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  1. and "Mimsy" is in ?
  2. hack into your nemesis's GPS and program the Coronado Islands as WP #1...;-)
  3. ahhh....millions killed...of their own nationalities ...USSR...China...North Korea....SE Asia....lesser numbers in Cuba..Central America...Africa ...on and on...gawd !
  4. I have two VN FB friends that post mostly historical photos....many of US military comings and goings others of 1950-70 daily life....a beautiful country with wonderful people caught in the shit show ...Trump will be visiting VN this November ...my pic from the 95th Evac on China Beach....I was so fortunate to have the ocean to look at....
  5. I pretty much knew of the LBJ escalations......but it was extremely painfully to watch and hear him speak as he struggled with decisions...the man was a politician...not a commander in chief....and to hear the NVA leaders speak with confidence that the south would be finished by 1965 if left alone. That said the communist model of gaining control is ruthless...they are not done expanding and have merely taken a decades old breather hoping the west crumbles on it's own.
  6. 27th Surg Hosp ..ChuLai 95th Evac Hosp Danang civilian to E-5 back to civilian 18 1/2 months...WALSTIB...and oh yeah...taught me how to jump out of airplanes too....draftee....proud
  7. needs a daggerboard....
  8. US Virgin islands will be shredded as Irma has done to others....7.1 in Mexico...brutal times in the region
  9. kind of like that...along with trying to apply our cultural values and logic to other cultures with different values and logic...example ..even your boy Obama got that wrong with Iran....unless you believe as I do he is a subversive...then he got it right...
  10. I hold a grudge against Nixon....he claimed he would end the war....he did just in time for his second term....lots of loss of life and maiming on both sides in those 4 years....he was honorable enough to resign however....something no politician would do these days....VN is a beautiful country with wonderful people....except the commies
  11. I happened to find a copy of "The Stilwell Papers" laying around the house when I got back....explained a lot about fundamental error of the Wests support of Diem rather than Ho...Chiang Kai-shek rather than Mao and the creation of the state of Israel ....his insights have been proved valid...
  12. Charley was a small tight eye...devastation in it's path ...50 miles away would not have know a thing...as with every cyclone counter or otherwise....it is the eye path..every 5 -10 miles outward is dramatically different ...prayers to those in Maria's path
  13. The boat to nowhere....40 mile range
  14. I am too tired to post....safe but exhausted by every measure