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  1. "We are also getting an ORR rating for the boat so that we can have some actual performance data and realistic comparisons with other boats as opposed to ratings that are often a result of the usual personal biases, petty grudges and self-interested board members who are there only to attack other people’s ratings while protecting their own." Like what you did after dumping the FT-10? That aside, good luck. Document it well, post often. Lots of people are in similar shoes; that is pimping out an old design that worked.
  2. Its not big news. Top sailors in the world waiting for a weather window only to average 10 knots and go into "survival mode" is pretty pathetic really. For some reason clean is one of the 7 people that are obsessed with racing cats.
  3. Was in west marine today. Yeah I know. They were selling them for 20+ bucks! Holy crap, Youtube and a fid goes a long way.
  4. I like dipping my hands in gas then lighting them. Warms them right up. Great hack.
  5. I love the idea. Curious what the differences in the classes actually are though. Any taking away from the 52 Super Series would suck, as it's currently what I believe to be the best high end racing going on currently. Are they different enough to attract different crowds?
  6. Deflect deflect deflect!
  7. How'd you like it? Pros cons? Pm me the exact measurements if you can please.
  8. P.A......................heh heh heh I'll have Eddie bill you for a 33 ft. boat ;-) "semi fixed" aka removable! you hush yourself!
  9. It's usually at least 50% of the courses yes. Above 1.24 every .10 is a 3 second hit. I'm not looking to go bigger as the 180% kite is already huge for the small I of the O30. Courses vary a bit depending on where I'm racing. Yes, its small time now, but I'm looking toward the future and plan to keep the boat around a while. Carrying both with a sprit is not an option and I don't want to run an assym off the pole for beer can ish regattas. Conditions are usually very light, which is why I got the O30 to begin with. Carrying a sym I was sailing hotter angles way, way more often than soaking deep. Not sure I agree with you.
  10. So after a lot of thought I'm going to go the way of the assymetric. My region is generous to say the least, allowing 1.24 J for free. This gives me a sprit in the neaighborhood of 33 inches over J to the tack point. I have a guy that is very talented building a semi fixed carbon prod, similar to TP52 style. My struggle is with sail size and shape. I'm getting varied opinions on both sides of the argument. Do I go with less sail area for a slightly more reachy kite? Or max mid girth for pretty much running only? Courses sailed are 99% random leg, so no W/L bs here. Thoughts?
  11. Still their best trailer. This video got me to croatia and into sailing. I haven't looked back since. Sadly they've changed a lot since '10 but a new company is stepping up to make party sailing great again.
  12. Seriously don't listen to annnnny of the advice above. Get a job driving charter boats for party flotillas while you sort out your real life. It takes time, when you figure it out, you'll know.
  13. You're welcome
  14. Andi is great. Clean stay the hell away. Don't take this too harsh, but you're really lacking in the commentary field. Stick to whatever it is you're good at.