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  1. and re his post, it's worth noting his statement is generally beyond dispute.
  2. 3to1

    New imoca boats

    the lifting power of those foils is a seriously brute force. what were the problems the ORMA's we're having, lifting then falling?
  3. 3to1

    I Took a Shit Again

    everytime I defecate, my asshole falls out.
  4. it speaks for itself and it's crystal clear. don't say I never gave you anything.
  5. interesting, because I gave it a 'like' myself.
  6. look, I'm all done with insults here, we'll let this shit play out as it may.
  7. you're still a shit apologist reich-wing dick, though, just ask the trees. btw, I'm taller than you.
  8. again says the twat, exclusively. is everyone who get's in your face stupid?
  9. why ya 'lil bltch, so I too can minimize our impact on this planet?
  10. ^^ such a garden variety political ideologue asshole, even has the passive aggressive act down pat. gfy, princess.
  11. hey fk wit, many things are responsible for the increase in fire intensities, remember?
  12. re: post #348- says you, but you're a fkg willfully obtuse bs'er, reich-wing style.
  13. fuck your charts, not the least the one you just presented here that's 13 years old; it doesn't mean shit today (maybe ever, data collection can be flawed), especially since climate disruption effects probably increase exponentially.
  14. I made it a point to say it wasn't an average, didn't I, but it is significantly more days than one would estimate.
  15. it was a simple, straight forward question, and the rest of your statement is misdirecting, patronizing bullshit. unless you live underground, blatantly hotter days are just that, fkg blatant.
  16. why would global temperature changes affect California apart from indirectly? I'd bet California has seen a larger increase in exceedingly hot days than the global average just by being a resident of the west coast and noticing the past chain of 5-10 recent summers, where what used to be considered a heat wave, has pretty much become something approaching a new normal. I'm not just talking about a 2-3 degree increase in daily temps, but of approximately 10 degrees on the hotter days, plenty of 95-100 degree days in the Pacific NW, it's actually been pretty blatant. that kind of shit is going to take a toll and create more vulnerability, innit.
  17. I can't argue with that, high heat days frequently contribute to an increase in arid conditions as well, don't cherry pick the criteria.