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  1. 3to1

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    poor little bastard, to think he was once swimming around in that evil shitbag's testicles.
  2. ignored. have a shitty life.
  3. no one's mad you virulent piece of shit, it's just a reply. kill yourself
  4. guilty, virtually everyone is a contributor, that's one of the most lucid things you've ever said here. the rest of your typically hollow tripe, however, is just that and is further confirmation that you're one of the most willfully obtuse bullshitters to ever walk the face of the Earth. you're not worth it because it's clear you're not honest and you're also a selfish asshole. just lay down, call it a loss and stfu.
  5. 3to1

    Pelosi makes clear, politics matters, America doesn't

    what's the problem, truth hurts? tRump is a painfully silly cunt, and Pelosi is simply pointing it out. *shrug*
  6. don't tell me what I think. you failed to mention that the silly cunt's 'intellectual honesty' is directly attributed to the simple fact that he and his partners in crime are Big Oil's tender-holed fuck toys. their first priorities are always getting their's, and your simple ass seems gleefully willing to make that happen, and damn the consequences. only a selfish asshole would deny that's wrong. grow the fk up.
  7. discourse? how does that work when rightwing fartbags say down is up?? it's fkg preposterous, and the clowns are humored here. PA is the new Mad Magazine.
  8. why bother to post hollow presumptions? you're another moron.
  9. falls back on the 'fag' thing, left for dead.
  10. you mentioned 'prison island' in a post you just deleted and inserted this gibberish instead. what'd you do, rape your neighbors poodle while wearing your maga hat? you disgusting piece 'a shit..
  11. if this was the real world and you got all stupid like you do here, you'd get your sloppy, bitch as beat down, and you'd deserve it. you're the dankest asshole of the reichwing contingent here in these forums.
  12. ^^ I'd like to dare any reichwing morons to read this and not deny it.
  13. disgusting, that's what I figured. if that's what this cuntry brings to the table, then f u c k it.
  14. affirmative. maybe because the general intent is progression not regression. you're a dick.
  15. 3to1

    I still call Australia home

    Random and I are two separate people. I've said it once, and that's all you need, asshole.
  16. 3to1

    By 44 Former U.S. Senators

    'cause all those mf'ers had it all under control.
  17. riight.... all this isn't about sociopolitical dynamics to me, it's about a planet's biosphere that's under assault with no let up in sight. simples. go impose your wanker bs on someone else, it doesn't interest me.
  18. that's a real gem, right out your arse. notice I used the word 'noble'.
  19. in general I don't give a crap what you have to say, but I want to ask, is an ancient tree just a commodity to you?
  20. so what, it's a hannity segment on Fux Newz, you'll have to excuse me for being skeptical. btw, gore means very little to me in regards to all this, in the end he's a politician with a big house who talks a lot. but if his intentions are noble, then I'm behind him all the way.
  21. so they're all puppets to their grants? that's some real reichwing, tinfoil hat kind of cherry-picked bullshit, some would call it lying.
  22. you're getting your medicine, though, shitstain.
  23. bad words offend your sensibilities, pumpkin? suck my cock.