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  1. Have you considered building ? I've met the guy and his 15′ RoG Micro-cruiser is a Sweet sailing boat
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    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    I think I may have still been in HS or just graduated around 67, but it was a MORC series of races starting with Miami to Bimini...the owner of the 24' also my summer job boss was drinking heavy the night of the race (evening start)..after arriving in Bimini, me and another crew member my age refused to race the next leg ,which was to West End. Finally we agreed not to race but accompany the fleet. Just as we turned into the narrow rock lined channel leading to the harbor under OB power. The owner goes into seizure all we could do was let him flop around on the cockpit floor until we cleared the rock jetties. He was a very dark complected guy to begin with as he was Capt with a sailboat rental, well he was about as black as a Caucasian could be....he slowly came out of it about the time we had a little room to maneuver...we skipped the last leg from West End to Lauderdale a flew home... do not know if it was epilepsy or alcohol withdrawal ...a very emotional time for two HS kids to humiliate the owner in Bimini then have to deal with that scene in West End
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    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    I'll message you
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    Cool fairing tool

    nice fairing material too...wonder if it's AwlFair
  6. I have no idea how this popped into my head because I have not even thought of it in 40 years....but a good little boat with a kick up rudder too
  7. this is perfect time to make offers on boats in northern climates....think of the known name and resale when factoring what you throw your money down'll sometime down the road be a seller of your sailing camper
  8. "Perfect"....that is subjective ...however this comes to mind a ...Vanguard Nomad 17
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    Survivor story

    nice full face and rounded features...looks like he had enough food....
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    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    I stopped at Ft Sam....was the psych ward/hosp called Chambers still there ...I have a story
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    Building A Bridge

  12. SailBlueH2O

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Keep on keeping on...glad to see you post
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    "On 7/25/2018 at 2:33 PM, RKoch said: Rimas is highly offended at any suggestion that he's not a famous world-record setting sailor. . . . Rimas would be even more offended sea2ocean misspelled his name
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    Building A Bridge

    Cypress is plentiful in your area and would be an excellent choice
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    Favourite Boat pic?

    Not my favorite but a good one~~
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    Remember to call Your Mom

    25 years since my mom passed...hard to believe
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    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    He was a beast at one with the waves and the wind in a dinghy~~~
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    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    And you ?
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    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    Oh... my mistake... I first read opinions...
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    Are boat shoes cool?

    Glove wearing sailors are more supple...
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    Are boat shoes cool?

    Like Sperry Anarchy.... monogram initials
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    Building A Bridge

    Please don’t do any of that... 3 or 4 sheets of 3/4 plywood on a good flat floor... draw the arch and screw down clapping blocks... 1/2 x whatever laminated to the blocks... you’ll marvel at yourself
  23. SailBlueH2O

    Building A Bridge

    cool do able project....laminated arch beams....old school project...easy ..once you decide