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  1. actually got a bit worried when the spray top and life jacket I ordered during Black Friday week still had not arrived here this past Monday the 23rd (one full month later and yes these were xmas gifts ) but lo and behold both showed late that day...not sure it was SBW or the UPS/Fedex clusterfuck but regardless the kid did end up opening actual gifts so it did all work out.
  2. You get that thing together and I'll represent NSC (Niagara Sailing Club) out of Grand Island and the East Coast of the lake! If you can't find a venue, we might be tempted, and could possibly provide a sleepover / slumber party. We have Sunfish, Lasers, H16's and Sharks for those who don't own Drysuits. We are a bit of a ride (3 hours) but have a hotel within walking distance and some sweet nightlife a short ride across the river. Just tossing it out there. Cheers, Rex II Edit below: Might be able to tempt a half dozen J22 owners and do a match series, or even just two, and rotate the spectators/crews in an elimination series.
  3. Holy Shit that chick is a Train Wreck!
  4. Jesus! Can I book a dockside berth for Dominique Now? We are planning on bringing the J22, and using the First 35 as the "Condo". Do the Doyle's know about this? Might have to Charter Bumblebee to have a final Grudger against Rocking Chair! If I can get the boat i'm bringing Dave Parker for his final hoorah at YYC. I'd love to see Will and Dave exchange war stories after a billion cocktails. Either way someone on my crew is going to Win the party! I've been there on a J24, M24,J22 and now ??????? The Train Wreck crew WILL be in attendance! BTW we are looking for a 6 foot plus 205lb. bowman for the J22 worlds in Newport, if you need a ride.
  5. Can someone call, do a drive by? perhaps paint a big Anarchy symbol on it? Something.
  6. I'm sorry let me check with you: It has a smaller rig in every dimension by a about a meter than the MC38 and displacement of exactly 150% the MC. The transom being narrower will have a higher surface Psi and therefore require additional horsepower to maintain plane. Unless you have access to the below WL hull form you can't be sure even with the ~36 SA/d ratio. The Columbia Carbon 32 at the same or lower price point as sails will be less cost, is a proven 20Kt. plus design. under half the Disp. and a SA/D of 32. An 11s a very very very fast boat, for simmilar dollars. The bolts challenge will be getting uphill efficiently with the big SA/D in a breeze. You are going to struggle to play catch up on the way downhill. With the stern section shown, the Bolt will be later to plane at hotter angles and will struggle to maintain it as the driver tries to go deep to make up distance. Farr40irc, Farr395, Farr 11s, M34, A40 RC, to a lesser extent J122/124 hell a First 47.7 has a chance depending on conditions. All I'm saying is it is a great looking design that will struggle against many same price boats, and be outclassed by a 32 most of the time loosing on time and handicap. For my money the 11s with better cat 3 rating and, half the disp. and SA/d of 44 is where my $200k or less would be spent if that was my interest, But i'm a line honors guy and OD sailor so my interest in its handicap prowess (ability to be sailed pooly and win) is much reduced.
  7. planing not planning spell checker fucked me.
  8. Some interesting marketing pros, using carefully chosen prose. From the Site" "Aimed squarely at the owner who while being excited by the TP’s and 40’ Racers on the market, chooses to apportion a much smaller budget to their racing and be closer in speed to the production cruiser-racers which make up a typical local fleet The words suggest this is no speed demon, and so do several other factors like the 5 ton sail away weight before crew sails etc. With a crew of 8 she will be similar to a 36.7 in displacement, and based on the hull form and site wording it is intended to excel in light wind displacement mode. as opposed to being easily planning capable. With no chine and the exit profile it may surf but extended planning looks out, considering the displacement. I'm curious why there are not any details of below the waterline on the site and the skinned 4340/ templated lead keel assy. is not shown. nice price but I'm gonna hang back on praise until it planes, cause if it doesn't there are 1000's of rating friendly $30K 7 knot shitboxes out there to choose from. Cheers.
  9. (404) He waited until after foreplay to tell me that he didn't have a condom and "we" would just have to settle for a bj tonight... hahahaha
  10. Looks like hot rod had plenty of success with his mono-hull, so why not a cat?
  11. Thanks Geff, Its still nuking today, and its killing me to see the lake and not have the time to get out. Cheers, Rex II
  12. Cute. Had to delay until yesterday afternoon and as we couldn't get out in front of the system, beating 40 miles into the waves was completely out of the question, but we did get out for a ride and had a fucking blast!!! Went out with a reef in a very flat cut North Dacron main, and our #5 storm hankey in steady winds oscillating between 15 and 32 over time and waves in the 12-14 foot range as we set out of Buffalo with a heading of 240 on a port tack. Making an average of 8.4 kts and SOG of 5.6 due to the waves. after a few hours of beating WSW we were south east of Point Abino and were seeing lake swells approaching 18 feet in 65-70 feet of water. At around 8:30pm we came about for the sled ride home and the wind increased at 9 to 35-38 steady with gusts in the mid forties. BUFN6 buoy data below. Time dir. avg. gust pressure temp. 10:06 pm W32.1 39.0----29.69-55.0-----1019 9:54 pm W31.1 42.9----29.68-55.2-----1015 9:42 pm W31.1 38.1----29.68-55.4-----1015 9:36 pm W34.0 40.0----29.68-55.2-----1015 9:24 pm W35.0 42.0----29.67-55.6-----1015 9:06 pm W35.0 45.1----29.66-55.8-----1015 8:54 pm W34.0 40.0----29.65-55.8-----1015 8:42 pm W27.0 32.1----29.65-55.4-----1015 8:36 pm W20.0 25.1----29.65-54.7-----1015 8:24 pm W19.0 26.0----29.65-54.0-----1015 8:06 pm W15.9 20.0----29.64-52.2--- The Goal was to best 17.2 kts which on the ride home was bested several times. I'm not going to share the speeds we saw because I have no interest in defending my Data but the boat has a performance similar to 36.7 but lighter more beam and a sugar scoop. Setting up and surfing 18-20 foot wave swell stacks with 38 steady on your back and gusts to 45 created some very memorable moments. No kite for obvious reasons, and it was dark and moonless. Crew of 3 with check-ins to shore along the way and some great calls to friends shouting our heads off freaking out at what a great ride!!! In a few instances we paced the waves to a point that we would climb the wave in front of the one we surfed throwing tons (literally) of water off the bow in symmetrical wakes as we decelerated back to hull speed. Our best ride I stood off deep 160 and was at 30 degrees to the waves, when the perfect instance of a gust and a large wave found us we began to charge straight down the face, I had neutral helm and raised my hands yelling look Jeff no hands!! Epic evening with two great friends and weather right at the limit of sanity. So yeah it happened, in the limited responsible way it could and we kicked some serious ass!! Most difficult part was backing into my slip with 30kts of breeze trying to push Dominique back out. And as I am in no way a new sailor but a newb here let the flaming begin. hahahahah Cheers, Rex II
  13. It's finally on!!!!!!! Buffalo to Ripley Pa forecast FRIDAY NIGHTWEST WINDS TO 30 KNOTS. SHOWERS. WAVES 5 TO 8FEET BUILDING TO 7 TO 10 FEET.SATURDAYWEST WINDS TO 30 KNOTS INCREASING TO GALES TO 40KNOTS IN THE AFTERNOON. SHOWERS WITH A CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORMS.WAVES 10 TO 13 FEET.WINDS AND WAVES HIGHER IN AND NEAR THUNDERSTORMS.SEE LAKE ERIE OPEN LAKES FORECAST FOR SUNDAY THROUGH TUESDAY. Leaving Friday at 6:30 From Buffalo to Dunkirk (40Nm) for Last call and a sheltered sleepover. Returning Saturday Downwind With my new 1.5 oz. Kite. and sturdy crew. looking to beat my record of 17.3 Kts on those 13 footers. Yay!!! FYI Boat is a Beneteau First concept boat Kevlar 37 footer with a 12'4" Beam and 8'4" draft and 9500lb displacement Offshore setup with 2011 complete rig and hardware refit. Very experienced crew of 5, any takers? I'll post pics and report if it's a go. Cheers Crew of S/v Dominique