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  1. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    I keep an open mind, you have to, and here's the situation simplified; one is the lesser, by a good margin of the two evils, m'kay. suck it up, you support it.
  2. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    you fkn' idiot, you can't compare the two sides in relation to fascist-like deception that only side practices as a core tactic of political survival while the other side gets by on it's merits. and try to rebut my statement with something besides deflection.
  3. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    because apparently like you, those women were probably sufficiently brainwashed by career liars. you need to wake up, you've been played by talented bullshitters.
  4. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    seems to me only a motherfucker would call paltry environmental protections 'insane'.
  5. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    you got suckered by bottom feeding right-wing propagandists like a spoon-fed simpleton, you should have changed the channel when you had the opportunity. the reality is Hillary Clinton was at the ass end of a long term, meticulously orchestrated, propaganda smear campaign that was extremely effective at what it set out to do. it created an image that she would never recover from, and it also helped to solidify a culture of raw idiocy. that's where you come in.
  6. you presented your terribly relevant 'grievance', it came off as petty and didn't stick, so....
  7. no, castrate the n-gger. but give pruitt a pat on the back.
  8. don't get all huffy, someone's drug use is their own business, same as what they do with their bodies.
  9. Shooter in Texas.

    go get 'em sparky.
  10. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    no, you're full of shit. period. your credibility has taken a knock here.
  11. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    maybe you can take a stab at answering the question.
  12. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    what do things like regulation rollbacks, science denial and corporate lap dogs mean to you, sound kosher? you know those greedy, sociopathic parasites will feed until they burst, money is their core motivation and everything else is an afterthought. you just apparently choose not to give a fk where one should be given, because your a partisan hack for the wrong party.
  13. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    thank you, exactly like that guy. btw, I like your name, I've got one just like it.
  14. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    lol.. I don't know if you're just feigning stupidity, but at the very least, some of said actions we're the actual appointments of many of these dirty cuntz, no?
  15. Shooter in Texas.

    well I'll be dipped in shit, never knew it all came down to 'enforcement', sounds like a police state. let the stupid fks who run this country know, they'll know what to do with that gem of enlightenment. btw, the 2nd amendment needs a revision, that's why it's called an amendment.
  16. Shooter in Texas.

    weak case, it's based on the presumption that a national gun violence epidemic isn't about the guns. the fks up with that?
  17. Shooter in Texas.

    I realize this might go in one ear but definitely out the other, but... without your frankly aggravating wall of bureaucratic minutia, bullshit, and pretenses of indisputable reason you wouldn't have much to bring to the table. it's past time to save that shit, the situation on the street has gone critical and there's little room for irrelevant rationalizations from the amosexual set, especially since it mostly seems to be justification for a hobby. you've attempted to make your case here with impressive persistence, but in 2018 'merica, it's a hard fkn' sell. but who am I to tell you you can't argue for arguments sake.
  18. Shooter in Texas.

    you're right, there'd still be a surplus of hate for the irrational, amoral fks. I suggest asking yourself why.
  19. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    on the contrary, my hunch is he's tortured by shame and is a man in a great deal of psychic pain. nonetheless, he's far too big an asshole to merit much sympathy.
  20. America is Turning Blue Tonight

    and to think, I almost blew my load.
  21. Shooter in Texas.

    good on you, mate.
  22. Shooter in Texas.

    cynical bastard, too bad he's spot on. the fkg wankers who do the automobile ads are the worst. reality: 1 patronizing assholes: -1
  23. Why do we actively oppose the President?

    agreed. the exception however would be toxic shit pits like the breitbart comment boards, all kinds of wrong.