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  1. 42 South

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

    Went to the Monaco Grand Prix in 2014. The reserved seats at Virage/Louis Chiron were $240 AUS - probably the best seats on the circuit. Also went on the Saturday with seats opposite the Red Bull Garage for $90 AUS.
  2. 42 South

    Hobart Scene

    Was in the start box. It was a real shame to see Alive hit the bottom when they started - didn't' think that would happen as it was about 100m from the shore. There was a real crunching sound when it grounded - any news on how it faired afterward?
  3. 42 South

    Compass deviation solutions

    I'll check the routing of the wiring to see if that solves the problem but at the end of the day not a big issue as I have two other compasses on board. One other issue I noted is that the autopilot has its own GPS and hence calculates SOG as part of the display. I also have two other MFD's as chart plotters/data displays that have their own GPS on the seatalk network. The chart plotter's SOG is always about 0.5 to 1.2knts greater than the GPS which tends to confirm that the chartplotter is a bit optimistic as the autopilot SOG appears to be more consistent with the physical speed - any ideas why there would be a difference? I have found that you can adjust for sensitivity but that doesn't help much in bringing the two readouts together.
  4. 42 South

    Compass deviation solutions

    The control head is a Raymarine P70 which connects via the Raymarine Sea Talk cable so separating the + & - wires is not really feasible. The deviation ceases when the autopilot is turned off.
  5. 42 South

    Compass deviation solutions

    I had the bright idea to relocate the autopilot control head within reach of one of the two steering wheels so that I could easily hold on to the wheel whilst turning it on or off. A spot just near the compass (I have two wheels and a compass on each side of the boat) seemed ideal as it would be out of the way of foot traffic and gave a good clear indication of course and speed on the electronic readout from the helming position. The problem now is that I had forgotten about the effects of electromagnetic interference on compasses and when the autopilot is on, whacko goes the compass accuracy. I know that I should be ensuring that wiring is not near the compass, but is there anything else that could reduce the deviation, such as a faraday cage type setup? The compass and control head are placed on the flat deck about 6" apart and because the holes have been cut in the patterned gelcoat relocation is not feasible. Note I still have the other fixed compass on the port side as well as two handhelds on board. Changing the adjuster magnets inside the compass is also not a solution as the problem goes away when not using the autopilot.
  6. 42 South

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Here's one for Hoppy that easily fits within his budget:- ONLY $1.00!
  7. We owned one that came out of the French factory - for some reason, there were a number at this time that were affected by poor varnish adhesion - Beneteau paid for the whole interior on our boat to be removed and resprayed - check for any peeling or lifting of the varnish (use a bit of sticky tape)
  8. 42 South

    Should I dump my music CDs?

    You can still appreciate decent artwork with most CD's vs zilch for anything downloaded. Have kept all of mine but access the tunes via a WD hard drive sitting on the home network and a Sonos system
  9. 42 South

    Random PicThread

    Here's a COVID visit for you.....
  10. 42 South

    The F1 2020 thread

    I give you the Alfarri.....
  11. 42 South

    Australian Sailing

    (p)irate, just to clarify, I don't think there is a "Combined Club's Pennant" as such. There are individual club pennants, which you can pay an additional fee for cross entries if you like to collect triangular flags, but 1st place overall in the Combined Club's series only entitles you to a pickle dish. I note that this season BYC has one drop in their scoring, whereas the other clubs don't. Interestingly the under 15.2.1 of the NOR it also states that a club may also apply their own handicap for a race that can be different to the Combined Club's handicap - interesting to see how that would work. You also have to be amazed that the RYCT asks for additional fees ($80 for AMS/IRC) to be eligible for their club pennants, whereas it does not appear that neither the DSS nor the BYC do. They still seem to have a superiority complex they need to get over if they wish to fully participate as one of the combined clubs on the Derwent!
  12. 42 South

    Best Porsche 911??

    Spend a bit of time on BAT and you may be able to score yourself a good low mileage example - plenty come up there. It is also worthwhile reading through the comments on each vehicle that come up. It is amazing how many low mileage cars must sit unused in people's garages. Also, have a look at their resources page which will give you a graphical spread of recent sales for each model.
  13. 42 South

    What are you watching on the tube?

    Most have probably seen it before, but watching Maiden on Netflix is a worthwhile story on Tracey Edwards Linky here
  14. 42 South

    Australian Sailing

    So will this year's IRC certificates also be a freebie? "Dear AMS and SMS Yacht Rating Certificate Holders, Due to the lack of opportunity to take part in yacht racing, resulting from the current pandemic shutdown, Yacht Racing Services has decided to waive the revalidation fees for the coming sailing season (from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021) for all AMS and SMS certificates. Please go to https://www.raceyachts.org/application-form/re-validate-ratings to confirm your contact details and advise of any changes to the boat. Your certificate will be sent to you by email shortly thereafter. We appreciate your support of the rating systems and we wish you well in these difficult times." "
  15. 42 South

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Our old boat - one of the sails turned up here :-