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  1. 3to1


    it'd be funny to force assholes like bolsonaro and cruz to anally rape each other at gun point.
  2. 'burn the bitch down'. that's cute, what then when the next bitch inherently fills the vacuum left by the current bitch, will it be more or less bitchy? death to right-wing ideologies everywhere, 'cause it's virtually all fkn' shit..
  3. 3to1


    you should see the cat's litter box (or what's left of it).
  4. but is it really an 'insult' if it's based on what can be called fact, even if it is a 'generalisation'?
  5. and it's odd, countries allow these individuals and agencies of disinformation to run fkg wild with impunity right beneath their noses. follow the money. if it was my watch, that shit would be fkg history, I'd go after those fuckers like it's war, if only out of spite.
  6. what do get when you a cross a bullshitting asshole with a simpleton? your garden variety reTurdlican.
  7. AntiFa ain't the motherfuckin 'problem', now is it, you screeching right-wing fuckwit bullshitter. wise your stupid fkn' ass up, it's aggravating.
  8. 3to1

    Black Lives Matter

    he kinda' looks like cooter, but more inquisitive.
  9. 3to1

    The end of women's sport.

    fair 'nuff. what's your opinion on 'environmental' rights and justice? not on your 'radar'? you're a petty c-nt; natural progression to being a bullshitter.
  10. 3to1

    Black Lives Matter

    pig moseys up to me and asks 'how're you doin' today?' well, I was fine till you showed up, pig. you quota hunting?
  11. 3to1

    afternoon sail

    being 'lazy' is a good way to destroy gear and/or get your ass in trouble.
  12. I shit on reTurdlicans, without guilt. in a world in crisis, they're fine letting things run their courses (as long as the money is there). death to right-wing ideologies, everywhere.