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  1. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    16 days, 4hrs, 25ms 39s 3298 place 7292.8 nm
  2. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Big congrats to the Top 3 SA poduim finshers and a great effort for anyone in the top 10 on our list, it was tight all the way! Breitling and Sapphire, I'm sorry about how things finished for you guys, it's shittty cruel way to end the race but will look forward to seeing you smash it in the next leg.
  3. Agree Hoppy, the broadcast was great, good knowledge on the smaller boats and local stories. Also good to see the pollies plugging the race and all the local on shore festivals as well as the sponsors getting some airtime. Well done to all involved
  4. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Thanks for the detailed response @Your Mom I also though the program continues while aground and given mine was all reset I have come to the conclusion that it was very likely user error switching between PC and tablet for that last check before sleep. On the plus side I have heaps of options back here behind you guys and have respectfully requested the weather gods send me a micro burst on the inside track to catch back up
  5. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Thanks @Your Mom that's what has me confused I was on straight course and didn't have any adjustment until well past the Islands, I will just call it a "racing incident" and move on, but before I do... One question just so I know, when you run aground does it clear all your future programation? I'm now watching Sapphire Girl with interest to see how that west around would have worked out as she was breathing down my neck as we approached the Islands
  6. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Well that was an unpleasant way to wake up today 1800 spots and 3 hours on the bricks. So much for going West for the safe route. Still not sure how that happened as I had a relatively safe couse plotted and and bunch of programmed (non twa) course changes out to 20 hours today it shows nothing....ahh well time for some flyers I suppose
  7. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Unfortunately I cannot blame a bug for losing spots around the Cape.... After making up some ground further south when it was time for the final southern ocean gybe I went for a little bit of a LEEEEEEERRRROOOYYY corner cut with nothing in the bank for wiggle room to make it around the Cape. After a little leftie i needed a righty and I started getting messages from friends due to the unexplained march up the world rankings and I even started to believe it may happen..... but eventually another little leftie and my gamble came up short. By the time I chucked in a little gybe and soaked to round the monument I had lost out to Kaptn Kirk and Tunnel Rat and 200 or so spots. It was a lot of fun and I figure it was worth the gamble as I had not got around the leaders to that point. Having said that Your Mom's post above was very timely as there is still plenty of time to make up the spots, although I have made my choice West of the islands for safety this time but will watch with keen interest and certainly encourage any around me that they should go for it.
  8. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Can't put my finger on why Shorty...... but I think I liked the original Tunnel Rat version a little better @stufishingGoing to be interesting down here on the southside - while we have enjoyed a little more pressure the last 48 hours, up ahead that advantage may flip over to the northern boats in the pack
  9. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I was thinking the same thing Stu, although be ready for the inevitable feeling of sh*t what did I miss in the morning
  10. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Well I'm on the outside due to staying a bit long on the western gybe in the middle of the night after the new forecast. At least I have decent pressure, but unfortunately also quite a long way around the outside of the leaders. Time will tell, but it's great to be racing again
  11. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    2240th 6326.0 nm sailed 20d, 6h, 13m, 31s
  12. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Big congrats to Sambaopreis for leading the SA pack and to the rest of the top 10 that have finished already. You all did extremely well to find a way around all those holes in the doldrums and down to Auckland!
  13. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Seemingly everywhere I head, 12 hours later a big hole develops another 12hrs ahead. Then even with the 4 knot minimum I can't go south
  14. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    While it cost me a lot of south, I'm happy to have a little bit of east on the leaders allthough I'm sure there are a few others like me that are hoping for a vastly improved 48hour+ forecast. It looks like a crap shoot right now. Wet Hog and Mangina are starting to look pretty good up there in the breeze with lots of east.