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  1. Bwahahaha has been very popular for many years, with 150 boats currently signed up for this year, and quite a few are repeat entrants. They must be doing something right.
  2. You're much better off making a fixed gooseneck fitting out of ss.
  3. Many British boats from that era used the same companionway hump to make transit easier.
  4. You have a 4 blade prop, correct? I have no experience with those, lots of time with 3 blades. I've used up to wheel bearing grease on them with good shifting response, the stock white lithium grease is pretty thin. If the zinc fastener sockets are dissolving before the center mass of zinc, paint the sockets & 1/2" around them with nail polish or whatevers handy - this drastically slows the loss of zinc in those thin areas, letting the center do more work. You should be getting close to 6 months out of a zinc.
  5. Your dark hulled boat is probably a Hood design centerboard boat with his :whale body" hull shape. Quite fast for it's numbers. His one ton 'Robins" were successful racers. More pics of the last boat, please.
  6. There are a couple of procedures in commissioning the autopilot that specifically deal with this problem. Read the manual.
  7. Both Stars & 505 have enuff +/- in their hull measurements that different hull shapes can still be legal. Ask any top flite Star sailor about the differences between Folli, Mader & Koumoujian hull shapes & you'll get a long discourse. Phillipe Kahn tried to develop a new 505 to support more crew weight to allow him to compete evenly in the class.
  8. Any class with restricted builders quickly determines who makes the best class legal boats. J-24's began with learning that east coast (TPI) hulls were better than west coat hulls. Later the Australian hulls by Bashford became the top hulls, as he built his hulls to the 'best' measurements. So much better that anyone selling a Bash boat will proudly proclaim the builder. Early J-105's were hand laid hulls, later hulls are infusion molded. The early hulls were about 700 - 800 lbs lighter in hull weight, so were very sought after, until the class began actually weighing the boats. Technically, the early boats are still better, less weight in the ends as lead was mostly added in the middle of the boat. Laser buyers would inspect & weigh a lot of hulls before buying, & bend test upper sections for stiffness also.
  10. Just how bad is the underside of the deck? Would it require massive efforts to make it cosmetic?
  11. Be nice to Boomer
  12. As noted above, depends on which country / countries you will be working in. Us CG lower level tickets do not require any actual operating experience, you can get qualified sea time working as a wait staff. If you own the boat you write yer own seatime.Test is all paper, mostly rules of the road, bouyage, night lights recognition. RYA actually tests you on the boat size you want to qualify on, with many problems to solve during testing.
  13. Bob _- Thanks for details. I knew most of what you described, from past experience & yer pictures, just curious as to specifics. But I havent been involved with a truly custom boat since the IOR days.
  14. At the moment, yes.
  15. Since (deliberately) there have been no real measurement points/templates, any boat as is, no changes, straight from builder is legal. So some boats will be better than others, with no legal way to modify them. J boats have a long history of this, all the way back to the 24's, where keels could be an inch different fore-aft, and also different in weight and foil shape.. 105's varied wildly in weight - freeboard measurements were imposed by class. OOOPs - new molds had 1/4 - 1/2" less freeboard than old molds. Finally all boats must be actually weighed by load cells