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  1. The Man Cancer

    3 years ago next March I got a call from my primary care physician telling me I had elevated PSA in my routine blood work and she was referring me to a Urologist . OK...that started my journey into the confusing world of prostate cancer, I say confusing because treatments are all over the map as opposed to many other serious medical conditions. I met with my referred urologist and was really comfortable with the doc after several visits. He scheduled me for a prostate biopsy SOP. Somehow the weekend before Googling about I came across MRI Fusion Targeted biopsy...this was the first ahh hah moment. Typically a prostate biopsy is a segmented grid biopsy, blindly taking bits of tissue for pathology. What I stumbled across MRI Fusion Targeted Biopsy, where the patience first under goes a MRI...this identifies abnormal tissue. If the MRI shows abnormal tissue the biopsy it guided to those areas to take tissue samples. This made all the sense in the world to me. Further Googling that weekend led me to HIFU...High Intensity Focused Ultrasound as a treatment option...this too made great sense as opposed to treatments all over the map ,none comforting. HIFU is a one time non evasive procedure,other than the HIFU probe into the rectum, the procedure takes anywhere from 1 hour to 3 depending on whatevers. I backed out of my blind biopsy scheduled for Wednesday the following week and was so fortunate to find a Sarasota Urologist that not only performed MRI Targeted biopsy but also was one a handful of US Urologist trained in HIFU. In June 2015 I flew to Nassau , Bahamas and had HIFU performed by my US Dr...at that time HIFU was not approved by the FDA although it had been used worldwide for 25 years, November 2015 it was approved by the FDA and my Dr performs HIFU in Sarasota at the same clinic I had the MRI Targeted biopsy....I have had excellent post procedure reults in both follow up PSA's, 2 MRI's and all important bodily functions that are often compromised with surgery, radiation and the many others.
  2. Random PicThread

    now that is so broadside cannon fire....holy sheet !
  3. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    I have 2 cards I bought for myself back in the day when my boy had Christmas lists for cards....I have Barry Sanders Rookie....and a Trent Dilfer rookie....I'll trade a Dilfer for your Leaf...and a Kieth Lincoln...I'll never trade
  4. Older well known IOR Boats

    lol....at least I rhymed .... Krippendorf was a great MORC/FORA Tampa area sailor late 60's early 70's....uncanny...had notes from every race and weather tide conditions....Morgan 27
  5. Older well known IOR Boats

    Ron Krippendorf ?
  6. Moovie Review Threade

  7. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    Bit Con... big money on the short side....when the big boys take it down for a reset....I ain't playing...just saying
  8. What boat to buy?

    any old J....factor resale....
  9. Only in California...

    SMH..my native state....blame guns...blame plastic bags....cows have greater critical thinking skills
  10. Deep vs. shallow keel

    UR getting old....:-)
  11. Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

    Florida is a huge state...check out Pine Island Sound south of Boca Grande Pass....Bokeelia FL...sheltered sailing , always in the lee of beautiful sights
  12. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    70's flying a Bahamian 20 seat island hopper...the well used plane of eastern European origin had English translated placards below the OEM signage ....one said...In case of emergency exit through toilet....wish I had taken a photo...
  13. Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

    and what your dinghy might be...
  14. Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    Drift...coming back from a Governors Cup...mid 70's...at first light I see two mini destroyers east of me about 1/2 mile off ...trainers of some sort....never saw them before or afterwards...real USNA seamanship
  15. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    It would be very interesting to hear the radio traffic during the height of the fight....
  16. Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    I dreamed of them lined up at the USNA 1960's and 70's....
  17. Space Absurdity

    you forgot the 8 Track
  18. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    makes my Beefheart...
  19. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    practice heaving to....useful in other than survival conditions...take a break from a nasty beat...heave to....cook and enjoy meal...sort shit out...make a repair before the night watches...do what ever in retaliative calm before resuming~~~~
  20. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    I sniff a law suit....that said can't relate to starring at a cell phone for instructions...
  21. Deep vs. shallow keel

    years ago I stuck up a conversation with a stranger at "the mall" and one thing lead to another....he had been in the AF was was telling me about a plane yet unveiled to the public and described what it could do flying....I left walking away thinking I had just been talking to a schizophrenic