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  1. longy


    All those lines & arrows only mean the painters have a good union - they have no effect on any of the drivers!
  2. longy

    The Zombie Fleet

    That boat showed up in HI quite a while ago, '90's?? Sat in front of Pirate Pete's for a while, no rig. Moved to fuel dock & say for many yrs. Used to be remnants of varnish over wood hull. The rave bit she had a tower of speakers over the stern. NEVER saw it out of the harbor, have no idea where the rig came from. (But I havnt lived in HI for many yrs). There were some talk that it was a built for a Whitbread attempt.
  3. longy

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Why?? If you start with the assumption that the bottom step of a transom cutout should be 2 - 5 inches above the waterline, and then notice that the anti foul on this boat goes up a foot above that level, then one can safely assume that this cat is severely overloaded, and those extensions are to surpress the massive rooster tail the transom create while sailing.
  4. longy

    One Generator for two 30A circuits

    They are rated to the amperage of the AC circuit (don't know why, but they are) so yer existing unit would have to be replaced
  5. longy

    One Generator for two 30A circuits

    And don't forget a galvanic isolator
  6. longy

    One Generator for two 30A circuits

    Briefly: new input socket, new breakers very close to input, larger wire from input to panel, new main breakers, and a close examination of your breaker panel and it's main wiring gauges, splitting the AC loads into two evenly loaded sections.
  7. longy

    RIB - adding bilge pump between hull layers

    I had the same problem to solve - turned out there were spare holes under the outboard brackets, only thru the outer skin. The dealer had either mounted a different motor previously or his clowns coundn't set up the drill template properly. Had to remove the motor to find them.
  8. longy

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Webasto's are good units - but you MUST run them at least monthly. The fuel lines are tiny, and diesel will coagulate with age and stop the operation. Also they have a series of safety sensors that will shut down the system - learn the progression (thru time) of these during start up. You can hear the progression of sounds as the system lights up, and can learn to identify which sensor is shutting down the system. And the exhaust is HOT - make sure that nothing can enter the exhaust area. It will melt plastics, and inflatables (dinks, not sexy toys) IIRC the 2 main causes for non op were fuel supply and dirty flame (build up of carbon)
  9. longy

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    nobody pays attention to his video thread
  10. longy

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    I delivered "GYNMILL" that was owned by one.
  11. longy

    2 x 25A => 50A circuit?

    Comments on comments: Istream has the best work around if you can do it. MD hopes there is no morning rush to the heads and that if the breaker does trip the crew can reset it & re-flush on their own. HG is correct on presence of start up surge, amount is unknown, age of motor & age of wiring will increase surge.
  12. longy


    Any constantly adjusted halyard needs to be close to winch so same person can control. Main halyard jammer could be on mast.(full race boats have main hal underdeck)
  13. longy

    Importing used boats from Europe to the U.S.

    I don't think there is code compliance when importing used boats to USA. Just tax compliance (of course)
  14. longy

    Adding running backs to Solent

    What is the rigging plan? Would be better to use the existing equipment to do the job. Is there any pre-bend?
  15. longy


    If you are going to have dedicated tack reef lines, then yes. If you reef to a hook or a cunningham, then someones at the mast anyway. Reef jammers only need operation to release the reefs.