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  1. Bedding primary ans secondary winches

    3M 4200 use plenty of paper towels soaked with lacquer thinner to clean up the excess as soon as the bolting is done.
  2. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    Do it! We have been having a blast with ours the past two years both racing and day sailing, and some of the most fun has been with delivery crew around the Great Lakes. The boats are not perfect, but they do a heck of a lot extremely well. With solid glass hulls they have the potential to be actively racing as a one-design class for several decades and we are very focused on keeping the fleets strong. Please feel free to PM me any time with specific questions and for sure join the Facebook group.
  3. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    34'6" works for both inside or outside of shrouds, and at a variety of tensions, with room for several turns on the stern cleat with luggage tag at the front. Not sure of how much shorter to make with room for lashings, and not sure of the weight/cost/functionality benefit to lashings versus just tying off at the the back cleat. More notes on 36.7 tethers and jacklines: The 36.7 cockpit is very wide, which is a feature for parties but sort of a pain for other things. With our 2-meter tether limit you can't hook in on the weather side and get down to the leeward side of the cockpit. When driving we tend to use the stern rail as a clip point instead of the jacklines for that reason, which is exactly what the APS website says not to do - they suggest terminating forward by the length of the tether - all good until you need to move 10 feet horizontally. If you have the tubular pedestal the driver can use that but it's too far back for the forward end of the cockpit to use. We are thinking about how to rig a cockpit jackline along the floor so that there is a way to be clipped in and move from side to side without doing the big dive to the low side unclipped, or (my own "oops you dummy clip in first before being helpful and you won't come scary close to going swimming" example) coming up from the cabin half dressed to get a kite down and go unclipped to the low side which was quickly the submerged side.
  4. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    Yes, ditto on the Facebook recommendation. Lots of good help there. Welcome to the 36.7 family and feel free to message me any time.
  5. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    34'6" with sewn loops on each end. We luggage tag at the bow cleat and use the stern cleat to set tension. If you do not have loops add some more length to tie off at both ends....so proper webbing at 36' per side without loops would seem reasonable. Congratulations on a new boat...?
  6. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    I will measure ours later today assuming I remember to do it;) outside shrouds provides for easy movement fore and aft on the natural path, and seems to be more standard....it also keeps clear of the genoa/jib track while inboard is on top of the track and has to be managed a bit more with sheets etc.so outboard us definitely cleaner
  7. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    We run them from the bow cleat to the stern cleat. Change for this year's distance racing was to run them inside the shrouds and put a tiny bit more slack in them than usual. Reason for inside shrouds is to allow going forward with access to the mast. Tiny bit of slack lets mast guys do their work with the race-regulated 2 meter max tethers as the jack line will lift an extra 18" or so off the deck at midship....not perfect but our guys were great about staying clipped in versus when they were tight and outside the shrouds there was more unclipping going on to take care of mast stuff.
  8. Connecting Raymarine SeaTalk to WiFi

    We did it successfully with our ST290 system.. Raymarine used to sell a unit called e85001 that converted Seatalk1 to nmea 0183 but have discontinued it, and we happened to have one installed on the boat. If you don't have one of those, below is from the Raymarine support forum where they recommend some other options including a Brookhouse unit, and below that is the information I got from Brookhouse before we figured out we had the e85001 on board: eplacement for E85001 PC/SeaTalk/NMEA 0183 Interface Module 03-30-16, 01:03 PM (This post was last modified: 01-11-17 02:50 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.) Post: #1 Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator Administrator Posts: 4,914 Joined: Oct 2014 Reputation: 15 Replacement for E85001 PC/SeaTalk/NMEA 0183 Interface Module Replacement for E85001 PC/SeaTalk/NMEA 0183 Interface Module The E85001 PC/SeaTalk/NMEA 0183 Interface Module was retired several years ago, and Raymarine has not introduced a replacement for this device. For applications where the system additionally includes a Raymarine MFD which has been interfaced to the SeaTalk instruments, GPS, etc., the Raymarine MFD will function as a SeaTalk to NMEA 0183 data bridge. Correspondingly, the MFD's NMEA 0183 interface may be used to interface the MFD to other NMEA 0183 devices. For applications where the system does not additionally include a Raymarine MFD which has been interfaced to the SeaTalk instruments, the following options may be used to bridge SeaTalk to NMEA 0183: - disconnect the SeaTalk bus from its present power source; interface the SeaTalk bus to a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter; interface the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter to a SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1-ISO-STNG, etc.) - install a Brookhouse NMEA 0183 Multiplexer w/SeaTalk option ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: <brookhouse@brookhouseonline.com> Date: May 11, 2016 6:22 PM Subject: Re: Raymarine ST290...trying to do Android tablet nmea apps To: "Dave Simon" <davesimon313@gmail.com> Cc: Dave, Our iMux-ST product converts Seatalk1 to NMEA and allows 3 more NMEA connections of which one can be 38400 baud for AIS. It transmits the combined data stream via wifi and allows up to 16 wifi enabled devices to connect via secure TCP wifi connections. It also allows integration with an existing on-board network. And that for almost half the price of the unit you’ve bought. I will attach pricing and ordering information. Regards, Wout Beekhuizen Brookhouse www.brookhouseonline.com 36°54.46' S 174°57.23' E
  9. Wind powered vessels are no longer the stand-on vessel if they are overtaking a powerboat;as the overtaking vessel they are required to keep clear. Entirely possible to come from clear astern on a windsurfer, maybe carving a bit upwind in the process, and keep a powerboat being overtaken over your shoulder and invisible without concerted effort to turn around and look. Thinking about training especially for youth....as more people in sailing are going to spend time a higher speeds on foils, cats, boards, kites, etc. we may want to emphasize more of "here's what happens with other vessels when you are one of the fastest things on the water".
  10. Answering this as a long-time windsurfer. No idea what happened in Wisconsin...just answering your questiion: the speed difference on windsurfers is huge from displacement to planing. Powerboat could see a windsurfer going slowly a hundred yards off to one side. Windsurfer then accelerates to 25+ knots and covers the hundred yards in 8 seconds....while the powerboat driver is looking straight ahead (3 seconds), then out the other side of the boat (3 seconds), then straight ahead again (3 seconds) befote turning his view back to check on that slow windsurfer as he continues to prudently scan the horizon. 9 seconds of not looking toward the windsurfer, while the convergence time has gone from "not" to 8 seconds. Then add in the windsurfing looking forward, it's windy so it's hard to hear especially since speed has gone from 2 to 25, and the powerboat who was aware of the windsurfer slowly moving a hundred yards to the side of his path is now converging rapidly and unless the windsurfer makes a point of looking back there is a potential problem. Clear sails don't help....
  11. Heartfelt sympathy to all involved. This is the second recent incident involving a windsurfer-powerboat collision . In April Dr. Thomas Connelly was killed in Stuart, Florida. He was a talented sailor and a tremendous person, and not a guy you might expect to get into trouble on the water. GTim has some wise words: " If they are coming up in your blind spot (windward hip) you may not hear or see them. ....gybe early and often to avoid any potential crossing situation with power boats....". After 25 years of windsurfing I am making a personal commitment toward some extra caution.
  12. This is the culmination for the Artemis work....we may do other films with other (non-sailing) clients in the future. Thanks for noting the production quality...the guys worked hard at it.
  13. Hi, Full disclosure: I work for Altair with the title of VP - Corporate Communications. We are a technical supplier to Artemis Racing, and just released a 12-minute film about their program and use of simulation to achieve performance. Film is here: http://www.designthedifference.com/ No claims of groundbreaking content for sailors immersed in the sport, definitely an interesting watch. Thanks, Dave
  14. Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Take it all apart and take pictures. You may end up with some new delrin or other mechanical pieces, and/or either re-epoxying or re-5200-ing something in place. It is probably cramped and crowded back there and will be painful to disassemble. You will be glad you did. While you are at it - now is the time to repair and replace anything else in the steering system that is not working correctly or has worn - replace cables, check all the bolts, etc. Preventive maintenance on the steering system is 75% labor getting back there and taking the stuff apart, 20% labor to fix whatever needs fixing, and maybe 5% cost. Hence go into the take-apart with the view that you are going to make it good for the long-term. As you are cursing how cramped and inaccessible everything is, just keep congratulating yourself on making sure you never ever have to go back there while the boat is under way.
  15. Longitudinal Rudder movement

    First suspect is the mounting of the bearings (whatever they are- maybe just a fiberglass tube) to the hull/deck/cockpit floor/etc. Take it apart, take pictures, and chances are the fix will be relatively easy and successfully get the play out.