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  1. There is a breadth of knowledge here: http://www.sailpix.com/email/olson30/index.html I've saved a few relevant bits in case it was lost, but a full copy of this in a good format would be super valuable. Original owners figuring things out as they go.
  2. Lotta butt hurt over posting a screenshot from a boat thats clearly a bit off her lines
  3. Does it even count if they're in a Volvo boat?
  4. Fly into beef island if you can swing it, STT won't save a lot once you consider transportation, ferries and maybe even a meal there before you get over to Road Town. Don't miss Anegada, Virgin Gorda North sound, Spanish town for the baths(if you wanna stay over night) Willy T, Indians. Really nothing difficult about anything there. They make Anegada sound scary, but its easy peasy. Know how to anchor well, thats about all you need to know! Great breeze every day. Have used moorings group and dream yachts, both with good success. Pre-provsioning with riteway is the dream and will save a ton of headache. They only charge for what they bring(in case they're out of anything) and very reliable. Factor in Island time for nearly everything you do though. If you have any specific questions feel free to private message me. I've been down there a fair few times. Good luck and enjoy, its one of the best places to charter for a reason.
  5. No.
  6. Every thread on this subject is the same stuff rehashed over and over. Generations with that had it easier with regards to more time(simpler lives), money and less chance for other social circles have refused to adapt. Very few people my age want to hang out with un-cool 70+ year old white men. I don't think that seems too strange to understand. As for why theres often not many women in your average club? Same answer.
  7. Never understood the effort behind this. I'd rather see the "class" get good information onto the class site instead of who owned what 23 years ago.
  8. Good luck getting them off the hands of the Croat mafia.
  9. Sounds like an opportunity when you don't seem to have much going on at home. Probably a very wise decision to get out and explore. Try to be smart, pick up any day work you can leading up to it and save your money. I don't think you'll starve.
  10. What happened to the coronado? They sail reasonably well and have a ton of room down below.
  11. Step one, clean your damn boat. Put the fenders away. Clean up the lines. I can't take you seriously if you don't take your boat seriously.
  12. Regular races on sunday and six regattas throughout the season. Competitive, fun, racing with good people on our very squared away Olson 30.
  13. Anyone have a link to a replay of the racing? Thanks
  14. "We are also getting an ORR rating for the boat so that we can have some actual performance data and realistic comparisons with other boats as opposed to ratings that are often a result of the usual personal biases, petty grudges and self-interested board members who are there only to attack other people’s ratings while protecting their own." Like what you did after dumping the FT-10? That aside, good luck. Document it well, post often. Lots of people are in similar shoes; that is pimping out an old design that worked.