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  1. no, that's funny.
  2. the OP is correct, the two parties are far from the same but that's basically obvious. personally, I'm surprised the general condemnation for the soulless turds isn't 100 times more pronounced. the lows they'll go to is truly appalling, and I'm not kidding when I say I always find it a bit surprising that so many of the crooks are still breathing. when N. Chompsky stated the gop might be considered the most dangerous organization in 'human history', all things considered, I found myself officially agreeing. their impunity is a real bitch, and donnie orange dingleberry is nothing but a ridiculous figurehead, he'll come and go.
  3. maybe you were implying this, but isn't the retardation a willful thing, stalling as they sniff for the money trail?
  4. all things considered, no, especially with good technique. but nobody can deny that pushing fast boats hard in big conditions can be gnarly. I can only imagine what it must be like at 30+ knots boat speed on that big red mf'er in the picture below. must be a bit like meeting god.
  5. thanks for putting it all in perspective Ghandi, now I see the error of my ways.
  6. cause they're sketchier and more stressful when the conditions get nautical. most people want a huge slab of lead underneath them.
  7. whaaa! whhaaa! but, but, but... in the adult world DEFLECTION is usually irrelevant bs like it is here, and you chose to rely on it.
  8. the fact that the american right wing isn't deep into insane and willful denial is a hoax. give limbaugh and mcconnell to the polar bears.
  9. I never knew compassion and empathy were character flaws, bitch...let me guess, because I was expressing concern for non-human life you go all dumb and say simple things? idiocy takes many forms.
  10. I'd agree there's not much difference, but I'll leave the gun debates to you guys. I appreciate your cordiality during our banter.
  11. fair enough, but it might as well be pointed out that cumulatively, it ends up being an issue. our attitudes of complacency have severely stressed/fukked a once miraculously harmonious biosphere, a fact you're already aware of. your weapons hobby isn't my business, unless you count the fact that you happen to be a contributor to a gross, ugly excess of the bloody things in the country that I happen to be a citizen of.
  12. my guess is he'd agree.
  13. true. that scene is vulgar, I'll bet the innocent wild life in the path of those bullets appreciates that immensely, especially the ones injured. too bad the alien didn't rip out the shooter's anuses.
  14. it's not about someone digging them up for you, it's about you not pouring toxic shit into places it doesn't belong. period. what else do you do that's contradictory and short sighted? and isn't it a coincidence that the same type who plays with tools designed to kill and destroy would be the same one thoughtlessly dealing with foliage using poison. guess I don't really get the Elmer Fudd mentality, but hey...
  15. poison is bad, in general, try harder. and I don't care much for amosexuals, especially argumentative ones.
  16. the fk are you pouring poison into trees and the ground you idiot, go polish your gun instead.
  17. ah, yes, another act of the righty shitstorm fukfest, how privileged we are. I wish the next bit of rejuvenating news would be that they've started to randomly feed on each other.
  18. the whole post was sarcasm.
  19. to the weapons advocate: less guns, less rationalizing.
  20. I'm humbled, this one has real character. it must be his political views.
  21. he also likes 'barnyard stories' and gaping sheep.
  22. here, this is the layman's version, but you already know this- it's a globally dangerous money making organization that's composed of greedy, passive/aggressive sociopaths who have habits of sucking corporate dick and justifying it by praying to jesus, it would destroy and exploit anything of beauty to further it's agendas. currently it feels under threat, is desperate, and has utilized a targeted campaign of propaganda and compulsive lying as a survival tactic. but for a select few, it's shit.
  23. put all the slime from both camps in a giant pit with only contaminated water and let it play itself out. then again, there's always a chance they would come together and devise something demented and extra rancid.