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  1. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    I would pay a premium to go at night with a controlled crowd size...pretty much the same all over Paris...the crowds don't seem to bother my wife...I simply can not relax and enjoy any of it and get pissed off by the days end
  2. SailBlueH2O

    look forward to 18 months of this

    You would think Libgressive women worldwide would stand up and protest Islamic women from being forced to wear headjobs....without fear of a lovingly beating from their husband , uncle,grandfather, brother,son...or any other random "man"
  3. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Yes impossible savor ...find a moment when you can stand back and take in the art and some fool walks up right in front of your is too much for me....South America is on my bucket list before it too is crushed by tourism
  4. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    I crossed the Pacific 2 or 3 times in the 50's on the President Lines, "Cleveland" & "Wilson" as well as on the Matson Lines from Honolulu to SF ....Ocean Liner's that carried passengers in style
  5. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Sadly this applies all over the world...whether big cities or small towns....don't get me started on what cruise ships have done ...
  6. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    I read in today's paper that Macron said it would be a quick rebuild ,5 year target, with modern material and techniques in the roof construction.I'd guess much of the new roof would be built off site and either trucked or helo'd ...I had also heard yesterday that much of the masonary has been in a bad state even before the fire so at least now the whole structure will get the proper attention. Also that the country of France had only been paying a pittance annually toward the maintenance of Notre Dame as it was a Catholic church property something like 2 million a year,I could be mistaken on the amount. Fortunately most folks never saw up close the details of the roof.
  7. It was a Bernie crowd for Christ sake...they always cheer and support his is not like Bernie converted a crowd of Trump conservatives on the spot...
  8. SailBlueH2O

    Republican primary

    LOL..I don't need to work....worked hard all my life..never missed a bill...lived within my means...have not had a mortgage in 22 years...always saved ...invested well ....put 2 kids through college both with advanced degrees...gee what else... I know and have watched others do the same ...I was going to college for all the wrong reason and dropped out in my 4th semester and never looked back....ironically the Libgresive vision makes the path I took much much more difficult...
  9. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    I don't think the wood beams were visible to the public...they were between the vaulted ceiling and the metal roof...laminated oak beams would do in my book...nobody cared 2 days ago
  10. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Actually the country of France paid very little of the annual costs to maintain Notre Dame...they pushed virtually all of the maintenance costs onto the Catholic church and international donations ...
  11. SailBlueH2O

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    IMO...there is no need to rebuild exactly as it was built originally (single tree as a roofing beam ) as long as it looks the same in great detail....the roofing structure that burned is seldom seen ,it was above the vaulted ceilings which is what the visitors see from the cathedral floor...those wood timbers were between the vaulted ceiling and the metal roof. The new metal roof will not have the patina of the lost roof....fortunately most of the interior areas typically seen by tourists was not destroyed as most of the fire was above the vaulted ceiling ....
  12. SailBlueH2O


    it is freighting to think he is about to retire
  13. SailBlueH2O