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  1. One eye Jack

    you're not helping!

    Dive...dive..dive..level off at periscope depth..
  2. One eye Jack

    what is it?

    SpaceX rocket failure..
  3. How about racing with one or two people? Singlehanded Sailing Society has been doing it for quite a few years..
  4. One eye Jack

    Production MORC boats

    it is reported to be in britain someplace.. And no.. It never was a MORC boat.. But did race under MORA.. Thats any boat less than 31 ft and was PHRF.
  5. Why cant i reply to this topic?

  6. One eye Jack

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Isn't that like buying a car with no wheels or tires, and think you could do the Indy 500? There are the stupid and then there is the unrealistic.
  7. One eye Jack

    Crossing the "red line" in Syria - or not

    To get involved in any civil war? Maybe the anointed one needs to learn the past history of the United States. Does VIETNAM ring any bodies bell ? But I guess that's what you get from a community organizer. Why is it that all generals are doves and not hawks? But not politicians?
  8. One eye Jack

    newbie bowman tips

    Metal jib shackles are called "widow makers" because they'll crack your nogging if the sail flogs. The knob and loop is called a "soft shackle" and is less lethal, although slower to fumble with. What happened to bowlin knots. Snap shackles have knack of coming undone.
  9. One eye Jack

    newbie bowman tips

    If the boys in the back don't like the way you are doing things..tell them to fuck off and then tell them if they don't like it your self...most have never been forward of the mast...I went there once...going down wind it is like riding on the hood of a car..