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  1. Snowden

    B&G Nemesis

    Everything except play with routing in the office on a Friday afternoon whilst pretending to work ;-)
  2. Snowden

    B&G Nemesis

    Indeed - given the custom N2K channel functionality, the GNX 120 is really a very good unit for the price if you have Exp. Would be nice if the smaller format GNX 20/21 also supported custom channels but hey ho
  3. Snowden

    J105 IRC

    de rigeur in IRC fleets but not sure whether the 105 sprit is suitable at full extension without modification
  4. Snowden

    J105 IRC

    This is an important point that isn't made frequently enough. With a furler I found it extremely painful trying to get a nice shape with a narrow sheeting angle without choking it and stalling the boat. Especially if the furler is mounted above deck and you have a 9" gap between the bottom of the sail and the deck.
  5. Snowden

    TP 52 Cruiser

    A 100 sqm TP main is not going to weigh more than a chubby bowman, who you could hoist up the mast with a size 30 winch and a 1:1 halyard.
  6. Snowden

    TP 52 Cruiser

    I assume they will not run the full 270 sqm kite for cruising, so don't need the line speed.
  7. Snowden

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    ^ SA/D is roughly the same for the two designs and the IY does not have the draggy arse of the 99? I assume that was a deliberate design compromise to create two double aft cabins?
  8. Snowden

    Masthead kites on Fractional design

    maybe its a UK thing. I've always heard D4 used interchangeably w/ cap shroud on a three spreader rig (similarly D3 / cap w/ two spreaders) but I wouldn't die on this hill
  9. Snowden

    Carrera 290 - Offshore?

    There are runners and runners - it depends whether the outcome of failing to get the new one on is bad main trim or the mast coming down!
  10. I guess if there's a particular bridge you are worried about the reduction in air draft could be useful?
  11. Snowden

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    ^^ I don't like the way that runner / check is rigged at 3:15 ;-)
  12. Snowden

    Favourite Boat pic?

    This pic is on the front cover of my copy of Rob Mundle’s 98 S2H book fatal storm.
  13. Snowden

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    The only way to do this with any level of science is to find a big bit of open sea, sail in the same direction for a long time changing settings and track your performance on StripChart. Some of the settings you mention are about optimising for power consumption not boat speed.
  14. Snowden

    Masthead kites on Fractional design

    When the previous owner of my boat added masthead kites to the fractional rig, he installed a longer top (2nd) spreader and ran a short shroud from the top of that spreader to the masthead (not the hounds). I guess you would want the D4 / cap to be discontinuous at the top spreader so that the new D4.5 had something to pull against? It is loose most of the time and only loads up when reaching with the kite.
  15. Snowden

    N2k network troubleshooting

    There's nothing like that feeling of finding the root cause of the issue!