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  1. Kelm872

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Little sidebar to this conversation, has anyone used the sail22 racegeek installation kit? I’m think of getting it for my Melges 24 but wanted to see what people thought of it first before purchasing the kit?
  2. Kelm872

    Importing a Boat on a Custom Trailer

    Okay thanks for the help, I called Customs and they suggested calling the original trailer manufacturer and see if they can reproduce a VIN so just waiting on them getting back to me to see if they can do that.
  3. Looking at purchasing a boat in Canada and importing it into the US, but I am running into an issue that the owner says the boat sits on a custom trailer and it has no manufacturing stickers or marks. I was wondering if you guys know since it is registered in Quebec if there VIN requirements in Canada matches what is required to properly import the boat and trailer into the US.
  4. We get about 30 Wianno Seniors on the line for the Scudder cup which is 3 weekend in July. They are also growing a small fleet over in Italy, I believe they have about 5-6 boats built over from some of the American molds.