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  1. 3to1

    The USS Dumb Fuck

    c r a s s
  2. TurdPolisher is all polished out? about time that contortionist sumbitch shut his cock sucker.
  3. 3to1

    Treason ....

    all you moderate dems are too civil with these asinine righty turd burglars.
  4. what, you mean that one ounce blob in the womb with no sentience? a little perspective goes a long way (or it should), now rest your troubled mind.
  5. i don't live in the city, man's man.
  6. dotard is on an ecological blitzkrieg currently. that particular kind of despicable madness is the worst of righty ideology, the worst of human nature. feed that cunt, and his, to the fishes.
  7. no man like a man who knows how to 'handle his firearm'. priorities.
  8. look into ya dodgy liar, and it won't be on Fux. fuck the right-wing.
  9. I'm throwing your stupid fkn' ass a bone here so that maybe you can redeem yourself to a degree; do you believe right-wing environmental policy is anything but shortsighted and ultimately evil? go on dipshit, you've been given an opportunity to drag yourself out from THE idiot's cesspool.
  10. I had an argument with a germ and lost.
  11. 3to1

    Subverting democracy

    move on already, ya clown.
  12. 3to1

    Subverting democracy

    you're a vile human being.
  13. 3to1

    Subverting democracy

    bitch, please..
  14. 3to1

    Subverting democracy

    I couldn't give a flying fk about 'rape jokes', there's bigger problems in the world.
  15. 3to1

    Subverting democracy

    the chumdumpster doesn't vote 'Reich-Wing'. noted.