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  1. SSolo

    the perfect boat

    look for Open30's there were quite a number built in UK and Europe and i sold mine (Van Gorkoem 30 "Overproof") to east Coast USA a few years ago a quick search on Open30 found these
  2. fore hatch looks a tad small to get a head out of...
  3. SSolo

    Need ideas for a safer, better escape hatch

    on Mollymawk (45ft Tri) i had a solid hatch with single s/s to hinge and it was locked closed against a neoprene seal with cheap home bathroom sealant to ensure watertightness.. i used 2 lewmar style hatch lever handles to secure it closed with a pull string thorough a bathroom sealant sealed hole to a large s/s ring on the outside which when pulled operated the handles never leaked and worked fine.. inc when i "tested" it during the 2006 Route du Rumb
  4. we race a Seacart 30 in UK RORC races - all wear Musto Ocean dry suits (prob best all round solution) , Spinlock hammar action self-inflating lifejackets, personal EPIRBS, AIS beacons and OLAS tags, RORC twin hook lines and permanent jackstays (as per ORC multihull regs) ... securing points above and below nets, escape hatch (for capsize). we have 4 reef main and can drop down to full storm jib + wing mast and carry a drogue we also carry lightweight foil exposure suits in grab back (flares, main epirb, waterproof h/held VHF SART etc); RORC/ORC 4 man liferaft and also Guy Cotten survival suits for sig offshore races (ie Fastent) IMHO the ORC regs are the basics... then add to that as At the end of the day, how much is your or your crews life's worth??
  5. SSolo

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    i too seriously considered Time Machine, nice boat .. but over 'ere RORC have a minimum length for Fastnet Race and RORC races of 30ft... so went for a Searcart
  6. duhh ? - i have used carbon sails for a number of years with no noticeable affect on satellite coms..and IIRC the IMOCA60s, etc all use carbon sails
  7. The Rogers design - is sister to ex 'Sticky Fingers'? ; the OCD design is ex Maverick... sailed in the RWYC 2H by one Mark Turner (of OC Challenges etc fame... who also sailed Sticky Fingers in the RORC Round Britain race... way back) and Chis Briggs. I tried to get an Open30 ('OverProof' - Van Gorken design) to comply and failed.. due to being light weight and high performance the Stability and STIX numbers are a bummer... so you may have problems getting RORC to agree to any Open30 being Cat 2 you could look at a multihull ??
  8. SSolo

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    agree - BS.... a water sking stunt is to 360 the tow boat... mono, full 'cut' as you get level with tow boat, it dums teh power for a fraction, you wizz around the front (watch your head on teh boat) tow boat throttles back up...
  9. SSolo

    What about the Quest 30/33?

    the Figaro 3 should have been the choice... not an outdated overweight barge... But then IASF/World sailing has a history of using old heavy out of date designs and ignoring any modern developments... Star.. Finn... Laser...49er... etc etc
  10. SSolo

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    i believe i was one of the first to use that Marstrom section (Mollymawk, Nic Bailey 40ft tri) offshore - we had double diamond single spreader rig. The Laminate shed was by John Levell, that rig as was absolutely Ross (and bomb) proof.
  11. SSolo

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    you need both VHF AND AIS at top of mast otherwise you are seriously reducing your safety horizon. remember VHF is essentially 'line of sight' and as AIS uses the same frequencies if AIS aerial is on your transom, your are sailing blindfolded. A splitter is not expensive and they are now so good, why would you risk your safety?
  12. also think how you are going to eat, stay hydrated and sleep/rest... in short handed, the aim of the game is to make fewer mistakes that the others
  13. SSolo

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    in UK for RORC and may other races AIS transponder is compulsory : is is best to have it linke dto a plotter/compouter chart than just seeing numbers I am i believe most UK / RORC use and their aerial splitter.. not heard anything bad about them
  14. SSolo

    Jib Sheets and Clutches/Cleats

    Spinlocks or Constrictors are by far best IMHO ; i love the spinlock XX's set up at DEFCOM3 (handle vertical) its only a tap to release the load
  15. SSolo

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    i seriously looked at Carbon3 to replace my previos multi's... but to me to get if properly offshore was going to cost +++, inboard motor, (as 40ft) decent accommodation etc etc. I cant remember who the rig was by... but IMHO Marstrom are the 'go to' guys for rigs, not the cheapest, but so far I've not managed to break any rig they have supplied... and i have tried hard!