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  1. longy

    Gunboat 68

    Can you disconnect the wheel steering system ( and lose all the drag) when using tillers?
  2. longy

    Random PicThread

    Maui - do you guys go all the way around Paliku & back up? I spent a 5 day trip in the crater back in the days.
  3. longy

    Sun Fast 3300

    IIRC that 'enclosed strut' method for the prop shaft has less drag than a saildrive. And no corrosion issues. Boat builders LOVE saildrives because they are sooo simple to install, the entire system is bolted together. Just cut a hole in the hull, mount a prefab engine mount pan, & bolt it in.
  4. longy

    Is this the Figaro III?

    It's still got a keel. But I would surmise that the CLR is moving about dynamically as the boat lifts/changes immersion of the foils.
  5. longy

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    What is that small 'sail drive' looking appendage behind the shaft/strut? Aqua gen with feathering blades?
  6. longy

    Gunboat 68

    the article really strikes home when it claims you can just rotate the mast to unload the sail for reefing, without any change of course.
  7. longy

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Did you know Paul Skopos/(Skokos?) said he ran the small boomer for a while.
  8. I haven't seen any statement from any of the schools on what they are going to do with the students that came in thru the side door. Expulsion? That would be my take. My #1 kid is at UCLA, my wife got a Master's at USC - maybe I should join the lawsuits.
  9. longy

    Blooper dimensions

    Ancient memory: luff length was same as jib, but you were allowed a 3' pennant attached to the tack that was not included in the length.
  10. longy

    deal of the week

    Offset companionway
  11. longy

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Fasteners up the front will be securing internal stiffeners, a common method to get a stiff lower section without ending up with a heavy/stiff top section.
  12. longy

    Air show display goes wrong

    I was at the El Toro show when a F-86 did that same failed loop. Pilot/plane was supposed to be performing with a Mig 17 ala Korean war, but the Mig couldn't fly for some un remembered reason. So the -86 did a routine solo - but started the loop to low, & impacted a LOT harder than that F-18. Very sobering, some guy dies for your entertainment
  13. longy

    Cabo 2019

    Is that true for most of the fleet? Or did some make reservations early enuff? Los C is nice - doesn't have the full tourist vibe of Cabo.
  14. longy

    Brooks & Shithouse

    I admit my data base is poor - just from looking at on board pics, mostly from the last 'round the marble. BP & HB both had B&G, and IIRC many other in the lead groups. La Vags have B&G!
  15. longy

    Brooks & Shithouse

    Then why have almost all the IMOCA's gone to B&G?
  16. longy

    Old. Boat, New Spar(s)

    Offshore Spars
  17. longy

    Old. Boat, New Spar(s)

    Very few choices left. Ballenger (Buzz) Spars, Charlston Spar is pretty much it for aluminum these days. I've heard rumor that Buzz is close to retiring, and bare extrusions are difficult to get. Carbon you're kinda stuck with GMT, unless you want to sail to NZ.
  18. Silica sand becomes almost clear when under varnish. I have done stairs with 1/2" wide strips of sand at edge of stair & 2 - 3 more strips across flat that worked & looked great.
  19. Check your sail inventory for clew heights - sails built for tracks will have lower clews than sails built for floating tackles. The tackles need a fair bit of vertical distance to function.
  20. I might be correct in remembering an alloy keel/mast step framework, but the boards were pure plywood with teak/holly skin. No hi tec stuff anywhere, these were production boats. But some rich racer might have replaced the stock sole with something lighter.
  21. '84 SORC . Whale had not put on his normal party for a while (can't remember why). A bet was made that he could not stage event & get more than a certain number of crew to attend. Well, a massive party was held at Miamarina, easily2x the head count required. I had to drag my foredeck artist out from under the van before driving back to the motel. At least he made it that far, & left legs showing under driver's door tom alert me. Local cops told us that they did not respond to the area after dark, and if you were there after dark better to sleep on the boat than to cross no man's land.
  22. I spent 2 wks in Trieste - the downtown sidewalks had hand rails because of those winds. Weathered a blast like that in Pula, had all three anchors out, used them all as the wind shifted around.
  23. Wimp - I didn't have no stinkin' windlass, just 30' of chain than all rope. As a consequence the boat sailed all over the anchorages & I often put out a stern hook to avoid crashing into other boats.
  24. After 20+ odd years of commissioning, delivering, living onboard Swan/Baltic wedge deck teak caves I now heartily dislike that interior. If one actually races the boat a bit, fine. Otherwise, man moved out of caves a long time ago, sailors can follow suit. All other areas of the boat worked well. Yacht name was "Secret Love", can't remember hull number. Deep keel, standard double spreader rig. I got off the boat in Pireas, Greece, have no idea where she went after that.
  25. Good, solid hull design, no quirks. Altho we did not race the boat, had a spi up in 20kts with no rolling or control issues. Came out of Bermuda in front of a low & did 4 days of 200+ nm with just a poled out #4 jib up.