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  1. Cows, I've become infatuated with them.

    Why am I thinking a big ole ExLax brownies next time you leave.........
  2. Cows, I've become infatuated with them.

    In the 70's I used to drive a lot on Florida country roads...one time I passed a small farm house and they had a cow hung by it's hooves from a beautiful old oak tree and were butchering it...I stop for a few minutes to watch...what I remember most was the highly agitated state of the other cows...they might be the dumbest 4 legged animals on the face of the earth...but they damn sure knew what was going on with their former grazer
  3. AI driven vehicles

    Where is the demand for self driving vehicles coming from ?........certainly not the vast majority of drivers....this agenda is headed down the path of universal mandatory...
  4. Replacing a piece of toe rail

    as I said...I would carefully measure in metric the old rail cut to that length....factory cut end of new rail at the joint...your cut at the stern fitting...thinking you are going to bend in place and scribe is a whole lot of extra hassle with less accuracy than measuring properly and install....no need to dry fit....start at the joint and go for it....be sure to get the first 3' bolted and tightened with nuts...a couple of clamps and a 4' 2"x"2 HomeDepot porch slat clamped on to the last 18" of the new rail as leverage pulling in the last bit of new rail in place....or some other similar option...not seeing the lay out is difficult to recommend....it is really not that hard if you plan it out
  5. Cows, I've become infatuated with them.

    Dumbest 4 legged animal on the face of the earth....
  6. Replacing a piece of toe rail

    We used toe rail from a Canadian company Atkins & Hoyle....the toe rail had a lip that covered the hull deck joint...Merrimam made a toe rail too but sat flush on the deck....Atkins & Hoyle also made nice aluminium hatches too...before Lewmar jumped the market
  7. Replacing a piece of toe rail

    %99 guaranteed for a total fuck up.....
  8. Replacing a piece of toe rail

    Is it the same OEM rail ?...otherwise the hole pattern might not match. In either case I'd fill the old holes with epoxy and start over, measure the length of the old section in millimeters for cutting the new one. Start fitting from the forward end as that joint will be the more visual fit as opposed to the stern fitting. Making the bend should not be a problem as you go hole my hole, might need a little help at the end with a lever or small block and tackle...5200 for bedding hopefully you will never have to take it off again

    I think the coons will love it !
  10. Relatively new to sailing. Any advice?

    Everything is covered here in great detale.... http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/149798-sailing-around-the-world-in-a-san-juan-24/&page=1
  11. Red-green color deficiency corrective sunglasses

    Yeah...never got the whole rainbow thing...big deal...SMH blue and yellow arches
  12. Red-green color deficiency corrective sunglasses

    yeah..that was my impression when I first read about them several years ago....I am used to whatever it is I have been seeing all these years....sometimes at the store when looking at a piece of clothing I like I'll ask a stranger... "is this blue?' or whatever
  13. Red-green color deficiency corrective sunglasses

    I have a brother in law that is a recently practicing ophthalmologist I asked him about the glasses and he did not know of them....I figured it was more a reflection on the glasses than he