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  1. Snowden

    A big project!

    I enjoyed the video but I did wonder why he was doing the cutwater now. As far as I can see, it's only decorative, and cutting it now means that there's a risk of bashing it with, for example, a forklift truck over the next two years.
  2. Snowden

    Calibrating TWS

    Wait until smoke is rising vertically and use your BSP that you have just calibrated. Borrow a powerboat for higher TWS ranges ;-)
  3. Snowden

    Calibrating TWS

    I think that's slightly unfair. The ray STNG gear with the ITC-5 transducer box has the option to enter a custom cal table for boatspeed and a helpful user interface to set up the cal points with SOG. Half an hour motoring up and down at slack water and you have a good starting point for BSP. Clearly you don't get the heel, leeway, gyro, upwash etc adjustments you can do with a top end racing system...
  4. Snowden

    what is it?

    Yep, they have rudders too
  5. Snowden

    Dehler OD 30

    Hard to read the polars exactly but 37 TWA up sounds comparable?
  6. Snowden

    Dehler OD 30

    Have to say the polars on the website look a bit conservative / disappointing. Upwind I get it's limited by LWL, but I would expect a 2.8 ton 2.2m draft boat with a fathead main and a 95 sqm asym to make more than 11 knots in 20 TWS? Speed targets on my 1997 Projection 920 (2.7 ton, 2m draft, 83 sqm asyms, 8.6m LWL, significantly smaller alu rig, not carbon) are not so different (6.5-6.8 up over about 10 TWS and 7-8 VMG down). That's a boat that rates 0.985 on IRC (and is by no means a bandit), whereas this might be approaching Sun Fast 3200s (1.000).
  7. I have just 'upgraded' part of my old ST60 system to Seatalk NG. One of the steps in this process was to replace the ST60 speed display (which had the analogue transducer wired into the back) with an ITC-5 plus i70s combo. The ST60 used to give me speed to 2 decimal places, which was great for trimming, but I notice that the i70s is only showing 1dp and is sending 1dp around the STNG network (Expedition is getting 1dp as well). Any way to get 2dp again? Also, any way to get T210 maxis to show 2dp speed?
  8. Snowden

    Best Offshore Boat Ever?

    Gipsy Moth IV is certainly one of the worst (by Chichester's own estimation)
  9. Snowden

    Draft Racing Rules 2021-2024 are out

    Retractable bowsprits?
  10. Snowden

    Rules Question - 50.3 Outriggers

    Maybe you were on the other conversation but this is what I was talking about: TCC E is greater than TCC B
  11. Snowden

    Rules Question - 50.3 Outriggers

    Now the question is - does carrying a spinnaker / whisker pole on an asym boat mean that your bowsprit (and entire STL) is regarded as articulating to windward for IRC purposes? I seem to remember on revalidation having to specify 'no spinnaker pole carried' to avoid that.
  12. Snowden

    Fastnet 2019

    There are worse boats for that kind of weather than a CO32!
  13. Snowden

    Fastnet 2019

    Most UK old salts seem to have some horror story about a friend of a friend’s boat that got impounded in Cherbourg due to having no VAT/RCD certificate. Not sure if there’s any truth in it though.
  14. Snowden

    Fastnet 2019

    Generally the UK contingent on this site is pretty small or maybe they just don’t tell me where they are hanging out...
  15. Snowden

    Sticker placement on hull for slings

    don't put your sticker less than a sling's width from your saildrive is what i've learnt from this thread.