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  1. longy

    Electronics Refit

    Both projects were large powerboats (57' & 90'). I did install, not involved in selecting bits. At some length, you need to upsize wire gauge to avoid losses. You manually install your cable ends - easy, & makes running wire easier. Some pre-made cable have bad reps. Pay close attention to power needs over the b/b and inject it into the middle of the b/b. You will need some 0183 to 2000 interface units, not all of these do what they claim to. For both these projects we paid extra to have the full layout designed & color printed, very nice to have all the interconnects laid out by an expert. Manuals can be very hard to decipher & tech help means hours on the phone. To advise on your install would have to know budget, panel size available, redundancy required, final objective, data display desires N57#14_COMNAV.pdf This schematic shows "T" connectors everywhere. Box connectors for 4 - 6 "T" are available, saves connection points/space
  2. longy

    Electronics Refit

    Almost all of the modern electronics sent everything over the NMEA 2000 backbone. Sensors have integrated all the processing needed to resolve the data into nmea sentences. So backbone wiring needs upsizing. Most of your current cabling goes away.
  3. longy

    Electronics Refit

    I seriously doubt much of the cabling will be re-usable. Do not let that be a deciding factor in decisions. Yes, I have done two full Furuno upgrade projects, transducer wiring (IF re-usable) & power were the only re-used wires for both boats. Signal transfer is now completely different, and a NMEA backbone will be needed.
  4. longy

    Who is this man

    Why should we care?
  5. longy

    Traveler Setup

    If trav car won't move under load, there are two possibilities: most likely is balls have flat spots and/or track has lots of stuck on salt/grit. Solution: replace balls (McMaster.com) and wash track with soft scotch brite pad. Second possibility is trav car is not big enuff for the loads you're putting on it. Harken has lots of info to figure out loading in the back pages of their manual, or just call them (with main dimensions at hand)
  6. longy

    Traveler Setup

    Just what is the traveler doing that you don't like??
  7. longy

    cockpit drain hose

    Check out pricing for buying a full length section - usually 20' (?) At some length a uncut full section is cheaper than the per foot cost
  8. longy

    Craigslist Finds

    Fairly certain that is a "Sol Cat"
  9. In a similar vein, Exide has been able to shed any responsibility for cleaning up their battery recycling factory in LA. So clean up of heavy toxins is now left to the State of CA. Plant operated from 1922 to 2015, the last THIRTY YEARS on a "temporary" permit
  10. longy

    Grand Prix Mast Partners

    Spartite can be a great start to a waterproof mast partners. Start by taping off the partners so you can pour 1/2" extra vertical Spartite in. Once cured, taper this extra from mast to edge so water runs off. The Spartite will only leak around the mast& around the partner once it starts moving a bit - use regular caulking around those joints. Cover with mast boot for looks & UV protection
  11. longy


    Mark V - thanks for the detailed, straight answer. There had been an awful lot of hype floating about, then the boats just disappeared from any news.
  12. Your glass has shrunk & sucked the gel coat with it. Commonly called "print through" Rough up surface for adhesion & fair it again. (sorry)
  13. longy

    cockpit drain hose

    Black rubber! is the best. It's in the engine room & will endure a lot of heat cycling over time. The rubber will withstand that better than anything else. If it's a straight run (or close to it) you can delete the wire re-inforcing.
  14. longy

    Right Wing Talk Radio going for Tranny Panic redux

    My brother had a college job as a janitor - also said women's restrooms were always the worst. This was a great job for the rest of us who all lived together, as during the longshoreman's strike we always had ample supply of (admittedly only single ply) toilet paper. Rest of HI was supplied by airfreight, making it VERY expensive.
  15. longy

    Plexus shelf life?

    Loctite Hysol (same stuff??) says stable under normal (cool) storage. I would by new for critical apps, tho.