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  1. Snowden

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    Some of the design choices seem perverse from an economic standpoint, particularly the folding propeller drive.
  2. Snowden

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    hint - it's the superfluous apostrophe!
  3. Snowden

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    Grammatical errors when attempting to be supercilious are never a good look.
  4. Snowden

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Topaz trying to get the clew under control before dumping it in the water I suppose. Svea lucky not to hook the mark with the spin sheet.
  5. Snowden

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    Fore and aft trim probably more relevant than marginal righting moment increase? Especially if you are sailing something with a fat arse in light winds.
  6. Snowden

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    In the UK big boats have to go offshore, otherwise you are committed to bashing around the Solent every weekend, which soon gets boring. If you want to spend £100k on an inshore toy, you might as well spend a bit more and go HP30. I would consider buying a detuned furniture version rating <1.020, OSR 2, proper rudder (not transom hung) for a stock-mounted pilot ram and alu mast to keep costs down. That would be a fun offshore 1H/2H boat.
  7. Snowden

    No Rorc Caribbean 600 thread..?

    If it stays light until the bigger boats finish I'd put money on Jangada the JPK 1010 placing well
  8. Snowden

    A big project!

    If you are watching the Acorn to Arabella project - they dismantled a similar vintage boat (Victoria) and it was full of shims and bodges to get the deck level.
  9. Snowden

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    Just make sure you buy something where the previous owner has put in the investment rather than doing it yourself. Hard to beat a <£50k J/105 that has been sorted properly by someone else for bang for buck. Good spec J/88s also seem surprisingly cheap secondhand in the UK?
  10. Snowden

    what is it?

    Makes sense that it's a Castro design, because it has more than a passing resemblance to Barracuda of Tarrant (of Howard's Way fame)
  11. no, they've just been using the same naming system for a long time and switched from imperial to metric some time in the 90s (with the 105?)
  12. these guys make it work. S&S 41
  13. Snowden


    ^^ I don't think that code sail is going to do what they hope it will
  14. Snowden

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    That's reality for those of us who pay for our own boats, although at least mine is sitting on a trailer gathering leaves instead... I think that the sad and untimely death of PH, who was always a great supporter of the new J classes (e.g. winning at Cowes with the 97), has made things harder for the 99, along with the usual new boat snagging issues.
  15. I'm not even mad, I'm impressed