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    Charles Krauthammer

    Very sad...a brilliant mind and so accomplished...a college athlete that broke his neck in a swimming accident and has been a quadriplegic since that moment...he never missed a beat or a semester and finished his med school....
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    is it just us? seems "revenge is best served in the protest room" it has always been
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    and it could have been a Cuban whatever...if ya know that stealthy escape story....Ron/Ragnar/Laura~~~
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    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    I yield ...I have been out.... obtused....
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    Snowflakes and sailing

    Longer courses and fewer races....and they'd be ashamed to admit for what they are fighting over
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    Snowflakes and sailing

    Protest should be as a last resort...not for conjoined technicalities imagined on the race course...
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    Bill "I was the victim not Monica"

    More Cow Bell !...keep talking Clintons.....Bwhahhahhaa
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    video evidence

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    How to sail close hauled

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    Furnace filter anarchy

    Fireplace and windows~~~~
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    Camino de Santiago

    Goal on dude~~~
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    Camino de Santiago

    Hope you can make it happen...long thread count wishes~~~....curious what do artificial hips feel like ?...
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    Asymmetrical Wing sail

    cool implementation....often thought about making this work on a keel...but they have skipped that step with canting keels and foils...
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    G of the few phrases that stuck in my mind nearly 60 years...goes something like this..."gone...knee ough wha...monica...pee..."
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    Would you build it?

    Stealthy fast~~~~
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    Are you silly gooses still underestimating Trump?
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    Japs kill pregnant whales

    I'll be visiting in 2 weeks...going to drive the ring road...
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    Things to do in IOWA

    Nothing like the sound of a 16" shell forcing its way through the atmosphere over you head and never really hearing it's firing or where it is a rapid rhythmic doppler effect.....whomp...whomp...whomp....
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    SUV anarchy

    I'm am intrigued my the new Rav4 2019 Hybrid...AWD with Toyota off road power to wheel sensors....I bought a 2016 4Runner Trail thinking of doing the Overland thing with a Oregon Trailer teardrop trailer...wife never bought into the concept ,so now I a stuck with a off road gas hog beast and nowhere to go...the styling and rugged upgrade might be a compromise
  22. and those Tesla powered ATV"s....of course those will be waiting ashore....
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    I am back in feral cat trapping mode...3 independent cub/kits road tripped...still trying to trap the tom and opossum caught and released...sardine oil coon prints this morning on the porch...lucky fucker pulled the tuna can with bait under the trap floor thingee so it did not spring....coon would have been released a few feet away....bait can is tied to the back of the cage now...this will be night 5