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  1. Well, I am a Pulse 600 owner, I haven't been over 20 kts yet, since I sail most of the time single-handed on a lake with a TWA of 90°, so no chute, but I can confirm, that it is quite easy to get to 17 kts in probably as much wind. You can check my tracks on: www.sailingrecord.com
  2. But still, Deano should have pulled up a bit...
  3. you are right there...
  4. AR was first in the circle. STJ just needed to go a bit higher and they would have won the race...
  5. This shows why Deano was kicked from the NZ team
  6. Deano, u suck big time
  7. History somehow repeats itself for Deano... Lost both races mainly due to poor starts and unforced errors...
  8. ^^^ same here
  9. Thanks I was looking more for small/unknown shops with good pricing
  10. Does anyone have a good Ronstan source in Europe? Are there any good Ronstan alternatives for small boats i.e. 6-8 m? I am looking at buying a top-down furler (Ronstan 80 top-down) and some blocks (Orbit 55). Why Ronstan? Because everything what came with the boat is Ronstan...
  11. Alex is really doing pedal to the metal. This will be a very close finish.
  12. Did he say he doesn't have it or he never had it? If he had it and drank it, then it's still accurate to say he doesn't have it now. :-) He said though that he needs to be careful with alcohol when he get's back on dry land because he doesn't have it on-board. In that case, no wonder Neptune chewed on his foil. Not sure about the French. Probably old school sailors like JLC keeps a couple of bottles stored just in case, then again they might also rely on those lost containers filled with local liquor. Old school I guess... [edit: what do I have to do to show the video and not only the link to it?]
  13. Has anyone here upgraded the wardrobe with a light wind sail i.e. Code 0 or similar? I usually don't go out sailing in less than 5 kts of wind, but we still have plenty of 5-12 kts TWS for which the original NS spinnaker is not flat enough for reaching (TWA 90°). AWA tends to be somewhere near 50-60° and would be even less with a proper sail... In more than 12 kts I am fine with only the jib and the main... I am also thinking about a new jib as the original NS one seems to be too flat (or is it just me not knowing how to set it properly)... @orca99 35 kts TWS?? I am scared to death in anything more than 20 kts (although the gusts usually go over 30 kts)...
  14. Where did you get this from?
  15. Tnx. I never thought I will be sorry for not taking my high-school french more seriously.