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  1. Does anyone know what diameter carbon rod people are using for stays?
  2. Wouldn't you rather take weight out of the rig than anywhere else? I agree with you on that, but I can lose more weight in other areas such as paint and a boom. I can probably lose 6 or more lbs between the two. I am in a time crunch to finish these tasks before A cat mids, so I will put the tasks that lose the most weight first.
  3. 2 lbs is about right after doing the math, so I will save this project until I finish sanding the entire boat and assembling a new boom because I can only lose lbs. Thanks, the entire boat was made from scratch, we used OH's hull, daggerboard and rudder molds and we made our own beam molds. The only things we didn't make were the mast, sail, and hardware.
  4. The boat was completed in December, it is a home built with curved boards and volume similar to the DNA. We just added to much weight in fairing and paint, and a boom. I am switching the boom to a windsurfing mast section and will sand some paint off and wet sand to get a good finish. Then I could also lose a couple of pounds on rigging.
  5. I'm looking to lose a couple of pounds to get the boat close to minimum weight. I have seen people using sk90 in 3mm, but I have also heard that d12 max sk78 would be better because it is pre-stretched so much. The only problem is the d12 max is so hard to find in the u.s. Any thoughts?