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  1. it'd be harder to drive down, but it would be the lesser of two weevils.
  2. yea, that traveller car went nuclear, looked too violent to my untrained eye. easy to say this from a couch, but why not blow a lot of vang, mostly center the traveller, then a hard grind on the mainsheet to bring the boom around with a big controlled sheet ease once it's past centerline? maybe dumping all that mainsheet fast enough would be tricky?
  3. Climate news

    he's willfully blind and is arguing just to argue. deep down, he knows he's wrong.
  4. Climate news

    you're quite the condescending but hilarious wise ass, old boy, and also wrong on this issue. why don't you try forgoing the holdout routine and err on the side of caution considering our role on this planet has essentially become that of a poisonous parasite; our greatest legacy here will be that we killed the fkn' place. doesn't get any darker than that.
  5. Climate news

    cult? like I said get real, you pulled that out of your crapper, exactly like you did assuming I don't sail. textbook flail.
  6. Climate news

    you're on to something legit here, they're all career liars. get real, wise ass.
  7. Climate news

    Jennifer Appel? nice flail, that means nothing here.
  8. Climate news

    sounds like Bates had a brain fart.
  9. Climate news

    just like you do with data that doesn't bolster your narrative, your article is only as 'interesting' as one chooses to make it, innit. in the end, I'd bet if a bunch of climate scientists read this thread, you'd officially become the shit poster.
  10. hey old boy, didn't that smug, pompous butt hole in your avatar go down with the ss titanic?
  11. seems like that'd be something hard to f up, and even harder to not correct.
  12. as usual, so eloquently full of patronizing shit. most of the country has zero interest in your 'discourse', but here's mine; how about instead, you stop voting for the poisonous rat bastards who'd sell everyone and everything down the road to attempt to satiate their sociopathic greed and further their corporatist agendas. because it's transparent, don't think for a second that people are fooled by the reich wing meat grinder.
  13. Climate news

    you're nothing more than a dime-a-dozen reich wing moral reject, fuck your petulant willful ignorance.
  14. probably best not to stress about it, this place will always be one part shit-show. personally, I think it's kind of funny while still being really informative, thanks to a few who put in the effort to make it so.