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  1. seabell

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Not sure. Looks like it might do something soon. Edit: Appears to be geo-restricted.
  2. "Ka-Ching!" from me. I'll need a refund - or at least fair warning - if you start showing your tits though.
  3. Am also fairly pissed - In Vino Veritas etc. As a Norfolk man myself, I understand exactly what you are saying. I grew up with a gamekeeper and his family as close neighbours and can attest that those people have a better understanding of the ecosystem's balance than any PhD-waving eco-quack. They have a tendency to scoff at the stupidity of the moneyed masters that employ them, at least in terms of those chaps' pretentious 'understanding' of the local wildlife. They aren't so dumb that they'd forget their standard forelock-tugging obsequiousness when required for their continued fiscal income though. That relationship is mirrored in many areas of modern society. What I have more recently found remarkable is that the (gamekeeper's) son, who has stepped into his old man's shoes, despite being a notorious pub brawler, can sit down and write quite stupendous prose about facets of the local fauna that ordinary blokes wouldn't have the faintest idea of. He only does it for the parish magazine (as far as I know). I'd reproduce some of it as proof if it weren't for the fact that he'd probably run me down and punch my lights out if he found out. When I took my Trinidadian wife to my birthplace a couple of years back, she asked me " What country does that man come from?", not being acquainted with pure Norfolk dialect. I told her that David (oops!) had lived here his entire life and that he knew more about dogs, foxes, bats and birds than most people could ever hope to learn, and loved them too. At twelve years old his party trick was keeping a Coke can aloft with twelve or so rounds from a dogballs* repeating rifle - shot from the hip. His kitchen is a veritable armory, with rifles and shotguns stacked in three corners like so many brooms and mops; nothing macho, just his everyday tools of the trade. I have utmost respect for those sorts of people. No, it isn't. Pretending otherwise is. * See edit reason below.
  4. seabell

    Show your boat not sailing

    Thanks Mr. Ed. She's fifty years old this year. Will look into alternative MOB markers, and grind off the annoying horseshoe holders (You probably can't see them in that lo-res photo). Lifesling looks like a better plan. Pelagic AP installation underway.
  5. seabell

    Show your boat not sailing

    Mine, most assuredly not sailing. Fan and BBQ now removed. More extraneous junk still to be chopped. Are those MOB markers worth keeping? would love to lose it. Anyway, once I take up full-time SH the question answers itself.
  6. seabell

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    How do you feel about the Falkirk Kelpies, TL?
  7. seabell

    E-nav on the cheap

    Maybe something like this?
  8. seabell

    Lightning protection or no?

    My boat is fifty years old. Deck stepped mast and encapsulated lead keel with no electrical connection between the two. Until two years ago spent pretty much her entire life between South Africa and Brazil. Now moored in a bay frequented by ITCZ t-storms. At her age, with no signs or record of ever being struck, why would I start worrying about lightning?
  9. seabell

    Shaft coupling alignment - DIY suggestions?

    Without wishing to be disrespectful of any of the above advice - none of which is wrong - there's a lot missing. Do you have a P-Bracket? (Not sure what boat you have) How's the 'cutless' bearing? What sort of stern gland or dripless seal do you have? While focusing on aligning the gearbox output coupling half to the half on the shaft is part of the solution, you need to be very mindful that the shaft itself is correctly aligned in the sterntube, bearing(s) and gland/seal. If it is just 'hanging where it lays' you'll be on a fool's errand. Having spent a number of years in my younger life changing cutless bearings, changing gland packing, retrofitting dripless seals and aligning couplings, I can tell you that it's not at all unusual to find boats where the p-bracket is misaligned with the sterntube. Sometimes you can live with it, but I have had to tweak one or two cast-in types using pretty massive custom flamecut wrenches with 15' long drillpipe 'cheaters' to get enough leverage. Never without the owners blessing - they were sick of changing bearings every haulout and 'unsealable' glands. Assuming the shaftline components are true to each other, you still need to be certain the shaft is properly centered in the sterntube. Usually they will sag so you need to get creative with chocking just inside or directly in front of the tube (where the gland or seal fits). Then you can start bringing the gearbox coupling into position using the engine mount nuts. This should be done in the water - or at least the final alignment should. Preferably a day or two after launching if the boat has been on the hard. One other thing - other than broken mounts, a tired mount can often cause issues. My boat still has the Yanmar type - perhaps the worst offenders. They can sag over time, the rubber bond to the steel can fail and remain almost imperceptible. I hate 'em, and can't wait for the opportunity to change mine out to something a bit more secure. (It's a time and money issue for me). Someone (hopefully more articulate than me) may have more to add; I'm sure I'll have forgotten to mention some other 'gotchas'.
  10. seabell

    Are boat shoes cool?

    Not if you leave the fenders out they're not.
  11. seabell

    Dehumidifier Anarchy

    Trying to picture the sink winning that one.
  12. seabell

    Battery Charging at Mooring

    Mentioned elsewhere, but maybe worth repeating in this thread: I have a nominal 135W of rigid panels, and when I acquired my boat it had a basic Steca Solarix controller feeding the house 'bank' of two T-105s and an ancient Rutland windgen topping off the engine battery. I removed the annoying whirlygig and fitted a 'Morningstar SunSaver Duo' ( ) in place of the Steca. The attraction of this 25A controller is the fact that it can divide its output across two separate batteries. It is a PWM device, but I have been advised that MPPT isn't really that important for small solar arrays. Although a bit pricey, it may be a useful solution for others - I haven't found anything similar from other manufacturers. It has worked perfectly for the last six months, and seems like a quality device. Oh, you can also get it along with the 'remote meter' ( ) that I have recently ordered separately. Going to go and collect it today and will try to install by the end of the week.
  13. seabell

    Crewsaver Offshore vs Pro PFDs

    We use the 9115BKHP for night and rougher conditions, and the much lighter 180N 9025BKA (which comes with a single crotch strap) at all other times. Wetsuit Outlet (aka Watersports Outlet in the US) did ask me if I was aware that the 9115BKHP was not approved by USCG, so not sure if that may be an issue for some. WO shipping costs form the UK to my Florida-based freight forwarder were very reasonable, so don't feel restricted to using the US store, BTW. (This is not intended to be an ad - I'm just a satisfied customer of theirs for a number of reasons.) No unexpected inflations from either during the year we have had them, but we have not tested them either. I just checked the cylinders were properly fitted.