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  1. 3to1

    I Took a Shit Again

    everytime I defecate, my asshole falls out.
  2. it speaks for itself and it's crystal clear. don't say I never gave you anything.
  3. interesting, because I gave it a 'like' myself.
  4. look, I'm all done with insults here, we'll let this shit play out as it may.
  5. you're still a shit apologist reich-wing dick, though, just ask the trees. btw, I'm taller than you.
  6. again says the twat, exclusively. is everyone who get's in your face stupid?
  7. why ya 'lil bltch, so I too can minimize our impact on this planet?
  8. ^^ such a garden variety political ideologue asshole, even has the passive aggressive act down pat. gfy, princess.
  9. hey fk wit, many things are responsible for the increase in fire intensities, remember?
  10. re: post #348- says you, but you're a fkg willfully obtuse bs'er, reich-wing style.