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  1. Laser sailing

    Looking to get into dingy sailing and was wondering if the laser class would offer plenty of regattas to travel to from the northeast area? Also can someone tell me what age categories there are? I know masters is anything over 35 but what if you are under 35, but not a young kid?
  2. Melges 24 keel crane

    I doubt that you will find anyone willing to sell theirs for a couple of reasons. One, they may need it. Two, even if they dont use it now, if they ever sell the boat, it will not help the sales price if they dont have a keel crane. I know its expensive, but I would bite the bullet and order a new one from melges. Just go right to the website and order it. Buy the time all is said and done, your probably not going to save that much doing it yourself. I believe on melges website you can order just the bare tube not the crank and line. This will save you some money if you just order the tube and go get the crank and line somewhere else. The thing is you want to do this right and make sure all the parts can withstand the weight as it carries alot of load and can easily injure someone if not done properly.
  3. Boat Recommendations

    port tack has a pretty good analysis
  4. Boat Recommendations

    melges 24. plenty of used boats out there around 15k and it hits all of your points and more.
  5. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    Gowrie offers full rig coverage, but for one time only. Once you have a claim, the insurance will not cover the new rig, even if you wanted to pay more for it. I looked into it.
  6. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    Who is the us sailing insurance company that does not cover masts? Is it Gowrie Group? I was told they do.
  7. Bottom paint

    Forget having to knock your price down when selling, I think theres a good chance you may not be able to give it away with bottom paint on it. This is a little dramatic, but there are enough boats out there, I doubt people will give it much thought regardless of how cheap you make it.
  8. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    Yeah I think so.
  9. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    Who use to make the white masts? Company began with an O or A I think. I dont believe you can get white masts anymore.
  10. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    Doesnt your insurance cover it?
  11. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    How did you get so lucky to get a black mast that early? I know boats in built in 2005 were still being supplied with white masts.
  12. so he missed the numerous sporties with assos in the late 80's???? Your kidding right? Yup I missed that one. Nothing inspires a younger sailor more than some test boat from the 80s that never went anywhere.
  13. Melges 24 was absolutely years ahead of its time. Considering it was one of the first boats ever to have an asym chute (i think the only other boat was j105) correct me if I am wrong, it really changed the sailing industry. For a young guy like myself, it made sailboat racing fun and cool. I still think its one of the more modern boats on the market today.
  14. Condition of Older Melges 24s

    I wouldnt worry about replacing the mast. The only difference is the color. If it breaks, it should be covered under insurance. I would worry about condition of the boat, covers and sails. In my opinion I think there are some pretty nice 100 and 200 series boats out there.
  15. Melges 40

    Big announcement coming Thursday. Is it this or something different?