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  1. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Stupid Idea! Just get a J/24 and learn how to sail it. What are you saving by getting rid of all the stuff that actually makes the 24 competitive after all these years. Optimize the boat and make sure she is at minimum weight. Frenzy
  2. Venting 26' boat

    I would use two solar vents, one at each end. Have one blow in and the other blow out, this gives you a very nice flow through of air. Also open any cabinets or storage so they also have time to dry out. ....and never leave the boat with wet sails below, always take the time to dry them before closing up the boat. FRENZY
  3. J/29 Shopping

    There have been several listed on Ebay at very good prices. Standard J/Boat issues, wet core, soft deck, and wet chain plates. The price difference between a good boat and a soggy one is not that much so take the time to look for a solid boat. It is well worth paying $3-4k more and starting with a solid boat than get a cheap soggy one. Core repairs are not expensive if you do them yourself but they do seem to take 5 times longer than estimated. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1983-J-Boats-J29-/282619615439?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=5rWPBWxIe5q5wq8iXPCQckCGidI%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc CHEERS! FRENZY
  4. caption contest

    One in a million doc, one in a million
  5. Building my first boats

    Hey Kain, I was thinking about your lust to go to sea and I came up with an express plan for you. It will give you access to all the latest boating gear, the newest navigation technology and a boat with a fleet of semi-trucks worth of living space. Join the NAVY!
  6. Covering bulkhead instrument holes

    The speakers sound better the closer they are to the compass...
  7. No Comment

    Come on nobody can be this stupid! This has to be an optical illusion...
  8. Building my first boats

    How about "Pipe Dream", it's a double entendre!
  9. Building my first boats

    Hey Kid, If you built your dream 58' sailing, band toting, drug running, human trafficking machine, what would you name it? I think the guys/gals on SA are crazy creative and can help you name this dreamboat, wata you say guys? What should Mrs. Kelly's son name his boat?
  10. Building my first boats

    Kid, I am getting the feeling you are a classic under achiever.
  11. Building my first boats

    Any certification will get you started and a job, sure pipe cert would be the best especially in Texas.
  12. Building my first boats

    If you truly have the drive take what welding experience you have and get your ass registered in a welding certification course. If you take the year learning how to weld properly (not shop class welding) and get your certifications (there are several) you will have a career in one of the most needed professions in the county. Most welders make $150k+ per year. I know several that make close to $300k. Once you get your first permanent job get a used boat, the world is full of sailboats under 30' that are under $5k, heck some are free! Sail the shit out of it for a few years, after that you can then make the decision on the build vs buy. You will know how to sail, how to keep water outside the hull, how to repair diesel motors in the dark at 2AM in 8 foot seas, you will know the pleasures of sailing and what true fear is. By this time you will be 25, with a stable career, a boat and an idea as to what to do next. The shorelines are littered with broken dreams and bad ideas, lets not add to the clutter...
  13. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    Thanks but no thanks! Even their numbers are dwindling. I have been on trampolines with less flex... Crew; "Hey the prop is out of the water". T-10 Skipper; "Release the backstay"!
  14. J30 Mast wanted

    Great boat, have fun...
  15. J30 Mast wanted

    Did you buy the J/30 on ebay with the broken mast? Amazing deal if you did...