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  1. TackTick twin-screen patent expires Jan 2018

    Have you looked at the T106 remote control unit? Not on your wrist, but it can hang on a lanyard around your neck.
  2. Tacktick GPS is not working

    Check the signal strength on the T122. There is a thread here that discusses it:- http://raymarine.ning.com/forum/topics/tack-tick-no-wind-data Check also that each of the network components is running the latest firmware version. Make sure all components are on the network when you check health. Manuals are available on Raymarine website.
  3. Soft Jib Hanks

    +1 we love ours and all newer sails now have them. Much easier to flake the sail as the bronze hanks don't get caught on the lifelines.
  4. AMS, anyone an expert?

    Talking about Frontline, Mez? It really suffers with an asym racing in a sym fleet. That would make a world of difference on the Derwent with either a sea breeze, or a northerly being the dominant breeze on long distance races. We have both, and only use the sym as the boat just won't get up and plane to achieve the vmg's needed when doing a dead down wind course. PM me if you want a copy of our AMS rating.
  5. Wrong - short handed ratings on AMS are only for when racing in a short handed division - they do not apply in fully crewed events, otherwise we would see a lot more go that route.......
  6. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    AMS - a five minute delay in throttle response is a serious issue - I believe the engines have up to a 5 year warranty which you may want to follow through on. Our response delays are more like 3~5 seconds.
  7. After anything in particular? The biggest problem we had on this boat was that the keel was designed to be raised in a centre board case but it didn't have the gear to do this. The keel was secured by two stainless pins about half way down the case and the top of the keel had a carbon-fibre plate which was meant to hold it in position - a minor design flaw was that they used cheap stainless steel 1/4' bolts tapped into the glass to hold the top plate in position - this failed when crossing Bass Strait on its maiden delivery on a pitch black night. Same thing happened a year or two later when the new owner took delivery. You can see the keel in my avatar....
  8. Here's a photo of the swinging d#@k from inside our boat when we had it...... and here's a pic of the neoprene sock
  9. Same as the Stomp setup, with the pole canting each side, but the neoprene wetsuit gasket worked fine. We used a local wetsuit manufacturer to cut and sew a replacement for what was on the boat when we purchased it. OP, let me know if you want a photo - I may have one somewhere.
  10. We had a Stomp 38 for a while (now in NZ) and we used a wetsuit neoprene sleeve which was pretty easy to fabricate - probably nee to replace it each season because of UV degradation.
  11. Tom Petty DTS

    And don't forget his part with the Traveling Wilburys - what a line up that was.... http://www.travelingwilburys.com/
  12. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    AMS and myself both have Sunfast 3200's. It has an Yanmar 15hp and SD20 leg. There is a distinct throttle delay whether in or out of gear - nothing to do with the sail drive or the throttle/gear cable linkages. It must be the setup for the injector pump that is different to other engines. Two boats ago I installed a new Yanmar 30hp and the throttle response was instantaneous in comparison.
  13. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    On mine it does the same thing when only the throttle is moved (push in the lever so that it doesn't go into gear). Its just this particular engine as I noted above that has a delay before responding and increasing revs.
  14. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    Same as ours of course - whether hot or cold there is delay - sometimes feels like it is a lawn mower Briggs & Stratton where the throttle cable is connected to a wish list!
  15. F1 2017

    The F1 rumour mill is now suggesting Red Bull will be sold to Porsche in 2021 with the obvious outcome of having a Porsche engine http://www.planetf1.com/news/porsche-red-bull-rumours-gain-momentum/