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  1. 42 South

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    There are still some indendent stations monitoring HF radio see http://tasmaritime.com.au/TMR/index.php/services/distress-monitoring
  2. 42 South

    Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    This may not be the most recent place to place this (there is an older thread on the Hobart Scene), but terrible news to hear about the disappearance of Elson Kiddle https://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/west-moonah-man-still-missing/news-story/ff001d70dc88018e917b8d9dac13a609. Most sailors would know Elson as a long term crew member of Intrigue and also a friendly face at the Doyle loft.......
  3. 42 South

    Sun Fast 3200 Forestay & Shrouds Replacement

    I recently did a rig inspection on our SF3200 and the rigger was happy that everything was fine - needed for insurance purposes and at 10 years old this should be done and documented to cover any insurance claims if you do drop it. For what it's worth, he suggested it should have a useful racing life of 15 years due to the wide spreader base and therefore lower loads on a relatively short rig.
  4. 42 South

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    Who is the agent "Just Boats" - can't find anything about them on the interweb thingy and they only have 3 sail boat listings on yachthub, none that I can find on boatsales.....
  5. 42 South

    Oz Music thread

    To think I was there (I think I was??????) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bzOIB_quig
  6. 42 South

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I had some difficulty in deciding what would be my favorite boat pic, so a slight variation on this theme, so here's a picture from each of the boats I have had over the years. First up is what looks to be a lovely sail in our Northshore 38 - this was taken after the start of the 1998 Sydney Hobart and we all know what happened a bit further on. Our Northshore 38, and another one, both survived that race. We went on to do the 1999 race which for us was probably worse for us because we didn't seek shelter like we did in 1998, and the smaller boats that year got hammered. Next up we have our Don Jones redesigned Inglis 39 in a harbour race - who can name the boats in the background? (Hint - the blue boat was owned by a very well known Tasmanian yachtsman and the yellow boat now resides in the CYCA) Also for your edification here is a another pic of the same boat doing the Sydney Hobart - after we sold her she became "She's The Culprit" and the two subsequent owners have also done several Sydney Hobarts. Our next boat was one of the Stomps designed by Steve Thompson - she had a 12' canting prodder/rectractable pole. Here she is doing one of the Launceston to Hobarts three sail reaching which was one of her best angles of sail. We didn't have this rocket ship very long when this dealer from Queensland wanted her as he had missed out when she came up for sale. He offered us a Bene 44.7 which had a carbon mast and was an ex French race boat. This was great for cruising but a pain when you had to try and get 8 or 10 crew every race. Again this is another long distance offshore race. After several years we decided to sell her. We then took a long trip to France where we had seen the then new Sunfast 3200's and when we came back home, low and behold there was one for sale out of Melbourne. This boat had been used exclusively for two handed racing into Bass Strait and we knew from our trip to France what they were capable of. This is our current boat and we generally sail it two or three handed - crewing problems are now a thing of the past and this boat is just so good and meets the requirements for both cruising and racing - we have added hot water, refrigeration etc and it has everything on board from her short handed sailing days. So that's my pics and my story over the past 20 years......
  7. I hear that Voodoo is now sold to the second bidder from Sydney who was also after it......
  8. 42 South

    1GM 10 swop to 2 GM 20

    The only thing that changes is mountings on the engine bed, as the new engine will no doubt be longer - whether this interferes with any other part of the cabinetry surrounding the front of the engine is something you need to also check. Swapped a 2GM to a 3GM without any problems and for the new engine I ordered it with a shaft drive gearbox and swapped that over to the old 2GM which was still in good condition and sold it for about 60% of the price of the new engine.
  9. 42 South

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    There's a story behind that - new owner has put it straight back on the market after 2 weeks.....
  10. 42 South

    gotta love architects and contractors

    Currently working as a project manager in Hospitals - electrical engineers specified a 386 computer with 5 1/2 " floppy drive for the nurse call system - where do we get one of those from?
  11. Reminds me of another forum for my other vice - some fellow from Melbourne has been looking to buy a Porsche 986 Boxster and so far I think it has been going for more than 12 months and about 30 cars have been submitted for his review. I guess he just likes talking about it..... This guy is not you Hoppy?
  12. Hi Hoppy - have you seen this MBD 36 - may be worth a look but looks as the engine needs a refurb but at that price . https://derwentboats.com.au/derwent/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/murray-burns-dovell-bashford-howison-sydney-36/219429/
  13. 42 South

    Aluminum "zincs"?

    Just went to the local Yanmar agent and they only stock genuine Yanmar aluminium "zincs" for the sail drive now - they come in 2 halves and have a stainless mounting bracket so that you can change the anodes without taking the prop off. Wasn't too convinced with this idea, but they did have non-genuine "proper zinc" anodes which were twice the price which I purchased. Changing times.....
  14. 42 South

    Things To Do In London

    We really enjoyed our hooovercraft ride.....
  15. 42 South

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    Given the age of the units, I would replace the batteries on all units first - this is usually the main cause of problems. As you say you can sell on ebay, but you can also purchase any additional units on there as well. Contrary to many bad reports, I am very happy with my system which is very comprehensive, half of which I purchased off ebay at greatly reduced prices. Only issue is difficulty picking up the wind transmitter at the top of the mast whilst in the marina - I always wait until after I have left the marina before switching it on and then with clear signals it works fine.