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  1. Have no Mercy

    It WAS very under utilized in Haiti. There were too many bureaucracies involved, not enuf transport choppers to get patients to the ship. Most inland doctor's/aid centers did not know how to get a patient transferred to the ship. The ship was fully up & running throughout her time there, just could not get patients onboard.
  2. Any info on this cat?

    Run away fast!!! That hulk was sitting in a derelict marina just inland from the Queen Mary. I walked by many times whiles gettin father-in-laws shitty powerboat running & ready for sale. I cannot begin to list the major issues visible from the dock. The port aft hull is worn COMPLETELY thru where it would rub on the docks. The alum toerail visible in a pic is only attached to the deck with zip ties. None of the cockpit seats/lockers had lids.
  3. England car rental

    Well, I'm old enuff to remember when automatics only had two gears, so driving a manual is no big deal
  4. England car rental

    Laser - thanks for that. MrLeft - we live in SoCal - there are very few traffic jam catalysts we havent seen.
  5. England car rental

    We will look at luggage services/storage again. Since we are not traveling thru any town twice, straight storage doesnt work. Luggage shipping/transfers cost as much as contents. Discarding a bunch of dirty clothes would be OK for the three males in the family, but my wife doesnt agree.
  6. England car rental

    Considered that, takes way too much time for the itinerary we want.
  7. England car rental

    Perhaps you're un aware that it rains where we're going?? Closing those rag tops is not possible with my family. Nor do any of these have a boot. We will drive S from that other country & return car in London, which is why I say "England' Thanx for all the rest.
  8. England car rental

    Family of four will be visiting England this summer. We is tall - one son is 6' 8", younger is 5' 10 & still growing, I'm 6'6". Wife is the only short body. Plus luggage - we are doing a cruise before dis embarking in Southampton and they do not have laundry (only dry cleaning) onboard. So lots of luggage, and our sched now is getting of the boat early & flying to Edinburgh immediately, so no time to use a luggage shipping firm. We fit tolerably in a honda CRV, but travel agent cannot find anything similar. Skoda Octavia Estatae seems the biggest non luxury car found so far, will fit bodies but boot space isnt big enuff. Land Rover Discovery is available, but at almost 2000 for 12 days. Any clues/contact info greatly appreciated.
  9. State of the art boat wiring, 1959.

    They are - the buss bar at the top of the panel uses yellow for negative wiring. Like all great panels, most neg wiring goes to a common buss somewhere else. The only neg behind the panel is to run the LED indicator bulbs.
  10. New Sprit Fitting

    A 2:1 tack line reduces the compression load on the strut, and allows smaller line /jammers to be used
  11. Bronze Nuts?

    Acorn nuts? waste of time. They still hurt when your head hits them, and just add a lot of weight. Use barrel nuts. Super clean, light weight. Yes you have to custom cut bolt lengths, but with the right tools & practices it's easy. And buy in bulk packets from a real supplier, the costs go down quite a lot.
  12. That is a standard swage fitting for 3/8" wire. (-12 = 12/32 =3/8). The threading was done custom. IIRC Merriman might have done things like that but they are long gone. You are saying that a Norse eye was threaded into this swage eye?
  13. flex couple tranny to prop shaft

    Twice as long as half it's length.
  14. flex couple tranny to prop shaft

    With these 'flex' couplings you still need to do an accurate alignment of shaft to trans - the coupling is not meant to to the place of alignment. Unless you actually get the real deal, an aquadrive system which actually require a few degrees of mis-alignment.
  15. Interesting failure analysis but I don't believe it. Those rigs were meant to sail with the babystay on almost continuously, and the inner forestay was used very rarely. So the baby should have been fully up to the loads experienced.