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  1. Sometime Life Bites You in the Ass

    Keep on keep'n on Ed....savor life's simple pleasures~~~
  2. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I don't believe in this story....
  3. blooper time!

    WTF...Kialoa....someone forgot to shake the reef out of mizzen....
  4. blooper time!

    In my experience...the key to a white knuckle IOR offshore rolly polly was not to try and counter the coming round up by fighting the boat by horsing the helm down...but to steer the course and endure the rail to rail~~~worked best for me
  5. Napa Fire

  6. blooper time!

    ahh...this old ruler is ripe for exploitation...PHRF classes etc...drive the committees crazy....amusement purposes only... why am I thinking of a battened fat head ..something
  7. blooper time!

    Iv'e been thinking today....perhaps the notion could be revisited in 2017 with today's materials and different shape
  8. blooper time!

    wow....blast from the past...
  9. Harvey Weinstein

  10. blooper time!

    Most sailmakers said they were faster ;-)....Scot Allan of Horizon was one of the few saying they were not faster...as I recall
  11. blooper time!

    I was just going to say the same thing...but held back wondering...did it just seem like that...just as it seemed it made you faster running in normal conditions.... :-)...the puzzling part of bloopers is that sometimes they were faster and other times not so much...still fun reeling in a boat ahead with a blooper when they did not have one... can't think of any class racing in that time that had bloopers...mostly it was different handicapped boats
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    Maybe this explains Sean Penn's rage....
  13. blooper time!

    Just for fun we one time flew 2 chutes on 2 poles going dead down wind on an Ericsson 35 in about 12-15......that boat never went so fast
  14. blooper time!

    like the blooper...the double head rig it certain conditions when dialed in worked well....double head rig offshore in particular,just was not practical lugging around that sail combo for that very narrow condition
  15. blooper time!

    Hell yeah !.....it'll be so cool passing anyone...
  16. Sailing art

    when a helmsman was a helmsman....
  17. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    too many people...
  18. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    indeed....we should be getting most of our electric grid from nuclear....
  19. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    Tesla and every other Hybrid have their own environmental issues...from raw materials to disposal of batteries at the end of their life...it is not a step forward only sideways....10 years ago I was super stoked when I step out on the balcony with my first cup of coffee of the place we were staying in LaJolla at just below me was a Tesla car hauler......after a few rides for the first depositors....they'd roll into the hauler and hook up to a Honda gas generator :-)
  20. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    Tesla from the grid and taxpayers
  21. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    they have no problem affording Suzuki and Yamaha OB's so why not a Yanmar 50hp diesel OB...I don't really know but am intrigued by the idea
  22. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    3rd world small work boats will be a huge market.....emissions....guilt free in my 20' custom carbon cored 2 seater......mean while Hollywood mogul really could give two flips about his carbon particles trailing Rising Sun...
  23. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    They'll sell a ton in 3rd world markets....I just might buy one and then build a skiff around it...