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  1. bodega87

    Hoist by your own...

    Sell it and be done with it. Safest
  2. bodega87

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    Was curious how long it would take for someone to tell a younger guy what amounts to "you don't know what you're talking about". Surprise, surprise this isn't a good way to sway anyone on any topic, let alone how to welcome someone to the sport. The gap in current generations has never been more extreme. What with the invention of the internet and smartphones, and lack of adaption from so many. The world is a wholly different place in numerous ways, but the geezers that abound the sailing scene still believe they know whats best. He was bang on about targeting the wrong groups. Fuck the youth sailors, thats not the key to growth. Their parents are pimping them out already. The key demographic is college age kids that have a little time, before they're locked into serious careers and or have families of their own to worry about. Edit: The other thing is insisting that being invited alone for a sail quantifies you doing something for the sport. That someone should be elated that your allowing them to step on your 4ktsb is somehow welcoming them to the upper echelons of society. This new person is sacrificing hours of their personal time to try something new. Don't require them to bring something, don't make them bring beer or food. Provide it all. Make it as simple as possible to have a fun time, and maybe they'll return. Life(sailing) is not what it used to be, adapt or die.
  3. bodega87

    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    For fucks sake don't you DARE ask for Grey Poupon!
  4. bodega87

    truth to power?

    Ed, if you believe you can cant a keel back and forth fast enough to scull a 40fter you are even dumber than I previously thought.
  5. bodega87

    The Last Five Feet Is A Bitch!

    This is the best logical first step, if the problem does persist with slacked sheet and vang(which it should be anyway)
  6. bodega87

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Go outside dude. Your post count is beyond pathetic. (5.07 per day, for 15 years)
  7. bodega87

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    FUCK YOUR STUPID BICYCLES. go get an espresso and get the ef outta here lycra boys
  8. bodega87

    Lost everything

    More like "you have more than me, give me some" that people are not loving.
  9. bodega87

    Move of the day

    He was ducking stbd boats? Not sure theres any "move" here.
  10. bodega87

    Lost everything

    He may be coming off harsh, but he ain't wrong.
  11. bodega87

    Beneteau Still Floating after Six Months

    Except that it was a cg patrol boat which also assisted with cutting the rig away before leaving the boat.
  12. bodega87

    Charter connection in DC

    Probably helps explain why I didn’t see anything out there! Cheers
  13. bodega87

    Charter connection in DC

    A friend of mine helps run pr for a major hotel in DC. They're trying to hunt down a boat to be able to bring guests on and throw a logo on a mainsail. The budget is significant, but the boat needs to have a fairly high caliber of quality. Somewhere in the 50-80 ft range is ideal. If anyone has any leads, please pm me.
  14. bodega87

    Caption Contest

    Who the fuck buys white sunglasses
  15. bodega87

    code flag "Y"

    At a certain point the sailor becomes a liability to a club. The average age of your run of the mill yc has to be roughly 60+, with a fair few clubs having members thinking they can still sail despite barely being able to step aboard let alone handle any sort of sailing dramas. While age alone is not a discriminating factor, years of living the good life and doing minimal physical fitness limits ones self rescue ability. It is 100% up to the person engaging in this recreational activity to be responsible for themselves. It is not a clubs duty to keep them safe, it is only responsible for not purposefully putting them into harm. Look to ski mountain legalities for similar(as similar as it can get) ideas on how to distance yourself from liability. I agree with many above posters that flying the flag, and therefore then not, opens one up to lawsuits, which sailing of course is loused with.