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  1. The F1 rumour mill is now suggesting Red Bull will be sold to Porsche in 2021 with the obvious outcome of having a Porsche engine http://www.planetf1.com/news/porsche-red-bull-rumours-gain-momentum/
  2. Did they even use their tethers? The guy on the leeward side was a man overboard candidate....
  3. When we visited Austria & Germany last year we found a small museum at Gmund (http://www.auto-museum.at/) and they had about six of the wooden female bucks from the which the very first Porsche 356's were built as part of their displays. The panels were built over these moulds by hand - very skilled craftsmen to manufacture them in that way.
  4. We changed from brass piston hanks to soft hanks (essentially a nylon strap and plastic clips) across our sails and it is far easy to flake and manage the sails. The brass piston hanks would always get caught up on the lifelines, especially if flaking the sail at the dock, and when its windy those brass hanks flying about can cause some serious damage. This is on a Sunfast 3200, and so far after several seasons, no significant wear present. I would say they should last at least 3~4 years with year round use.
  5. From the race winner which sums it up ..... "Seb probably sometimes doesn't think before he acts," Ricciardo told BBC Sport. "It's probably driven through passion and hunger. He's kind of just got to put a lid on it sometimes." "I respect Seb a lot for his grit and his love for the sport, which turns into a lot of passion and sometimes aggression. I respect and like that about him. "But today you have seen… whether it's over the radio, sometimes he will just go crazy. It is probably – what's the word? – spur of the moment? There's a better word." "Look, whether Lewis slowed down or not, he has every right to dictate the pace. He's the leader, and it was too early for him to accelerate. "You're not going to make the restart out of Turn 15. Seb was probably just a little bit over-excited."
  6. Have a look at the pulpit on the SF3200 - works well for us in a similar setup. SF 3200 The Edge is somewhere over in the west
  7. When you hold down the button for 2 seconds make sure you hear a "beep" - sometimes it is hard to get the button to engage correctly depending on whether there is any angle when you push it - you don't have to do it hard, just make sure you hit it's sweet (G) spot!
  8. Yes, its one PIA! But with a bit of practice, gybe by grabbing a handfull of ropes and that usually overcomes the problem. Talon, if you send me a PM with your email address I think I still have the North Sails tuning guide which will give you a bit of info on setup and sails - the medium/#2 is most often specified with a reef point and soft hanks are the go. We have a few more ropes with the twin running backstays for the fathead main.
  9. Tell us what inventory came with your boat. Ours has 2 full sets of sails, Light, Medium, #4, Pin Head Main and a Fathead Main, asym, sym & code 0. It is quite under powered in standard configuration and we happily sail in 24+knts with med and full main. Did you buy the one that has been on SA for about a year? We have barber haulers fitted which improves pointing ability and this is easy to add. If you haven't already done so, go to the Jeaneau website http://www.sunfast.fr/sailboat-sunfast-3200.html#ad-image-24 and download all of the technical docs.
  10. Check the track to see if the black coating is not wearing off - could be that is traces of ground-down aluminium you are seeing there....
  11. How to transition to the modern age for an Amish farmer..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTxTAC-3zKM
  12. On our SF3200 we have both soft hanks and Wichard type metal hanks on different sails. The soft hanks are far better, especially when folding sails. Our inventory goes light, medium and #4, but often the medium's on SF3200's are reefable to give you a #3.
  13. Have a look at Sonos. You can tune the speakers to the room (it even has an auto tune feature) and the SUB subwoofer is a work of art. All wireless, and the latest digital radio apps. Being a component system you can add to it and it has multi-room capability - you can even play different stuff in each room. I have mine connected to a 5 Tb NAS (external hard drive with ~5,000 albums on it). What more can you ask for..... You can even keep your existing speakers and power them with a Connect AMP. They also come up on eBay quite often second hand if you want to save a $.