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  1. Bora Bora is an easy day trip as noted above - the boat charter company will provide a sailing guide as part of their induction process. On BB we found that the locals generally treat the beaches as their backyards and thus don't like you swimming or taking the dinghy to the beach. Most hotels however don't mind you anchoring off their beaches. The Bora Bora yacht club is worth a visit and they have a nice sign board for a family photo opportunity in front of it.
  2. F1 2018...

    The list of countries where F1 will be streamed live is here Live streaming and more details here How the system works Costs for the two levels of service seem amazingly cheap :- "The Pro product will be available for between $8-12 per month, or $100 per year. That will be converted into the relevant currencies. The Access product will be $2-3 per month, around $20 per year. " Unfortunately, Australia is not yet on the broadcast recipient countries, but USA is ......
  3. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Have really enjoyed the various threads on What are you listening to now? So here's a new twist ....... In Oz, we have a show that has been running for many years called RocKwiz , which is a lively question and answer show (usually recorded in pubs) with a great backing band and hot presenter. I'm not hot all, but I will start it off.... Name the band that that sang "Kick out the jams" Rules:- Your answer must contain a web link for those of us incapable of basic internet search theory You must actually have remembered (or god forbid) have been part of the history of the song or band - give us a story about this song and how it changed your life forever! You get to do the next question So, go for it
  4. Thanks Pulpit - wasn't aware that the plug hull was cedar strip. On our boat I fitted a number of new sealable hatches into the lower berths and you sure built a strong boat - I would have gone through a dozen jigsaw blades cutting into the plywood/glass layup and I never found any areas of concern on the boat - it was strong everywhere, as can be attested to the number of offshore events it has done. There is a bit more information here:- ORCV Article but as indicated earlier on these three boats were different to the normal Inglis design (eg Addiction) and of course the original that started it all Boundary Rider.
  5. USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    Pop was pretty much the opposite - he could recall every detail of what happened in those years and loved telling stories, but events that happened after the war faded into memory. The ship called into Hobart Tasmania on one occasion for shore leave and also spent some time in Sydney as well. It was there that Pop ended up finding a wife and after the war left the US to live here in Australia. Towards the end of his life he threw out all of his photos and war memorabilia including his dress uniform - I have the impression now that he suffered a bit from depression and never really found his place in the world after WW2. We also have a copy of the Sara story which is good read. Towards the end of the war they spent a bit of time on assignment with the British navy and were based around India I think - he didn't have much regard for the poms.
  6. The three boats out of Mal Hart's yard were all balsa core. There were a number of earlier cedar strip boats (built in Qld?). The Hart boats also had slightly more freeboard and thus more internal height after Don Jones revised the Inglis plans.
  7. Hoppy - If you want to know anything about her let me know. We bought when she was known as "Top Cat" out of Port Lincoln and sold her to become "Culprit" with a new owner. There were three of these built as I recall. Top Cat/42 S/Culprit originally had a sugar scoop stern and was 38'. Matrix was extended and used a Sydney 38 rig and new designed keel. We added the enclosed bathroom, new Yanmar 30 and many other things. There was also Rouseabout, but not sure if this Matrix's previous name. When Todd bought her he extended her the same as Matrix and she was then sold to the guys up north who have continued to race her well. We raced her everywhere including several Three Peaks (Bass Strait), Geelong and S2H (2006). This shows her keel with a pin and socket set up:- We also converted her to non-overlapping headsails as the spreaders were about 24 degrees, but she was changed back again to overlapping.
  8. USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    My father joined the Navy at the end of December 1941 and was posted to the Saratoga (CV3) for the whole duration of the war. The ships were originally designed as a battle cruiser, but was converted to an aircraft carrier mid construction to comply with an international treaty.
  9. Random PicThread

  10. Food drop to Deal Island

    You could try contacting the Tamar Yacht Club and see whether they will post something for you on the member's notice board... Otherwise go back to Parks & Wildlife and see if they have any supply trips planned
  11. Mods and IRC impact

    Yes I was already aware of this, but it is still only a general measurement. To accurately measure a sail with a curved luff and a balloon shape you would need to take many (say every 100mm) width measurements all along the luff - this is the method that sail design software would probably use. It's just pointing out that some spinnaker sail shapes may actually be more or less actual area than the IRC/AMS/Orci formulas allow.
  12. Mods and IRC impact

    One thing I was wondering about recently - I came across the following statement on a sailmaker's website:- The curved sides of a spinnaker make the computation of area a complicated process. It is therefore an almost universal practice in the sail-making industry to compute the area as if the sail were a rectangle. We follow that practice, and the area shown on a price list is the product of the luff length times the maximum width. The actual area will vary from about 70% to 85% of the rectangular area, depending on the type of spinnaker. Given different spinnakers shapes there may be an advantage in measuring a specific type of spinnaker (eg S1, S2, S3, S4 etc) if the IRC formula is not that sophisticated???
  13. Where is the Mumm 36 Centre of Excellence  ?

  14. I have done some crazy stuff... but

    Recently acquired a Porsche and joined the local Porsche car club. We did a 5 day trip around Tassie and one of the sections in the remote far west was built a few years ago over an old railway line and hence the road had beautiful flowing curves that followed the old line, ey was built to a very high standard with federal money. See https://goo.gl/maps/eXxRY5PoKG22 Being one of our first outings with the club we very surprised to learn that this group of older gentlemen weren't too concerned with speed limits. In a convoy of 15 cars we averaged 185 Km/hr (114 mph) over this stretch - hate to think what the highest speed was as I didn't take my eyes off the road. One of the members was also a policeman and knew that there wouldn't be any patrols on this section - we didn't see another car the whole stretch. That was an experience!
  15. Italy Anarchy

    As I mentioned further up, we stayed between Siena and Florence - here is where we stayed https://www.imelogranidelchianti.com/ which is about half way between the two towns with excellent railway connections. The town of Poggibonsi was totally destroyed during WW2, but it had the most amazing supermarket we had ever seen - it had two full aisles of just pasta and the fresh seafood from all over Europe was amazing. The comments about food in Venice gives the wrong impression - we have been there four times and we tend to stay in the outer areas where people actually live. Venice has a university, so there are some very good value eateries where students tend to live - just don't go to the main tourist areas and expect to see traditional food. Another attraction we really enjoyed was the "secret itineraries" tour of the Doge's Palace which takes you up into rooftops where the administration areas and the museums are located - well worth the extra.