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  1. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I am in again too after having a practice on the new format in the Mini's. The weather being card based and the multiplier on waypoint cards when setting a few in sequence I found annoying but should be better now I understand not to try and string 5 waypoint together then cancel and lose the cards
  2. Depends on the rig..... on High Anxiety as she has swept back spreaders so the RBS is primarily for forestay tension, not holding the rig up. When shorthanded cruising the running backstays taped to the shroud out of the way. We also race without them in light air.
  3. Hi Hoppy The Elliott is setup for both both Assy and Sym options. We never took the mast track and car off, just added the bowsprit so we could add A sails that block out the sun. She only weighs 4 tonne so is wicked fun on a reach. Good luck with your shopping.
  4. Squealer, Let me write a check

    What great boats the 10.5's are..... Am I biased? You bet
  5. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Go Conrad, super impressed with his tenacity
  6. Well, as suspected a week of offshore racing and delivery have completely screwed my race losing 120,000 positions in the last week. Particularly amusing was why I left on auto wind and did 2 full 360 degree loops lol. Anyway I will be looking forward to following the leading SA team Your Mom, Gybe and Klymen through to the finish. Good luck guys
  7. Pittwater to Southport 2017

    We are loaded and ready to roll, the forecast is good for us, just working through trimming the provision from 4 days we had planned for to 2
  8. Wow lost 18k positions today it's all gone to custard since Christmas and I started getting the boat ready for racing on the 2nd... and only going to get worse in the next week or so! Worst possible time to stop paying attention. Have a happy new year all.
  9. I can't confirm or deny I left the boat, need to look up what counts as outside assistance
  10. Looks like I went out in sympathy Smelli, I just had an 8 hour stopover in the Falklands too On the flip side it was a nice day out on the boat!
  11. Im feeling your pain Rainbow, 3k spots lost on that little flyer around (through) the low More importantly though Go Klymen!
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Shame about the local coverage then. The leadup and actual start was pretty good but quickly became obvious they had only done prep on around 8 boats. The coverage degenerated into shots of choppers mixed with super maxies with spliced in token coverage of the people's favorites Rags and Sean on Maluka. The adverts were 5 mins on 5 mins off and the shots of the rest of the fleet rounding the mark looked like one dude with a handheld on a RIB. Seriously more screen time dedicated to the camera people jumping off the supermaxis is than the rest of the fleet. And so it goes every year, I remember when it was more like the Melbourne cup coverage with a full hour build up and short bio on most of the fleet. Kinda hope 7 gets out bidded on the coverage to stop the complacency. Best of luck to all the competitors
  13. Somehow on purpose I have sailed into the eye of the low, I'm kicking myself for twice getting out of a gybe south due to convincing myself I had a lane south later
  14. It's getting interesting in the chasing pack, a few options in the next 24 hours, none that look great.