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  1. longy

    Merlin at 75 mph

    That's Marina Shipyard? Who doing the painting?
  2. longy

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    I referred to a completely different comic book series.
  3. longy

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    One of the best things about getting my hair cut - the barbershop had all the newest comics. Sgt Rock, another strip where the guy was always saying "sacre bleu!"
  4. longy

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Jeez, just turn her over & adore the other side.
  5. Very fixable - but you need a good glass worker. You'll have damage to the front (pulled downward) and damage at the back (pushed up). From the pics, front end took most of force. Any visible cracks in gelcoat/paint will have to be ground out to determine if there is structural damage underneath. The mid sections look OK in pics, but serious investigation needed anyway. You need a glass guy that understands damage assesment & how to lay out strand orientation for the repair cloth. Don't use someone who only knows 24 oz cloth in heaps of layers. The grinding is low skill, dirty labor, and kmake sure the rest of the interior is extremly well sealed off.
  6. longy

    Replacement shroud attachments

    If you bend that ronstan fitting much it throws off the lengths of the two plates & the alignment of the clevis pin holes goes bad, and the pin gets off axis to the load. Which is why I recommend a single piece of material - changing the angle does not affect the geometry.
  7. longy

    Replacement shroud attachments

    Is that a mast for a Schock boat? They did that a lot. That R fitting will work, but not as well as a single thickness of SS, about 1/8" thick x 1 3/4" long, 3/8" hole one end, 5/16" hole the other, attaching to a marine eye. This gives you a fitting that can be bent to the exact angle needed, has plenty of bearing surface at contact points. Also - you need to ensure that the thru bolt is the proper length: it must have full diameter/non threaded section thru all parts. Threads must end before fitting starts.
  8. longy

    West Coast Sleds?

    GI has just been sold. OCC has Holua and Mirage (?).
  9. longy

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    The 'glass lined' I believe is just the insulation on the outside of the tank. Looks just like household insulation.
  10. Yes the broken fitting was a swage fitting for 3/8" wire. That -12 is rigger secret talk, it means 12/32 's, so 3/8". The lever builder did the internal tapping. I would not use the carabiner as it (and the snap shackle previous) are quite a bit understrength compared to the wire size,
  11. longy

    Euro electric boat in the US

    I ran a major re-fit on a custom Dubius 63' which was all Euro voltages/freq. She was kept on the west coast for 4 years, but the owner was moving back to NZ. as such, we kept everything as built, but added a 2kw inverter & US outlets thru out to handle the added US built stuff. Which was mostly running personal electronics & some add on portable kitchen appliances (which could be changed out later). I was able to locate several suppliers for Euro voltage equipment but did not have to use them. Most of the Euro stuff seemed to run OK on 60hz power. We had a step up transformer to deal with shore power. The only major appliance that would not run on US was the washer/dryer, it had to be used with the genset providing it's native power. The hardest part of adding the 2nd inverter & power breakers was simply locating the equipment. Running wires etc was time consuming in order to keep it all neat & proper (better than original). However, as soon as US power was available, much more stuff needing it immediately snuck onboard over my protests to where the inverter was working near peak continuous at times. Without knowing exactly what equipment is onboard & it's specs it is impossible to give detailed info on your particular case. Each piece of gear needs to be researched & specs known. Running a 24 v DC batt bank is a large improvement over 12 vdc. Cabling is easier, stuff runs better. Items that require 12vdc can be run by a step down dc - dc converter, and they are happier for it, as the converter supplies a constant voltage at all times. Replacements are readily available, just not at West Marine.
  12. longy

    Looking at Euro Swans

    Yes, that would have been two 30 amp inputs as they are the standard here. Normal AC loads on one input, air con loads on the second. Still common practice, but with some means of cross connecting the two sets of breakers on the main panel, so (if you knew how to load balance) still get ac off one input.
  13. longy

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    The stand up racks will pivot sideways out of the way.
  14. longy

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    The first option is much better, it does not allow the bikes to bang around against each other. I have a version of the 2nd pic, and it takes a lot of padding/cross tying/bullshit effort to try & keep the bikes from killing each other. I extended the two top tubes and only carry three at a time now. I'd buy the first option if I had the spare cash & we used it enuff to justify.
  15. longy

    Flying Tiger

    The designer advised against extended offshore races.