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  1. Dyneema Deck Railings

    Nothing to contribute personally, other than that I stumbled on this last night and thought it relevant to your conversation: http://www.chainsropesandanchors.co.nz/fibre-lifelines-what-to use
  2. Don't impede the regatta (rowers)

    Huh? Sorry, does not compute. Your rather strange assumption that you are held in any respect is fallacious. Oh dear, snowdrop, your vanity seems to have propelled an assumption that I was referring to you. Get this, sugarplum: I don''t have the faintest idea who you are or what you pretend to be. If you choose to believe that oars are capable of 'powering' a boat, that's just lovely. And pedals 'power' a bicycle - right, Skip?
  3. Don't impede the regatta (rowers)

    Any "authority" attempting to persuade me that a rowed boat is a 'power boat' will cease to have my respect. I might be a rookie - but I'm not stupid.
  4. Perkins 4.154 starter question

    Most likely because they are now 'standard'. CNC and mass production based on demand would skew things that way. If you have spent time down here, you'll know what we mean when we say "Go through hard!".
  5. Perkins 4.154 starter question

    https://www.elreg.com/blog/direct-drive-vs-gear-reduction-starters/ Hope that helps a little. I changed from direct to geared on my old (1979) Cherokee Chief that had an AMC 360 (5.9 litre) gasser, and it was a major improvement. No experience of the geared units in a marine application, but once you keep your engine compartment reasonably dry and well maintained, I don't see an issue. The geared type will draw considerably fewer amperes than the 'old-fashioned' version, and that is likely going to be of benefit in a small craft application.
  6. He's on the .....

    Tenterhooks Probation His Last Legs
  7. New Headliner

    If your headliner is/was padded with a layer of foam, what happens is that the foam layer eventually degrades to dust. Just spraying it with 3M 77 (or whatever) isn't going to work unless you completely remove or replace the 'dead' foam from both substrates.
  8. Keel bolt cover

    If I understand correctly then, the plan is to (probably, though without it being your intention) weaken the root and add weight to the bottom of the keel? Completely follow your theorised advantage, but, unfortunately, practically it's a 'double whammy', and, with all due respect, the image that sprang to mind was this:
  9. the most frightening engine in the world....

    Yep, looks pretty horrific. Found here: http://www.oldmarineengine.com/discus/messages/3454/140526.html
  10. Misogyny in sailing?

  11. 23" or 26" monitor. Decent bookshelf speakers. Tolerable duration is entirely related to quality of content; one minute is too long for some subjects or production qualities while 120 mins can, occasionally, be over too soon for high quality 'input'.
  12. Keel Blocks Winter Storage

    When I ran a yard (this is a decade and a bit back, however) SOP was to block the keel first then thump along the hull using the base of your fist to find the bulkheads. That's where the jackstands go. Then ease the travelift slings and double check jackstand positions as well as for any signs of excess pressure on the keel - normally, but rarely seen at the aft end if it's a glue-on keel type of boat. If the captain had specific requirements, however, well, he's the boss.
  13. Navtec Model 91 Loadcell Amplifier

    If 'typical' , green to white resistance should be 350 ohms +/- 0.5 Next, measure red to black. Should also be about 350 ohms , but +/- about 2 ohms Finally, join green to white and measure from here to red and then to black. Difference should be no more than fractions of an ohm. Some load cells are 'different', so this might not work for you, though the above is as 'industry standard' as you can get. What symptoms are causing suspicion?
  14. Thanks A horse. I will try to contribute more often, rather than only when I'm tanked. Seems like some people want me to be something more than a sailing novice, but we all start somewhere. Luckily I've a thick skin, so the keyboard superstars don't bother me as much as my own occasional lack of judgement and self control. Boat is a Lello 34, built 1968 in South Africa. Old-fashioned and slow - just like the owner, and as the owner likes. It's a shame there isn't a 'Beginners Anarchy' where we newbs could post without invoking the wrath of the 'titans' here.