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  1. My best friend and longtime sailing partner picked up one this winter. It needs a lot of work, but those boats have such good bones that with some elbow grease and a pretty small amount of money he knows he will have a great small cruising boat for as long as he will be sailing. They really are very nice little boats. A guy was going to give me one awhile back but with it weighing more than two tons I could not pull it at my club and I passed. I bought a 15' cat boat last summer to sail with my grand son, but the Stone Horse would have also been a perfect boat to introduce a youngster to sailing in. I really like those boats.
  2. Someone has been posting photos of 'Nefertiti's launching on Facebook, and she is gorgeous. I have always shied away from charters like this because of the lifelines and the little genoas and it just doesn't look right. But when you sit and look at the lines on these boats it will change your mind.
  3. I tore mine crewing on a metre boat a couple of years ago. I have no problem steering any of my boats, since pulling or pushing the tiller or pulling in the sheet doesn't seem to cause me any trouble, but I can't raise my left arm above shoulder level and there are certain tasks on a boat that I feel kind of nervous about doing. Yes, I could have surgery to fix this, but the down time is extensive and there never seems to be a right time. A chiropractor has helped with some of the pain, and I exercise it as much as I can to keep the scar tissue from building up and more or less locking down what I can or can't do. I guess it's just a matter of what you can or can't stand.
  4. This is a fantastic thread. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.
  5. iirc it was Jackson Browne's 'Late for the Sky'. Hey, what can I say? I was a pretty moody kid. RD
  6. Two years ago: the battle at the Wall. Last year: Hard Home. This year? This year they are hitting it out of the park. imo this is the best show ever on television, and it's not even close. I am a big fan of 'Rome', but this is better. My dark horse right now? 'Black Sails'. It's amazing the amount of character development they have done while making sure to include enough boobs and blood to keep the people who are addicted to that stuff coming back. RD
  7. The rig is the priority, not the hull. You can take a guess at the numbers by looking at your size and by figuring in how much you like hiking. If you don't enjoy it very much you find a bendy mast. If you are more physical you can try stiffer numbers. When we first built our fleet I had an old Vanguard. I bought a stiff carbon rig and a couple of good sails and I went about as fast as I am able, being a pathetically bad single-handed sailor. After awhile I decided I would give it up, and I sold out. Later on I decided I missed it too much and went and found an old Teal hull and sailed a few regattas in it. Eventually my knees gave completely out and I bailed one last time, but let me tell you, it is a great class of people and a great boat. They are very welcoming and helpful, and will go out of their way to get you into a boat, assuming it's what you really want. I envy you. In another life I could have spent my entire sailing career in a Finn. It is a wonderful boat. RD
  8. Geez. It's been way too long since I had to worry about that stuff. Good luck to you, and enjoy the Star. It is a wonderful boat. RD
  9. Mixed feelings on this. I don't know the guy. Never met him. From the description given he appears to have some pretty bad injuries he is living with. From the response here, and I am assuming some of you have met him, you'd have to question the motives of those involved. About four years ago I had a spinal surgeon tell me that if I wanted to go on long-term disability he would sign the papers right then. I can do one day's racing, but seldom, if ever, more than one day, and then I pay for it for the next 7-10 days in pain. But I do it because it's worth it. I do it because I can't imagine life without it. I don't want there to be life without it. I try not to make a big deal out of this, because honestly, everyone has their own problems. This is mine, and I deal with it the best way I can. It seems to me that few American Paralympic sailors began sailing after they became disabled. That most of these folks were sailors who had problems later in life, such as Mr. Smith. That being the case people's problems with this just seem to me to be a matter of degree of disability, and no one of us really knows this, do we? I worked with a guy for 20 years who constantly complained of back pain. We always just considered him a complainer, until he put a gun in his mouth one day and pulled the trigger. I can understand somewhat people's outlook about Mr. Smith representing disabled sailors in the Paralympics, but what if the pain he walks around with all day were something you had to take on? Would you trade being hale and healthy for a chance to sail in a few regattas? It's an interesting question, but I for one am willing to give the benefit of the doubt.
  10. How is this fleet doing now? When I sold mine I think they were transitioning over to a new builder? It's a really nice design and would be a lot of fun in a fleet racing situation, but the largest fleet I was ever able to sail in was three boats. RD
  11. Are you saying you will sail this boat with ONLY yourself and your wife? I have sailed Stars many times with my wife as crew, and a healthy, fairly athletic small crew can work, but if she doesn't want to hike then you are just out for a daysail. E22's and 5.5's are too much boat. The Soling, with the self-tacking jib and all that is probably a nice boat for such usage, but I don't know if you want to use the kite or not. I have a couple of Dragons, a 210, and a 21' gaff-rigged boat we sail here locally. I guess in anything like 5-6 knots you can get by with a short-handed crew, though you certainly won't approach the PY numbers that you want. From everything I have read, I would look for an old Flying Fifteen. That makes the most sense. RD
  12. It's not a whole new mast, just the top piece. I ordered the new sail and top piece and never took them out of the box. By the time they arrived I had another Finn and the Megabyte had taken a back seat, but the folks who were using it said that it was a very worth upgrade. RD
  13. I had one (geez, what haven't I had?). I liked it. I got it because I am essentially a cheapskate and arms race I saw happening in the Finn class wasn't for me, especially since I was still holding on to hope that we could get Stars going again her locally. Anyway, I got a very nice Megabyte and sailed it a few times and I think it's really a good boat. Kind of a tweener for those who are too big for a Laser but don't want all the complications of the Finn and their weight/size-specific rigs and sails. The boat is well built and well thought out and blahblahblah, but the class support is pretty terrible. It's kind of like getting all fired up to talk to someone about something you really like and getting nothing but 'yes' and 'no' answers. Kind of drives you crazy. I sold the boat because I missed the Finn fleet. I missed the cameraderie. I missed the boat, too, but mainly the friendships. The Megabyte is a good boat but I can see it drifting off into the sunset. RD
  14. I am so very sorry to hear about this news. So very sorry. I lost my dad last Friday after a two and a half year battle with skin cancer. It is tough, I know. On the plus side, my best buddy and sailing partner was diagnosed with Leukemia in November and is at MDA in Houston. He received a bone marrow transplant a couple of weeks ago and is responding pretty well (though I never knew there were so many things associated with doing this as far as the pain and discomfort he has been through) and we hope to have him back on the water by mid-summer. He has sailed hundreds upon hundreds of races with me in Stars, Dragons, and a local class we have here called the Fish class. I still pray for him daily but I think he is gonna beat it this time. God's blessing upon those who have lost their fight against this terrible disease. And God give those of us left here to mourn them the strength to deal with what comes at us every day. RD
  15. Eight threads from the bottom? I don't think so! BUMP! RD