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  1. ^^ Princess Golden Boy, pedant for sure, can't see the forest through the trees.
  2. poor bastard, voluntary cannon fodder is a rough gig... and how many wars have been fought by the US for purely noble reasons? doesn't change the simple fact though, that a citizen has all the right in the world to peacefully state his dissent. period. those who say otherwise based on their own 'moral' values are imposing on his basic rights, just ask Antifa.
  3. the demonstrators, the first amendment and the high road>>star-spangled, cheeseball, howdy doody dipshits. the guys refusing to stand have already won.
  4. what's the national anthem?
  5. what's up with all your riddles??
  6. prove it.
  7. the Lorax got killed by a logging truck.
  8. frenchie- it was a broad statement; TAKE with impunity, damn the consequences. genocide/ecocide are rationalized with both corporatism and the pronouncement of entitlement that is manifest destiny. everyone and everything on the ass end of that madness loses except the ones who profit. some very dark shit brought about by the worst of the worst, enemy #1.
  9. ya buddy...
  10. ^^ this. as is so often the case, US should in fact f off and take the antagonism with it.
  11. I agree, stupid fkg question and also comes off as patronizing.
  12. it's also called corporatism, another construct Antifa opposes, that's why they're the good guys. always have been, always will be. it's bizarre all these righty fuck-wits don't seem to appreciate that...
  13. I'll second that. I'd be much more than fine with more rights for the natural world over 'society' and it's downward spiral that it foolishly calls 'progress'. nature is foundation and solace, not to mention infinitely beautiful and should be respected like a member of one's family. without coming off like a hypocrite, the dominant attitude of ambivalence regarding it's welfare is something I won't ever understand. it's disturbing. btw, are you familiar with a british hardcore band called 'Discharge' who's heyday was mid 80's? the album 'Why' is all over it.
  14. you should go do commentary for Fux News, your selective 'outrage' would be perfect. unlike here, you could patronize and stoke fear among all the brain-dead gullible fuckwits as if you were addressing daft children. try to wake the f up.
  15. 'violent', 'destructive', 'assholes'...pure irony. you're a fkn' liar because you're a dogmatic partisan shill. you're also smart enough to know that your toothless arguments only succeed as insults to intelligence, so not a total loss.