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  1. riight.... all this isn't about sociopolitical dynamics to me, it's about a planet's biosphere that's under assault with no let up in sight. simples. go impose your wanker bs on someone else, it doesn't interest me.
  2. that's a real gem, right out your arse. notice I used the word 'noble'.
  3. in general I don't give a crap what you have to say, but I want to ask, is an ancient tree just a commodity to you?
  4. so what, it's a hannity segment on Fux Newz, you'll have to excuse me for being skeptical. btw, gore means very little to me in regards to all this, in the end he's a politician with a big house who talks a lot. but if his intentions are noble, then I'm behind him all the way.
  5. so they're all puppets to their grants? that's some real reichwing, tinfoil hat kind of cherry-picked bullshit, some would call it lying.
  6. you're getting your medicine, though, shitstain.
  7. bad words offend your sensibilities, pumpkin? suck my cock.
  8. I just hate cunts who don't care about or respect this planet, I couldn't give one single shit about sanders, decaprio, etc., and I couldn't give one shit about your constant misdirected accusations of hypocrisy, you stupid irrational asshole.
  9. who sucks Big Oil's penis? that's right, the evil wastes of semen you vote into power.
  10. not sure if it's entirely that simple, grievous and profound character flaws spring to mind as well. not sure if it's nature or nurture, but I've come across things that suggest it could be the former.
  11. so thousands of scientists without agendas are part of a mass conspiracy? who knew?? jesus fucking christ, you reichwing 'traitors' have some nerve, you need to be spanked and sent to your holes.