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  1. Last two pictures.
  2. More pictures of gelcoat issues.
  3. My expectations for the first couple of years are that most outings will be an afternoon sail followed by dinner at the club, with a couple of overnight trips out to Put-in-Bay.
  4. I got some pictures of the gelcoat cracking/crazing from the dealer yesterday. I think I could put up with it. I can post some pictures when I'm in front of a computer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good surveyor in the Long Island Sound area? I did look at a few AE 28's. They are a little smaller interior and cockpit wise than I'm looking for, and seem over priced for how much boat you get.
  5. That's quite the delta. Is it even a reparable issue?
  6. It sounds like I'm on the right track with the Alerion 38. The plan was always to buy the boat before having children, and my wife is still on board with the plan. I did look for some other boats that are set up for single handing. The Nonsuch's look like nice cruising boats but just don't do it for me. My wife and I chartered a Wyliecat 30 on our honeymoon, and I did look for one on Yachtworld but did not see anything. There are two Jeanneau 3200's up on Yachtworld. Both are in California, and a little more than I was looking to spend. I was hopping to stay around (or under) 75k. I did not see any J/97's for sale in the US. I just got off the phone with the broker for this Alerion 38. It is suffering from gel coat cracking like any other TPI built boat from 98 to 2004. What are your thoughts? What is involved in fixing the gel coat issues, and how soon would they need to be fixed? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1999/Alerion-Express-38--2873630/Mamaroneck/NY/United-States#.WPfuIdIrKUn
  7. I'm looking for a family friendly cruiser/ racer. My wife is due with our first in September. Our sailing will mostly be me sailing and my wife watching the kid or just enjoying herself on the boat. She likes coming with me sailing but doesn't really want to do any of the sailing and is especially put off by racing. I currently race on a Soverel 33, but would like to start driving my own boat in some of the more casual races, as well as some weekend cruising. I am on the western end of Lake Erie. The Alerion Express 38-1 is the first boat my wife showed any real interest in, and the jib boom fits with my intended use. The wife's requirements are a "real" head, a gally good for more than making coffee, and preferably stand up headroom. She is 5'11". The practical sailor review list the AE 38 as having 6'1/2" headroom. I'm 6'1". I'm also considering a J/32 or a new Beneteau First 25. They J/32 seems like a nice little cruising boat with good performance, but is not set up for single handing like the AE38. I'm tempted by the First 25 because of its simple design with no backstay and a tiller. The swing keel would be a nice shallow draft feature for Lake Erie as well. With it being new and so much smaller, it just feels like a lot less to be responsible for. Am I on the right track with the AE38? Any other boats I should be considering? Thanks. Ethan