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  1. SURVEY'S JUST find problems, then seller & buyer get to argue about who fixes them. Or buyer can walk away if fix list is too much for them. I think pass/fail only really applies on USCG inspected vessels, where all repairs must be completed before vessel goes back into service.
  2. longy

    Aerodyne 38

    The 'Hippy" had a rudder (and/or) bearing failure on a 38 delivery back from Kenwood cup (84?)
  3. longy

    J-120 sprit pole for sale

    11' length usable, 5 3/8" OD (no taper), looking at the layup thru the cut out for the blocks at the inboard end laminate is 7/16' thick, with 1/8" on the outside being carbon. I don't see anything but carbon at the outboard end damage spot, but I havent cut any splinters away to investigate
  4. They just built the first run of Melges 37's?
  5. Quit yer whining. I grew up in 200" of rain yearly.
  6. longy

    Used cat market

    How about the Rimas quality extra caulking around the forward windows? Or the white tape over the empty holes in the cockpit?
  7. longy

    Tashiba 31 hull layup polyester or vinylester?

    Yes, by the early '80's vinyl was showing up in race boats/one offs, and maybe gel coat (?) And, to my surprise, the T 31 began construction in "86. So very possible except for the built in Taiwan aspect.
  8. longy

    Tashiba 31 hull layup polyester or vinylester?

    99% certain it's poly. Did vinylester even exist back then??
  9. Well that makes it easier! Tried 4 -5 times to get Loctite'd joints apart, very hard to get just enuff heat to melt the Loctite, but not hot enuff to discolor the anodizing. 5200 might be easier, you can try to dissolve it before heating.
  10. Harken's manual is by far the best guide to assembling a furler. If you can follow directions, you can build a HK unit. Carefull measurements are key to any furler, Hk does the best at listing all the deductions/variables needed to account for. You can build the new headstay with mechanical fittings, or supply to correct number of splice joints to a rigging shop & they can swage the ends on the new wire. If the shop is any good they will have extensive experience with this, as all joints have to be on the wire before final end is swaged on. And Hk support is also far & away the best in the industry.
  11. longy

    J-120 sprit pole for sale

    SA seems to have locked me out of changing the ad
  12. longy

    J-120 sprit pole for sale

    OOOps I lied. Apon unpacking the pole found the tube has been crushed 1/3 of circumference about 5" back from end cap. Pics on request, massive price drop!!
  13. longy

    J-120 sprit pole for sale

    Forgot to add: also have new set of lower spreaders & spreader bar
  14. longy

    Malarkey Sighting!!!

    I understand that there is no radiator - but that is a butt ugly front end.