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  1. SailBlueH2O

    i touch myself

    Despite current teaching boys/ men and girls/ women are different. I assume the Ed is referencing women and racing and not sailing in general. If it is racing it is largely men and women are different. Racing is physically demanding, emotionally intense and highly focused, mercilessly competitive with primal banter ... he’ll it doesn’t appeal to many male sailors.
  2. Since Warren is only 1/1024 Native American...Trump would only owe 1/1024th of a million dollars...which comes to $976.00
  3. SailBlueH2O

    The Democratic Problem not solved

    Obama's Hope and Change was had universal appeal and application without any specifics...everyone thought their personal vision of Hope and Change was exactly what Obama was talking about and he was speaking to them...kind of like MAGA....that and Beto going with a simple name is also a brilliant tactic....kind associates with Bimbo, is a Mexican multinational bakery product manufacturing company
  4. SailBlueH2O

    i touch myself

  5. SailBlueH2O

    i touch myself

    Free...Clean....with all due respect ...or someone like him to fill that roll on your www......the topic above is chopped and diced churned and burned endlessly in GA & PA everyday... that said this is 2018 any women should be able to shut down unwanted advances instantaneously ....rockstar sailsalesmen ....yeah irritating can be politely put in their place too...I did the sailmaking thing for about a year back in the day and loved learning the design and philosophy ...hated the weekend trips pushing new sails on some ham and egger that was never going to be fast.
  6. SailBlueH2O

    Best Movie Ever

    Yeah...saw it in the theater back in the day...a pleasant moving surprise
  7. SailBlueH2O

    Best slippers?

    when it gets chilly
  8. SailBlueH2O

    Climate Change .. One step too far. Can't stop laughing

    OK....this study has finally got my attention...we must do something about Climate Change ASAP
  9. SailBlueH2O

    Hey Racists, Suck On This
  10. SailBlueH2O

    MSFT Paul Allen DTS

    Wow 65 and gone...
  11. SailBlueH2O

    Progammable thermostat anarchy

    It gets cold in Florida when you live in 120 year old voluminous house ,uninsulated and drafty. The 2 fireplaces work for the main living areas in cold front season . This types of electric heaters are great from individual rooms Plumbing and Electrical-_-Dsa_ple_173_smart Home & Security-_-&k_clickID=83c980b6-58f2-46e5-bf98-decdda7a5432&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9ZDeBRD9ARIsAMbAmoZE6prPyNTpFgAMFJv7XeMfYKcd4NEIfXE5I7NTbHTRIFQern6bsKEaAoUqEALw_wcB
  12. SailBlueH2O

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    That make me more liberal/progressive/Democrat than she is Indian American......