most to be up top in control. Rain? The thing is so quick that I am be at the mooring before it is pouring, but with apps you can see storms coming long in advance. Dang things is still for sale...and, yes, I've placed two paid ads here in the past and got zero from them (a couple Nigerian offers tho). I can't believe it's not moving for the price (just lowered to $27,500, 2008 Sprint at Bob and Iras).
  5. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    Thanks! My boat is for the rec sailor (day sailor) who also likes to go fast and have fun with friends and family. There are actually quite a few tris (and cats) in the area, most of them the "cabin" variety (24) but those also tend to just go out for a few hours. IMHO, the cabin is a waste of good space for day sailors like myself. I don't think a racer would buy my boat anyway because they'd have to spend a lot on racing sails and perfecting every part....but it's a great boat for most anything else. I think it is indicative of the times that so few want a boat to just have fun with! Here we have people buying a new Farrier or even Corsair for 350% more than perfectly good used, but almost no market for a "working persons" boat. As far as price - the 2008 models have actually come down (on YW and elsewhere) from about 35K or so to less than 30. That's now in the price range that many models from the 1990's were going for in the past years. There are less of these boats for sale on the east coast or close then can be counted on one you would think that, as they say, "an arse can be found for every seat". Oh, well, the big nut is my condo nearby which we are putting up for sale...the boat is secondary, but it does amaze me that the market is so tiny. I can understand at 90K or 100K that it's a tough sale, but about 30K for a perfectly functioning copy with brand new motor....would seem like a no-brainer. I guess sailing is one of those pastimes of the past....where we live used to be "rec sailing central" (Bristol, Portsmouth, etc.) yet when I am out sailing it is rare for me to encounter even one other sailboat in the 20sq. miles or so of the eastern strait.
  6. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    Oh, that's sad - there are two items there - the extension and the tiller lock. I actually replaced some of the extension linkages from McMaster-Carr hardware ss and alum and feel fairly confident I could fabricate one myself if I ever had to with no welding (rivets, bolts). To describe it textually, there is simply a aluminum tube (or it could be wood) which goes forward of the traveler and mounts on a swivel under the traveler bar. That's most of the job right there. Then a small lever sticking out one end of it can be tied with a adjustable linkage to a level coming off the size of the real rudder/tiller assembly. One can rebuild the world from McMaster-Carr, so if I had to I'd just figure one out.There is nothing fancy about the swivel on the bottom of the traveler...just two cast aluminum round pieces that mate with a bolt through the middle. A small spacer can be used between them to allow for clearance for swivel. Sometimes when I put together similar stuff, I make them out of thin sheet metal first so I can make sure the leverage and swing movement work correctly before doing more sourcing and drilling, etc. - an engineer taught me that (he made stuff out of paper and cardboard first!)..... Meanwhile, it is confounding me why I can't sell my 2008 Sprint. I listed it here twice (paid ad) and go zero responses other than a Nigerian or two. It's on Yachtworld and I lowered it to less than 30K, which I think makes it a great boat for a bit part of the market. I must have been mistaken in my thinking these were fairly popular models (used...compared to mono's). With only a couple for sale in the US and world at one time in any specific price range, it would seem someone would 29K w brand new model and trailer and ready-to-sail. Maybe it's mostly racers who desire these as opposed to day sailors and they want one in that type of "tune". One guy said he doesn't want it because it doesn't have running lights! Sailors are interesting....because my last boat had lights and a battery and they were a PITA and I never used them. Besides, they can be easily installed. Oh, well, sooner of later someone is gonna get a bargain.....maybe I should do one of those "lower it by $100 a week" and then people will want to get it before the next person does! Anyway, this older gent (58-64 when I sailed this) singlehanded in the RI strait (generally rough conditions) no problem for years....even using the battlestick and sitting up on the windward AMA while the wind was strong enough to bury the other (optionally......). So it's not only doable, that's how I liked to sail. It also is perhaps the ultimate cross training for many.
  7. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    I virtually always singlehand my 750 - in pretty heavy winds also (Sakkonet Strait RI)......and I'm an old guy (65) who has only sailed for a decade. I use the Cansail simple tiller lock thing ($45 or so...??) - and my boat (2008 Sprint 750) had a aluminum tiller extension. That's a simple way to do it IMHO.... I am not a racer and don't have everything tuned, but 15 knots is easily possible in a good breeze far as boat speed with 1 or 2 up. I'm sure those who really tried could do better but we have more chop than many places so speed is cut down by the friction. Once in a while I get in the lee of the land and still have wind and experience "lake" sailing...the boat skids right over the water. My baby is still for sale - I think it's about the only one of it's age and price (2008, 33K w.brand new motor and trailer) on the east coast. I've seen a few other sell so hopefully mine is next in line....I have loved this thing (had it 6 seasons). Probably not gonna put it in the water this it's ready to PU for any of you who are man enough to sail it (ha ha)..... I've placed ads here twice...and, sadly (for SA), only received 2 Nigerians who wanted to buy it through this actual sailors! Weird since I'd think this would be a place such sailors would hang out. Any suggestions welcome for selling it... I'll throw in the use of my mooring off Portsmouth RI for a few can't beat that deal. We winter in Sarasota so I hope to either join the Squadron or get something small down there for the bay...... C'mon....I know one of you desires this. You should have it (can you tell I was in marketing?). (ad in classifieds here....or at YW).
  8. craigiri

    Corsair Trimaran

    Quick PSA (well, sorta) - lowered the price on my 2008 Sprint 750 with brand new OB and trailer (and tiller extension) to 33K.... Yeah, I placed a paid ad here. It expired and I tried to place another last week but they seem to have screwed up the software here for placing ads and I was unable to do so (and I only have 24 years internet experience....)....... At 33K with a new Sailpro OB and Trailer I think it is the best priced Sprint in the USA....or maybe the world? Thanks....if anyone knows anyone......those with patience can take a ride on it in RI after mid-June. It's currently at MHS in MA on the hard.
  9. Put him right there with Bannon, Miller and many others. He likes the "harvest of Trump" but may not love him personally like the Bomb Guy did. My kids live nearby there - great area. But for those who don't know PA, it is often described as Philly and Pitt and Alabama in-between. Obviously a lot of that "White is Right" is also inside and around the City.
  10. craigiri

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    I have to question the idea that some differences in affordability would create sales out of thin air...I had my 2008 Sprint listed here in the Classifieds for 3 months and don't think I got a single inquiry on it. It's 35K and, as some said above, "bulletproof" in the way it is built. For most who want to just mess around on the water, they could buy something from 25-40K which would suit them perfectly - yet the used boats, even in good condition, aren't selling. Remember, Farrier built up a hype for many many it's not surprising that there is an initial load of these boats which are selling or would sell. A bigger question becomes what is the sustained "run rate" once those initial orders have been filled. We may all be over-estimating the demand for Farrier Designed 22 and 24' (and many other) tris and cats. I have seen the same thing happen in many businesses I have been involved in - WE know the widget or thingy is great and therefore we think a large number can be sold. The Market can be a tough boss. But, in summary, if solid used boats aren't flying out the door at 1/2 or 1/3rd the price of a new one, things don't look real bright to me. The only thing not really figured in this particular opinion is OD - that is, I don't know what the demand might be for fleets in certain areas. But, still, it's hard to see 100's of boats at @90K each selling for such purposes. The tough thing about sailing is that those with the desire...and money..often don't have the time. Those with the time don't have the money or don't live in the right places. This season, while sailing in Portsmouth (RI), I'd say that most of my sailing was done with zero sailboats in sight in the 10 sq mile or so areas I typically inhabit. None. Obviously I am talking USA. More civilized countries like France may have more leisure - and therefore more market. Hey, I hope everyone makes big money and good boats. I have certainly never sailed anything which was as much fun for the $$ well as practical and safe.
  11. craigiri

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Well, the man (Farrier) has left us here on the planet alone - but I must say, this stuff doesn't look anything like my 2008 Sprint. I have never seen a small boat so well built...I was talking to a prospective buyer the other day and stating how not a single part of the boat oil-pans or anything of the sort. It's amazing strong. The beams and all involved are way over-engineered and I can't imagine what could harm them.....small cracks on the outside of them (side flanges) must just be in the gelcoat (in my case), because it is near impossible for those arms to fail (or so it seems to this wanna-be engineer). The way this thing is built, I have no doubt it will look very much the same (crazing and gelcoat small cracks aside) in another decade. Maybe I have too much confidence - or maybe they perfected a lot by 2008. Either way this is a little troubling and maybe they have to make some changes. The only weak (possible) point I see in my boat is perhaps where the side stays connect to the floats - obviously the glass around there is subject to stresses and some sort of large washers or plates have to be used inside and perhaps checked (something I will do next season)....` I'm keeping up with this thread because a Pulse is a real possibility for my Sprint replacement (it's for sale....I need to downsize). Heck, I may even go for a small Frenchie thingy without the folding amas (Astus)...if there is not a bulletproof folding system. I hope the Pulse in question can be repaired better than new....
  12. craigiri

    NEW ASTUS 16.5

    Cool boat! My Sprint is up for sale so I'm always looking..... Since I single hand 90% of the time, downsizing is my goal....I don't have the vehicles or ambition to do my own launching and rigging of the Sprint, so the idea here is that a boat like this can more easily be taken out when hurricanes threaten, etc. (I will moor it otherwise). Also, I now have two sailing places - FL and RI and it just may be possible to bring this back and forth... Beach dollies can be useful even with a heavier setup (IMHO) IF the beach in question is not a desert (we can drive cars down our NE beach due to gravel content).....and it's also low/no waves. They even sell some little electric power trailer dollies which may be able to be used if I want to store it in the weeds for a couple weeks (some Hobies are there on our beach...year-round). Some people even have gas Golf Carts and similar vehicles they take onto our beach, so that could be a launch and retrieve vehicle also....just thinking out loud here. The big downside for me is that I will get VERY wet as the Fetch in the Sakonnet is legendary....but the upsides outweigh that (my sprint is listed in the classifieds here if any interest...I LOVE my Sprint, but at 65 I want to downsize a bit)...
  13. craigiri

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Just put my 08 Sprint 750 in the ads here (paid ads, of course!)...I love it to death, but have too many houses and other possessions and responsibilities so have to downsize....heaven forbid, I may even have to get a little monohull.... Not trying to steal your Aussie sales, of course - being as we'd have to drill a hole straight thru the earth from New England (RI) to get there quickly... Maybe a Pulse or Searail is in my future - at least I will be able to tow it when hurricane season hits, etc (this boat is too heavy for my cars)...
  14. craigiri

    Corsair Pulse 600

    No doubt I am taking a test ride when they get here. I'm thinking of spending a couple months each year in Sarasota and this would be a boat I could easily bring to RI and down to FL and handle all the rigging, trailering, etc. myself.
  15. craigiri

    Corsair Pulse 600

    45 with trailer.....