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  1. Sailing Books for Children

    https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/may/24/swallows-and-amazons-titty-renamed-tatty-in-bbc-film “The British public have a huge warmth and affection for Titty, which I think has been underestimated. There is even a #TittyForever hashtag. (Sorry. Puerile, I know. But this is SA, where titties seem to be equivalent to Bitcoin)
  2. Cabin storage fasteners

    Right. I've heard that some people have been killed trying to cross the road. Crikey, wouldn't it be ironic if you broke your finger trying to get into the 'first aid' locker? Maybe either your holes are too small, or your fingers too big?
  3. Over heating Yanmar 3QM30H

  4. Cabin storage fasteners

    Absolutely. But the wooden ''Poggenpohl' hole-liner' things are a complete waste of time, adding unnecessary complication and bumps to what can be a simple effective solution.
  5. Cabin storage fasteners

    Hehehe; toddster, as mentioned earlier, my 50 year old boat, while strong, and pretty on the outside, is purely practical on the interior. It doesn't even have boards/doors for the stowage behind the saloon seatbacks. Cushions just velcro over them, and thinking about it now, I haven't noticed a need for boards, either in terms of back comfort or retaining the stuff kept in there. But full disclosure: I haven't loaded them up with corned beef and tins'o'beans for a Southern Ocean passage yet, though the previous owner seems to have manged just fine criss-crossing the South Atlantic with this config.
  6. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    Any plans to head for the tropics? VHB doesn't perform well here; none of 3M's double-sided tape products do, in my experience (and yes, I have prepped properly using alcohol or acetone, abrasion etc.). Maybe they are good in temperate climes. Sorry, no experience with 795 yet.
  7. Cabin storage fasteners

    Thanks for trickling out some more detail Ajax (Is that 'eye-axe' or 'A-jacks' BTW?). I was going to suggest magnets, but really, considering their requirement for a ferrous component, even if plated, along with the obvious drawbacks of potential interference with compasses, credit cards etc. I thought better of it. So your backrest upholstery is fixed to the door? Sounds like a bit of a kludge, but probably looks nice. Maybe a photo would help us provide better input? To limit the effect of cargo shifting you could consider secondary restraints such as a net or canvas attached to the inner face of the aperture surround, or drop-in wood bars in cleats such as I recall we used to use to keep a horse in it's stable while both halves of the door are open to facilitate 'room service'. If you want to improve the boat, why not separate the cushions from the boards? Then you could use elbow catches (Thanks Max!) and velcro the cushions to the boards. Would probably help when it comes to laundering the upholstery too.
  8. State of the art boat wiring, 1959.

    That ammeter reminds me of my old Cherokee Chief Jeep. It once gave me a good demo of why dashboards changed over to voltmeters to indicate what was going on with the alternator. I also learned never to use a dry powder fire extinguisher unless you absolutely have to. As an apprentice back in the eighties I recall using cases of self-amalgamating tape to insulate the connectors of various motors on a large (>300') North Sea rig safety ship. Two propulsion motors, four side thrusters and six fire pumps, all driven by a bank of four British Polar diesel generators. Three phase ac, RMS voltage was 3.3kV
  9. Cabin storage fasteners

    My boat's interior is more practical than pretty, and has holes in the doors where you put your finger through and feel around for a catch on the inside. If your doors don't have holes, maybe something like this: (Sorry for unnecessarily large pic!) It appears you can adjust the retention pressure too (?)
  10. Things to do in a boatyard for a week

    Not at all, Dylan. In fact I assumed that the lack of direct response was probably because you were snowed under with similar offers, or did not think I was serious. When I donated to your KTL fund I didn't expect any response whatsoever. The fact that you took time to write a personal response showed me that you are indeed a grateful codger. That's almost a given, as the Yanmar three-banger of indeterminate age, while clearly cared for by the PO, is direct cooled so I sort of expect it to rot from the inside out and eventually conk out in a possibly spectacular fashion. What happens in such an eventuality could be agreed upon in advance. Yesterday I found out that the cost of parking has been increased by 10%, and will go up another 10% in September. It's now over four hundred quid per quarter, so it would be cheaper to keep her on the move. Cruisers down here are almost all crewed by pudgy white guys or couples. Vanity is no excuse! Good hat, shades and 'rash vest' will see you right. To be honest, I'm a little surprised at myself putting down roots here. I enjoy four seasons, but we only get two in this part of the world. I also really miss the ebb and flow of daylight hours in higher latitudes.
  11. Things to do in a boatyard for a week

    I offered my boat to Dylan to Keep Turning Any Damn Way You Want in the Caribbean. He didn't even sniff the bait - at least judging by his response. Maybe he thinks it's a shit boat (it really isn't) but I suspect his commitment lies more with completing the other third/half of the UK that he hasn't done yet. After all, that was the original premise of KTL, wasn't it? Also, he probably realises there's nothing more expensive than a free boat, even on a loan deal.
  12. Bomb Cyclone - Life and Death!

    No, it's polystyrene foam from the demolished floating jetties. https://www.seatemperature.org/europe/united-kingdom/holyhead.htm
  13. Kaiger's interesting boats ...

    Hah, I get your point. But if I had an Atom I wouldn't let my wife near it - even if she wanted to try her luck. To put things in perspective, my first car was a 600cc Citroen Deux Chevaux, and my best car was a 5.9l 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief. Both superb vehicles. Edit: Now I drive a diesel Chevy Colorado 2.8 Detroit iron - made in Thailand
  14. Kaiger's interesting boats ...

    I've ridden (rode?) bikes in four seasons of Scottish shit weather for years. You are rating drivers, not vehicles ;-)