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  1. longy

    Forespar Marelon ball valve - removable handle?

    IIRC - pry out the yellow label, there will be a self tapping screw under
  2. longy

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    I doubt doubling to the top of spi track will save you from stuffing the pole and snapping the spar. - Back in the day all the serious boats had "chicken stays" that ran from the car position (when deep running) to the gunnel (and forward about 15 deg) to take that compression load off the tube entirely. Some boats attached to the car itself. These were installed as soon as you squared back on long races where rolling was anticipated. When you add that much load to the middle of a unsupported span it doesn't take much deflection to induce crinkle failure. This kep the weight out of the mast when it wasn't needed & kept the bend characteristics smooth.
  3. longy

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Cruise ships have one more genset than the minimum, so one can be down for maintenance while the ship continues with no loss of performance. Also, their electrical loads vary a lot, so they bring on/drop off gensets as needed to support the loads & keep the gensets operating in their comfort zone.
  4. longy

    First long double handed race coming up.

    Really depends on what time you get there. I did the 'crew of two round Cat' out of Newport bch a long time ago. We made it to the corner just after sundown on a j 120, stayed close to shore to get thermals. Only had a 3/4 oz spi, did a million jibes, ended up 2nd boat to finish, 1rst class & overall.
  5. longy

    American Dumbass

    Only got hit by Germans , once. So-so wine
  6. longy

    Rigging Design Experts

    Small cat?? Easiest to just extend shrouds, pull mast forwards with halyard & directly measure what's needed.
  7. longy

    American Dumbass

    You've never cruised in the Med. Anchoring is extremely haphazard, (at best) and if you and another boat get to close at night, the standard solution is just to raft together. The anchoring follies at popular spots were endless.
  8. longy

    Engine control anarchy

    Morse makes ss control cable squishers. Very common usage.
  9. longy

    American Dumbass

    I believe they have said they still have their house in Minnesota (?) So well funded, and their cat is loaded with toys/conveniences
  10. longy

    Newport Beach

    The entrance is to the RIGHT of the jetty in this clip. Having a surf break along the inside of the south jetty is normal in big swell. At the very end of the vid clip it finally scans further right & you can see the entire channel with a day fish boat heading out.
  11. longy

    navtec vang questions

    IF you can find the parts - the black disc/blanking plug on your console is a mount spot for a selector valve. You could run up to 4 cylinders from that panel. Ask all the big rigging shops that still service Navtec hyd, you might get lucky. Otherwise, a self contained hyd backstay unit can be had from several companies.
  12. longy

    navtec vang questions

    The drunken one has the truth. This is a simple system, very easy to understand. That grey tank is the oil storage reservoir, there is no pressure within. Oil feeds from the tank to the pump, then there is one hose from the panel to the vang cylinder. The pressure gauge and the release valve are 'T'd off that line at the panel. Opening the release valve allows oil to flow from the pressure side, thru the valve into a return line to the tank. The vang cylinder has two pressurized sections in the larger tube, each side of the piston. The lower side has a return (uplift) charge of nitrogen gas, the other side contains the oil. The shaft seal where the rod enters the upper cylinder is forced to deal with UV exposure, salt crystals & other abuse, so it fails & lets the pressure seal just inside of it get degraded, leading to oil leaks. There are many rigging shops with the equipment/talent to re-build your cylinder. This can even be done at an industrial hydraulic shop (common seals) but they don't take much care of the ethetics of the ram. After reading your reply: they can leak from the lower end, could be from the flare fitting connecting the hose to the right angle fitting, or from the two pipe thread joints on either side of the right angle fitting. If you are lucky there will be flare cap & plug onboard to disconnect the hose, or get a set from who ever you're going to have repair it. Use a topping lift on the boom to get the vang fully extended to remove from boom/mast.
  13. longy

    JS transmission to PRM?

    If your shaft ends up short, consider one of the plastic 'anti vibration' discs which go between the coupler & the trans flange. They are around 1" thick. But align the new install using the metal faces, then open gap & insert plastic. Common rule is 1/2 of shaft dia gap between aft side of strut & front of prop.
  14. longy

    AC45F Lux for sale