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  1. seabell

    Perkins 4-107 enduring leak on the pump

    When softening copper washers you can use a gas stove. Quench as soon as they turn red. Maybe try an extra one in case they are too thin and the hollow bolt is bottoming out before you achieve compression?
  2. It's because we have to factor in gravity, which is a variable dependent on latitude and altitude. (Trying to keep things colloquial here)
  3. Grew up 'bilingual' as a mech/elec apprentice in the eighties. Have no problem with either system other than that those unwilling to let go of inch/avoirdupois/weird yankee shit etc. are just prolonging the misery for any of us that deal with their products. By which I mean that there are one or two unique and worthwhile manufacturers that haven't 'let go'. I deal with weight (no, NOT mass!) on a day to day basis. Not mine, but yours and our customer's products. In case you were unaware, the Avoirdupois pound is now internationally defined as a fraction of a/the kilogram(me). OK, I admit this may not apply to the few (count them on one hand) third-world countries that have made up their own (outlandish? thieving?) measurements (e.g. the paltry 'US Gallon' and suchlike). I'm a Brit by birth, and fully accept that we 'muddied the waters' with all the Whitworth/Association/Cycle stuff. Merkins can take the blame for the so-called 'Unified' system. I can deal with it, but it's just fucking stupid and it retards progress.
  4. seabell


    Third-worlders like me can download it from the 'usual suspect' sites. I got an excellent 1080p print. PM me if a) you need help, or b) you want me to remove this post. I did enjoy it, but wouldn't have seen it even if it was shown at our local fleapits.
  5. seabell

    How I bought my boat

    10 years is nothing. I have 'honeydew' projects older than that.
  6. And good on you too, mate. You have done an amazing job so far, and I for one hope we haven't seen the end of KTL. My suspicion is that your stuff will have a better 'shelf life' than the bikinis and aquapigs. Think on this (though it's likely not a comfort): The best/most famous painters became so AFTER they started pushing up daisies. Please take in the spirit intended.
  7. seabell

    How I bought my boat

    How old are your kids? The lil' fuckers grow up fast you know. Child rearing is a temporary responsibility, so if you like your boat, keep it. Work through it, send them to boarding school, buy them 'their' boat and sell it in a few years... et cetera et cetera
  8. seabell

    “Heart of Glass” by Daniel Spurr

    Just bought the Kindle version. Thanks for the tip BC.
  9. seabell

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Curse. Seems an appropriate thread in which to (re)post this 1996 Harper's article. HarpersMagazine-1996-01-0007859.pdf
  10. seabell

    Tropical Storm Watch 2019

    Not much can be done to protect boats at this level of ferocity, but most of the block-built houses would likely have survived if rebar had been incorporated in their construction. Seems to me that hurricane-prone areas should enforce the same building standards as those used in earthquake zones.
  11. Such an innocent question. Thanks, Varan.
  12. seabell

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    I think that the last dozen or so posts demonstrate the effectiveness of the wee Swedish girl. Thanks for your cooperation!
  13. seabell

    Small Cruising Boat

    Yeahbutno. If a 'bargain' drops in your lap, snap it up and live with the consequences down the road. Just try to have some awareness of what is valuable to you. Forget what the online pundits preach. Be realistic, and be honest with yourself. The cheapest part of 'buying a boat' is buying a boat. Think about that. Edited to add: OK, OP is in SoCal, I'm in one of your boss's 'shithole countries'. Opportunities - and incomes - vary. One does one's best.
  14. Now is probably about the right time to buy an ad, Wagstaff.
  15. seabell

    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    Aren't those two-stroke Detroits illegal (to operate) now in many states? Maybe I'm wrong, but I recall hearing something like that.