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  1. lela51

    New Headliner

    Looking to replace the vinyl headliner on my Cal 33-2. It has delaminated from the hardboard liner and is sagging down in multiple places. I have re glued with spray adhesive but it is not holding up. Am considering a white coated hardboard from the home center. Cut it to fit and secure with teak battens. Has anyone tried this or are there better ways to go with this? Would also like to replace the padded vinyl liner on the cabin house with the same material. It's unfinished fiberglass under all the vinyl.
  2. lela51

    J35 Anarchist

    I've been looking for a J35 or 36 to do what you have done with your boat. Coastal cruising with a great sailing boat. Would you mind telling me how this boat works out for short handed sailing? Are there any suggestions or tips you can pass on. Have a few boats in my area, a J35 and a J36. Any comments on either for what I want to do. Prices are close. Any advise appreciated.