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  1. Flipper is almost sitting on the ground - see previous foto's. All that fishing gear/winch block, outriggers weighs a lot. So waterlines/immersed hull volume doesn't look to different. Height of freeboards IS a lot different, but without seeing a interior plan most is empty space. Totally unknown is amount/weights of machinery & inside ballast. IIRC, Early versions of that boat had about 45000 lbs of concrete ballast Euro fish boats have been constrained by LOA rules for quite a while, so designs have become very square to end run the restrictions.
  2. longy

    Surf Anarchy

    300' maybe deeper for his last dive, previously bent bad in '74, which pushed him more into diving as surfing was very difficult. Supposedly you can't get bent free diving, not enuff time or gas in the lungs to fill the bloodstream. All the record free dives I've seen (t-tube) are bounce dives. And below 120-150 ft even in the channels it's dark, & harvesting coral took lights, lift bags & hammer
  3. longy

    Surf Anarchy

    Today people are surfing spots never even thought about back then. And don't forget how Angel died - complete dis regard for decompression tables, chasing black coral. Quite a few 'watermen' died that way off Maui chasing coral.
  4. longy

    Stuck at SFO all day

    Yes, I'm pretty sure this statement is right, and this is how the industry calculates "on-time" performance. It doesn't matter if you sit in the plane grounded for hours, if the plane got away from the gate at the right time it is still viewed as "on time".
  5. longy

    Surf Anarchy

    Getting a matt back out to the line up can be really hard - if there's no way out around the waves.
  6. longy

    Old swageless terminals

    Cracking of the body of a mechanical fitting is extremely rare. Most common failure is the internal cone, usually made of brass, would corrode to where the wedge action was compromised. So a full disassembly is required to check. They should be assembled with the interior filled with some flavor of sealant to keep out the salty stuff, but this was not called for in original instructions. Some modern fittings, including the Sta-loc noted above, and the Hayn hi-mods, use a ss cone. The Hayn directions specifically called for NO sealant, probably to prevent anoxic corrosion. Taking old norseman fitting apart is always chancy, many times the thread would gall
  7. longy

    Dick Carter design boats

    IIRC owned by Dennis Choate
  8. longy

    Random PicThread

    De Gaulle??
  9. longy

    Older well known IOR Boats

    No, all race boats used galvanized wire as it was stronger & more flexible than same sized ss wire. But you did need to replace it about yearly.
  10. longy

    Surf Anarchy

    The 'real' bite involves a LOT of side to side head shaking, which lets the teeth cut right thru anything (almost) that's between them. So it does matter. GW are apparently very cautious about injuring themselves, so the tentative "tasting' nip is common.
  11. longy

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    "Balanced wiring" By moving the pos take off lead to the opposite end from the neg lead, ALL batteries 'see' the same length of cabling/resistance, so all batts charge/discharge evenly. Many will quibble about such a small difference, but this has been proven (by those who research this, & by hard knocks) to be significant. And ALL the pos leads need to come off the proper end terminal, so in this instance the pos lead needs to go to a buss bar to accommodate the two other leads tapping into the middle batt.
  12. longy

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Don't neglect to check & reset battery charging parameters for all your various charge devices
  13. longy

    Catalina 28 TM standing rigging advice

    It's hard to argue against a wire sizing that has lasted so long. Production builders like to standardize wire sizes to decrease the amount/variety of stock that they inventory. This is probably why later boats were all 1/4". That said, H/S wire size usually is the same as B/s size, as they balance each other, so upsizeing the H/S to 7/32 would be reasonable. For the others, it's as MD says, you are just adding weight aloft.
  14. longy

    New Stuffing box

    Have you looked at the Volvo unit? Very short.
  15. longy

    Harbor 20 Championship

    Sorry. Gogle delivered up 2018 list.