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  1. 3to1


    brilliant. that's more or less right-winger asshole speak, and like most of that disingenuous diarrhea, it doesn't stand on it's own merits.
  2. 3to1

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    this fk wit is 'fair and balanced' (which is more than can be said about a reich-winger style 'EPA').
  3. 3to1


    my point is there people like myself who don't give a shit about all the rhetoric, snowflake (but I'll at least gladly listen to what progressives have to say on environmental matters, but the right needs to FOaD, bigly). your 'balanced' post suggested much of the concern for the wellbeing of this beautiful planet could be some kind of mass cult of personality, brainwashing fuckery. that's just more rhetoric.
  4. 3to1


    @The Dark Knight that's borderline crazy shit, princess, it seems you may have lost the 'plot'.
  5. 3to1

    Dog's Lies

    that's a fkn' bitch living in a state of willful ignorance, even when it's a protective mechanism. 'righty world' is an extremely fk'ed up place, too bad there's an overlap with the rational world. 'dog' is a shameless bullshitter. ffs..
  6. a few have seen bursts to 45 knots boat speed, baddest fkn' monohulls that ever floated. period.
  7. the internet made me a wanker.
  8. 3to1


    cheesedicks on the loose.
  9. hmm every time you speak I find it ironic.
  10. 3to1

    the potential of civil war

    before we go on, yes, some people are better off dead.
  11. 3to1

    What's the Next Lyric

    ''being arrested for public masturbation''
  12. 3to1

    Save the planet, eat a baby!

    that shit ain't sane, shit like that is better off in the ground.
  13. 3to1

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    ^^ I notice there's not much keel cant in that screen capture, I figure that angle would seem about right there, all things considered; add a little lift from the keel blade to negate bulb weight some and harmonize with the foil's lift. anyone else see it that way?
  14. 3to1

    Will the real Republicans please stand up?

    being a supporter, make sure and let them know what a fine job the current 'EPA' is doing. fuck, you're stuupid..
  15. 3to1

    Will the real Republicans please stand up?

    you're overthinking it, bob. end of the day, a repuke is a repuke. matters of the economy and perceived nebulous fears play virtually all the petty fks like irrational puppets. a vast majority are simpletons and assholes who's priorities are similar to a common parasite. I'm not going to lie, I tend to loathe the mf'ers.