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  1. What great boats the 10.5's are..... Am I biased? You bet
  2. Go Conrad, super impressed with his tenacity
  3. Well, as suspected a week of offshore racing and delivery have completely screwed my race losing 120,000 positions in the last week. Particularly amusing was why I left on auto wind and did 2 full 360 degree loops lol. Anyway I will be looking forward to following the leading SA team Your Mom, Gybe and Klymen through to the finish. Good luck guys
  4. We are loaded and ready to roll, the forecast is good for us, just working through trimming the provision from 4 days we had planned for to 2
  5. Wow lost 18k positions today it's all gone to custard since Christmas and I started getting the boat ready for racing on the 2nd... and only going to get worse in the next week or so! Worst possible time to stop paying attention. Have a happy new year all.
  6. I can't confirm or deny I left the boat, need to look up what counts as outside assistance
  7. Looks like I went out in sympathy Smelli, I just had an 8 hour stopover in the Falklands too On the flip side it was a nice day out on the boat!
  8. Im feeling your pain Rainbow, 3k spots lost on that little flyer around (through) the low More importantly though Go Klymen!
  9. Shame about the local coverage then. The leadup and actual start was pretty good but quickly became obvious they had only done prep on around 8 boats. The coverage degenerated into shots of choppers mixed with super maxies with spliced in token coverage of the people's favorites Rags and Sean on Maluka. The adverts were 5 mins on 5 mins off and the shots of the rest of the fleet rounding the mark looked like one dude with a handheld on a RIB. Seriously more screen time dedicated to the camera people jumping off the supermaxis is than the rest of the fleet. And so it goes every year, I remember when it was more like the Melbourne cup coverage with a full hour build up and short bio on most of the fleet. Kinda hope 7 gets out bidded on the coverage to stop the complacency. Best of luck to all the competitors
  10. Somehow on purpose I have sailed into the eye of the low, I'm kicking myself for twice getting out of a gybe south due to convincing myself I had a lane south later
  11. It's getting interesting in the chasing pack, a few options in the next 24 hours, none that look great.
  12. Tricky conditions, tough to get in and update fast enough as wind changes...
  13. For us it was always in plan but took a year after buying the boat. I was coming back to Saling after a bit of an absence due to work and being fed up sailing for other skippers. Shameless plug but I have a bunch of info about buying my first boat and starting racing in my Blog if you are interested in the detail. It's what the blog is all about, tracking our journey, buying the boat building a crew and getting into racing from inshore to offshore and improving the boat. A good summary article is here http://www.ha-crew.com/index.php/results-page/158-the-end-book-1 But the boiled down version is, we were prompted by a guy driving up to us one day while we were on the water cruising and asking us if we're going to race the boat. We signed up the boat to the most unintimidating fun style race we could find (and double handed it). It was fun but we were under prepared and came last. We then set about finding crew amonsgt out friends and set our sights on the next "inclusive" fun feeling race. I remember at the time not wanting to come in halfway through a "point score" series and getting in the way of the other boats. A 4 race fun short passage series around 3 months later was the ticket and nd we got signed up again. We were terrible and coming back to the club it was quite difficult not really knowing anyone, particularly as we were borderline embarrassing out on the course, but persevered and came back to the club after each race in an effort to get to know some people at the new club. We had grown the crew from 2 to 4 now and so we built a website and did some advertising online classified site Gumtree to find 3 more crew. So set with some more crew and our motto of "dont hit anyone and dont ome last", we got into our second series and we were learning and having a good laugh over beers. One race the Committee boat had to radio us and ask if we were planning on completing the race as we were so far behind. (And we were inshore). The perseverance in coming back to the club after racing paid off as a couple of skippers introduced themselves and started coming over for a chat which made a big impact. A couple of races into our second series the then Rear Commodore of racing at the club offered to come out with us and crew for a couple of races. This was an enormous help and set us up with some local knowledge and gave us another person we got to know and talk to back at the club. The early encouragement shown by a couple of those particular skippers to come racing and stop by the table afterwards and say hi and have and laugh with us cannot be understated. I know our dreadful results skewed our PHS handicap but getting a win in a race the first year was a big motivator for the crew and I appreciate this is a tough one for other crews, but would suggest a performance based handicap helps new boats and novice crews get involved and want to move up to measurement rating systems (we now race ORCI 5 years later) Hope that helps
  14. Interesting seperation in the chasing SA group with Moon, RS and I seemingly deciding at about the same time a day or so ago to bet on a bit of North toward NZ. The question remains will we get more pressure and hold it long enough to get back amongst the pack?