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  1. bodega87


    I've addressed it several times over in this thread. I'm sorry you were late to the party, but do your own fucking research. Note that.
  2. bodega87


    Imagine thinking that there are only two options for everything in life; and that you're either Pro Greta or a climate change denier, a misogynist, ageist, or a variety of other slurs. The false dilemma fallacy shit is a troubling tactical trend for the left. (Its been proven she is a front, and used, but rabble rouse on my dude)
  3. bodega87


    I miss him so.
  4. bodega87


  5. bodega87

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    Will be very popular in the Med. Looks gorg for sure.
  6. bodega87

    PA has ruined this SAILING website...

    PA is little more than a safe space for the left wing circle jerkers like dranger and the Ed to hide from the real world.
  7. bodega87


    You are an ex cult member that uses Wikipedia for citing facts. You quit this thread at least three times, go away.
  8. bodega87


    You mean those well informed Wikipedia readers like yourself? Now with randumb gone, you’re the biggest loser in town. Congrats on being the top of something.
  9. bodega87


    I had to downvote you for talking all that shit like I had some vendetta. You apparently have so little going on in your life that your imaginary reputation here matters that much. You get more sad by the day. Truly pathetic. You’ve been nothing but a left wing troll, fuck off back to the slums of PA, and get your ma to refill your Mountain Dew.
  10. bodega87


    Live look at duh ranger from his mothers basement.
  11. bodega87


    You think people don't go to PA because they're afraid of the left wing circle jerk? Hows that basement going today? Mom make you a nice meatloaf for later?
  12. bodega87


    Back on track
  13. bodega87

    Classy women sailing

  14. bodega87

    NYC Beer-can racing

    Between the breadth of know-how and trolling, theres a laugh and a drop of helpfulness for everyone!