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  1. Magool

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    Hard to tell as I am only following a couple of boats in the east, but it does look like in the VR IMOCA 60's the east group are a few hours in front right now.
  2. Magool

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    I might dust off the virtual sailing gear for this one
  3. Magool

    4G options for east coast racing

    Cellfi go from Powertec is a telco approved solution as far as I know. It's an all in one SIgnal booster and repeater. Bit pricey at a little over a boat buck, but am told they have an option for both Telstra and Optus now. I am looking at one myself to replace the sim/WiFi modem option we have so I cannot speak from experience yet but am told by a reliable source they are good gear.
  4. Magool

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    ahh the joy of VR sailing when you wake up and see 41st but flashing red "Wrong sail configuration" i must have been going ok as we converged around tasman island, alas all gone to custard as I forgot to turn auto sails on while sleeping to tighten up and get around the corner. Apparently sailing upwind with the zero doesn''t work so well.
  5. Magool

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    Thanks Tunnel
  6. Magool

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    Nice job Stufishing!
  7. Magool

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Great race, I'm enjoying the battle back and forth between Chutzpah and Showtime in the fast 40's. Both are doing well trying to hang on to the back of the 50's
  8. Magool

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    Pinkbits-Aus is looking like being the leader or close too it when we head back toward the rhumbline. I like where Stufishing is too that could work out alright depending on the next weather update.
  9. Magool

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    Hi again all, im back for the sprint down the coast
  10. Magool

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Well my results are reflecting my ramp up at work 1300th 7d 22hr, 35m 42s distance sailed 2969.6 nm Congrats to the winners and again many thanks to the scorers that keep the competition relevant across all the people participating in this thread. Like Stu I thought I had picked a winner up high crossing the ridge but ended up in slightly less breeze which offset the better angle I had coming back down to the pack. ThenI ended up in no mans land in the channel. Ahh well there is always the next leg!
  11. Magool

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Talk about digging yourself out of a big hole @Your Mom, I am paying the price for staying high and straight lining out of the overnight (for me start) and then not optimising a couple of overnight tacks, so I was too high, and now I am too east So if you are in a hole I have fallen into a crevasse, but plenty of race to go
  12. Magool

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    16 days, 4hrs, 25ms 39s 3298 place 7292.8 nm
  13. Magool

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Big congrats to the Top 3 SA poduim finshers and a great effort for anyone in the top 10 on our list, it was tight all the way! Breitling and Sapphire, I'm sorry about how things finished for you guys, it's shittty cruel way to end the race but will look forward to seeing you smash it in the next leg.
  14. Agree Hoppy, the broadcast was great, good knowledge on the smaller boats and local stories. Also good to see the pollies plugging the race and all the local on shore festivals as well as the sponsors getting some airtime. Well done to all involved