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  1. longy

    Winter is icumin in

    Haven't seem Hanauma bay that vacant in many decades
  2. longy

    Guy Lives In Airport for 3 Months

    He was scared to go on to CA where Covid was raging
  3. longy

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    Almost all the marina's I've dealt with don't allow ANY overhang on the docks. Can't block passage.
  4. longy

    LONQR 2

    I had to look into that. Ostriches can maintain 40 mph for a long time, so those riders lucky
  5. longy

    H5000 Graphic next to Triton2, Backlight?

    I don't think you would be happy. Amount of light would vary depending on which screens were being displayed
  6. longy


    Interesting. So going thru the parking lot & borrowing rear deck wings from the wanna be race cars might work? Mount them to forward beam? Of course, I'd return them. All in purple font.
  7. longy

    ORC optimization

    It is an accurate method - for the angles achieved by the weights. Stabilities for further heel are estimated of the data derived from the 5 degree (?) heel induced. So not a true measure of stability over the whole range of sailing heel angles. What the weights actually are does not matter, as long as they are accurately weighed. In measuring a 64' sloop, we could not get enuff heel with the weights the measurer brought, so I rigged a bosun chair off the pole & added my fat ass the the weights. That worked, but it was a very nervous feeling being in the chair tied to 200 lbs. of weights.
  8. longy

    Boom to Mast Coupler

    OK, that is a standard cast bronze gooseneck toggle fitting, used to be VERY common. Any used boat part shops close by? Or "Minneys Ship Chandlery" in Newport Beach will almost certainly have one. "RigRite' might have something similar in ss, you'll have to measure out your old fitting closely to ensure proper fit. The pin diameters & the gap between tabs is the important numbers, the distance from one pin to the other can be Greater (but not less)
  9. longy


    This is why I am questioning methods to reduce the 'lift' generated by the tunnel. Then one could use both techniques in parallel
  10. If your RACOR copy is close enuff, there is a vacuum gauge that screws into the top of the filter (instead of the 'T' handle) Allows you to directly monitor how plugged up the filter is. Hopefully those big lumps you're getting will now settle in the bowl before getting into the filter proper. They may not fit thru the drain valve at the bottom, if so, the entire drain valve will unscrew from the bowl (again, if it's a good copy) leaving a big hole
  11. longy

    Anchors Astern!!

    Well, at least one guy was smart enuff to stay dry as the boat slowly rolled over
  12. longy

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    I can't imagine that's true
  13. Cats have so little momentum & combined with high freeboards/windage you're not going to sideslip into a spot. I've been docking a 44' lite cat a bit, and if there's any breeze blowing off the dock, we get the stern in first ('cause you can step off the scoop) get a stern & spring line & power the boat in against the lines. At a complete stop, the breeze will still blow her sideways quickly, even with boards down. If we forget to put boards down, it's immediately apparent the first low speed turn - boat rotates, but does not really change direction
  14. longy


    I agree, no argument on this point. I quite a few cat vid's where 'prep' is simply wrapping lines around the entire mainsail/lazy bag stack. It's still 2' tall x the boom length!!
  15. longy

    Random PicThread

    New boob job, she's still checking out the investments