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  1. I'll readily agree in this instance, the hype mongering wankers got caught with their pants down.
  2. six fkn' pages.. anyway 'tho, fuck 'righty'.
  3. 3to1

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    isn't the Flying Dutchman racing this??
  4. 3to1


    ..fuck righty..
  5. bombs+barcodes fuck yea
  6. I didn't say it was the biggest issue, did I you fukwit. I said it's just another symptom of a poisoned and dying biosphere, and for some 'tard from the void to label it as insignificant is fucking ludicrous. wise up.
  7. they're all 'issues' cameltoe, who the fk are you to pick and choose??
  8. how's this; don't minimize ecological problems, fukwit.
  9. 3to1

    Federal workers on strike!

    if I was a federal employee I'd want to go for the rightwing's jugular over their twisted fuckery here. but I'd like to anyway..
  10. 3to1

    Federal workers on strike!

    your own special neurotic 'weariness' of the brown skin infiltration apocalypse is your own personal conundrum, one which you better start making peace with, fool. btw, the true 'crisis' is a dying planetary biosphere, one that would well to be acknowledged as such, even by fkn' tRumpanzees.
  11. 3to1

    Glad it got out.

    Here I was thinking wrenching on full suspension MTB's and all-wheel drive RC vehicles is a relentless B.
  12. 3to1

    Pelosi takes control of the House

    they're saying this 'ol tart has developed a hard-on for repuke pain and that they skeered. righty could very well get an ass reaming in the next couple of years all the while being forced to take his medicine.
  13. 3to1

    Worst thing Trump has actually done?

    JerKZ in the flesh.