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  1. 3to1

    Democratic debate

    this shit shouldn't be a cult of personality dance. go on the issues, go Left, go Sanders.
  2. 3to1

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    there are just some things you don't propose directly, or indirectly to a supreme court judge, shit breath. your fkg messiah stuck his head too far out, why don't we just leave it at that.
  3. 3to1

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    'moi, the King of Fucking Assholes, demand you recuse yourselves from accusing me'. full dictator stuff is precisely what this is. that toxic mf'er needs to get checked, and his supporters need lobotomies.
  4. 3to1

    Someone won't be voting for Shitstain

    physics was shit faced when it formed Earth.
  5. 3to1

    Someone won't be voting for Shitstain

    personally speaking, if I keep reading about environmental protection rollbacks, jErKz, whatever the math might dictate to remedy the madness. the numbers already pretty high.. own the contempt, you miserable shortsighted dumb fuck, it's all too valid.
  6. 3to1

    Russia Helping Bernie?

    that's just homogenized bullshit, turd burglar.
  7. listened to some Madness today, good fkn' band.
  8. 3to1

    NYT's Run's OpEd for Talibon killer

    paraphrase; 'the 'gop' is the most dangerous organization in world history'- Noam Chomsky. time for a little self reflection, you self-deluded moran.
  9. 3to1

    The Hunters

    ah, hell no
  10. 'money bags' blo0mburglar and 'shitstain' d0tard should be put in a cage with chainsaws and forced to fight to the death.
  11. 3to1

    Help Abolish nuclear weapons

    but 'many people are saying it', dipshit. now what's up with that?? me personally, I tend to think of repukes as generic simple fucks with low moral intelligence more than anything else. you meat heads are literally in the way.
  12. 3to1

    The Swamp drainage has begun

    fuck that, you insufferable clown.
  13. 3to1


    bottomless. soon, 'the children' won't even be sacred (if not already).