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      Underdawg did an excellent job of explaining the rules.  Here's the simplified version: Don't insinuate Pedo.  Warning and or timeout for a first offense.  PermaFlick for any subsequent offenses Don't out members.  See above for penalties.  Caveat:  if you have ever used your own real name or personal information here on the forums since, like, ever - it doesn't count and you are fair game. If you see spam posts, report it to the mods.  We do not hang out in every thread 24/7 If you see any of the above, report it to the mods by hitting the Report button in the offending post.   We do not take action for foul language, off-subject content, or abusive behavior unless it escalates to persistent stalking.  There may be times that we might warn someone or flick someone for something particularly egregious.  There is no standard, we will know it when we see it.  If you continually report things that do not fall into rules #1 or 2 above, you may very well get a timeout yourself for annoying the Mods with repeated whining.  Use your best judgement. Warnings, timeouts, suspensions and flicks are arbitrary and capricious.  Deal with it.  Welcome to anarchy.   If you are a newbie, there are unwritten rules to adhere to.  They will be explained to you soon enough.  


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  1. Team Vestas grounded

    He also removed his tweet (linking to the FB message). On the other hand, he retweeted SA's tweet to the FP article where his FB message is included word for word. And something that's been on the interwebs will always be on the interwebs. So, there's no chance of taking it back. And frankly I don't see the need to either. It's an honest, matter of fact statement without any BS och hiding from responsibility.
  2. 35,000 offshore miles a year, now that's funny...... Rattled off another 5000 last month. You will tell us next time you venture out of your masturbation dungeon into the big scary ocean wont you? We'll be waiting..... and waiting..... Are you sailing a fast boat or having good internet connection on board? Just scrolled through this thread and you've posted on about half the days of November. If one assumes you were out sailing the other 15 days (and sailed 24 hours a day) you would need to average almost 14 knots to rattle up the 5000 miles you talk about, which means a fast boat. If, on the other hand, you had good connection and were sailing all of November you'd still need to average almost 7 knots.
  3. AC Youth Cup

    Does anyone know if the RBYAC will be streamed live on YT? Tried to find it but as YouTube does an excellent job hiding stuff I might have missed it it. Link anyone?
  4. Waiting for the VORG pre-race