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  1. longy

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Then you are way to cheap. That mess is a safety hazard. And have some pride in your work - stepping off a boat in that condition does not leave a good impression. Nitrile gloves are cheap if you’re really afraid of guano.
  2. longy


    Something doesn’t match up. Both incidents I remember occurred while the boat was owned by Clay Bernard(?) with only Rhett onboard.. And the boat was maybe 6 - 8 yrs old at the time. So must have been a third incident.
  3. longy


    First attempt was off Faralon Islands.
  4. longy


    IIRC - GF did not sink despite two efforts to do so. She was towed into Santa Cruz harbor after the 2nd attempt and declared a loss by the insurance company as the shell oh the hull had been completely broken free of the space frame aluminum structure inside. I believe she was repaired. Only Rhett Jeffries knows for certain.
  5. longy

    Dave's perfect sailboat

    Many modern inverters will output either US or Euro voltage/freq. Many end users will operate on either. Research all the existing ac devices on board to determine your best way forward. As noted above, double check wire gauge vs max amps capable of being drawn on each circuit if you change to 120 volts.
  6. longy

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    Don't remember where I learned this factoid, but it works for me when I replace balls. If you think of two adjacent balls rolling, the contact point between the two have opposing rotations.
  7. Well then he should use dielectric grease to prevent that.
  8. longy

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    Ball count is usually max full minus one.
  9. longy

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    Rod was used for high load cars (think #3 cars) for quite a while. IIRC it was still torlon.
  10. longy

    Putting Boat on the Hard suggestions

    Pretty certain Schock 35 had Harken rudder bearing - look at your upper bearing for markings. It has failed due to aluminum corossion. The rudder post is SS, and the HK bearing has aluminum races. The outer bearing race, which is on the post, has corossion between the ss/alum joint, which is causing the races to distort & bind the steering. PYI has a Jefa replacement for it. Plan on (carefully) cutting the lower bearing off the shaft. Cutlass bearing slop - you should not be able to move the shaft more than 1/8" in the bearing - if more than that, replace cutlass bearing. Carefully look at shaft going into & exiting bearing, should be dead center each end. If not, shaft alignment is out.
  11. longy

    A big project!

    The better he does the basic structural/ lines work, the more appealing/easier to sell later on the project goes.
  12. longy

    everybody doin' it?

    Dragon's not a good example here - they have overlapping genoas, so cannot trim the jib tight enugg to to require main above centerline
  13. longy

    everybody doin' it?

    That jib is not flat, and that hull actually needs more heel.
  14. longy

    Soft hanks over furler luff foil?

    Whats the cost of sewing on a bunch of soft hanks?? If sail already has bronze hanks then transition would be easy.
  15. longy

    everybody doin' it?

    The jib is trimmed quite close on the foot, but the leach is quite open - so I think that boom above center is the only way to keep the main full