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  1. VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    yes, the exploitation must continue. at all costs.
  2. Respecting your allies?

    yeaah, did you uhh, get the memo reich-wingers don't sit at the adult's table anymore?
  3. Climate news

    good show, oldboy, bloody good.
  4. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    rome is burning..
  5. VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    dirty deeds done dirt cheap
  6. are you simple, or am I missing something? of course foiling kites, moths, foiling sail boards, etc sail with weather cant.
  7. where on the time line are things at regarding when any of these circus freak shows will be revealed to the unwashed masses? someone told me a theoretical rendering of one reminded him of a urinating dog, though from a design perspective, they will be marvels of modern machinery. so when will a design be revealed?
  8. Fascist go to jail for Hitler's bday.

    back to square one, i.e. you're fk'ed in the head, so I'm done playing your game. btw, history is going to shit all over your kind and your perverted alternate-reality jive.
  9. Fascist go to jail for Hitler's bday.

    some 'antifa' go to jail for protesting things like ecological preservation, too, they were protesting for noble reasons here as well. who's the 'fascist' now you feral barbarian?
  10. Fascist go to jail for Hitler's bday.

    you abide disingenuous bs? your apparent political (philosophical) affiliation would suggest that you do. gfy, righty.
  11. Fascist go to jail for Hitler's bday.

    you nasty prick, tell the fkg truth, you lie.
  12. look at that, something I can actually give a shit about, doesn't happen too often. I hope they succeed.
  13. Just Another High School Shooting

    I would have challenged the sumbitch to a duel at 20 paces.
  14. Climate news

    that's a good way to put it.
  15. Climate news

    considering what you relentlessly state here regarding this topic, I feel compelled to say that, imo, I think you're either an intellectual midget who can't connect approximately three dots, an asshole, or both. this isn't a political quandary, it's a moral issue, get the fk out the way.