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    Reno,Nv. San Francisco Bay , Santa Cruz,Ca. Tahoe,Nv
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    Sailing. I shot a man in Reno.. Just to watch him die..
  1. what is it?

    It looks like a rotary diesel fuel pump..
  2. IOR AND MORC died for a reason..
  3. going under

    Dive... dive .. dive...come to a depth of just the top of the mast is visable
  4. Sea Shepherd gets a new ship!

    looks like Emperor Norton...
  5. love it or hate it?

    If somebody got sick or diarea.. It would blend into the paint job...
  6. love it or hate it?

    WTF abomination of a camo job was that supposed to blend in with? it wasnt meant to blend in.. When a submarine saw the ship at a distance.. They couldnt get wheather it was coming or going.. Or where the ship really was or speed.. So they couldnt get a good bearing to fire off a torpedo.. Was the claim of the dazzle paint job.
  7. Farymann Diesel

    I had a faryman in lois lane when i bought it.. They make a good anchor..actually they wont even make a good anchor.. They will rust out from the inside out..
  8. caption contest

    Those containers got to expensive.. So now its sail to America
  9. Production MORC boats

    it is reported to be in britain someplace.. And no.. It never was a MORC boat.. But did race under MORA.. Thats any boat less than 31 ft and was PHRF.
  10. Sailors you'd like to punch in the nose

    Dee Smith is mentally handicapped..they do recognize a dumbfuck as a handicap... Dee Smith is about as handicap as a plastic bag.. Its sad that anybody who isnt really disabled is trying to explain how hurt he is.. I bet ol dee even has a handicap placard in his car.. You think if we just ignored him that he would just go away?
  11. new low

    looks like the guy protesting hasnt read the rule about being a member in good standing with any recognized yacht club.. Or the pesky part of filing a protest in a timely manner
  12. Why cant i reply to this topic?

  13. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    Chuck Burns still has a web site. When I talked to him a while back he was easy to get hold of. Skidoo is a cold molded one off with a flush deck. Last I heard it's in Europe still racing. It is not the same as a wilderness. If you want a lot of info of the wilderness 30 Dave hodges sailed on one quite abit . You can get hold of him at Santa Cruz sails. The boats never really took off and when the express 27s hit the market in 82 , you never heard of the wilderness being built. I know that they had a foam problem on some of the boats.. Can't remember what size. Where the foam just turned to sawdust in the hull. But that problem was resolved. They had the 21. The 30 and 40. There is a 40 hull .. No deck sitting down at Moores in watsonville ,ca.. I believe Gary Mull designed the 40.. About a year ago there was one of those for sale in Southern California. But you don't see the 30s for sale.. At least on the west coast. But talk to hodges. If he doesn't know.. He will know somebody who does. Best of luck..
  14. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Isn't that like buying a car with no wheels or tires, and think you could do the Indy 500? There are the stupid and then there is the unrealistic.
  15. Crossing the "red line" in Syria - or not

    To get involved in any civil war? Maybe the anointed one needs to learn the past history of the United States. Does VIETNAM ring any bodies bell ? But I guess that's what you get from a community organizer. Why is it that all generals are doves and not hawks? But not politicians?