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    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    don't worry about it. the third 'bill' was we're a bunch of small-minded, self-important bureaucratic fart bags and we're going to propose another 'bill' so it appears anything of substance is being created to make the world a kinder, more gentle place for all things, great and small.
  2. 3to1

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    the dirty cunts could easily be considered evil, too, yes.
  3. 3to1

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    the cunts are mean.
  4. 3to1

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    only thing I give a shit about, and it's a humdinger, is not getting that 'wall' built, on principle. could give fk all about how the rest of the general issue plays out, this country is already a hopeless, crowded mental asylum that does war and aggression better than anything else.
  5. 3to1

    Trump to DOD - Build Space Force, 6th War Branch

    'space force', that's even more fkn' asinine and cringeworthy than the 'wall'. I could see the idea being turned into a Muppets skit where the puppets would all be wearing little shiny silver space costumes and pretending they have been tasked with guarding the Galaxy from all evil. fuck me, what a bunch of godamn twisted clowns.
  6. never mind the 'climate', the 'data', let alone the politics, etc. any monkey fukwhit who says we're not mindlessly destroying the biosphere across the board is one twisted fuck with a hell of a character flaw. nonetheless, nationally in 'murica, may 2018 was the warmest may ever recorded. fact.
  7. 3to1

    Happy Birthday Donald

    Porn hub.
  8. 3to1

    WTF is wrong with Pruitt?

    he likely got away with a lot, and he's obviously far from being the only sociopathic, exploitive pos that does, every single day. it's pure sin and there's virtually no accountability, the money forbids it. I hope the guy, and all those like him who wage a one-sided war against the natural world get cancer of the asshole and die a slow painful death. and fuck all the goofy simpletons who vote these sodomites into positions of political power, too. what do you gum-flapping 'righty' clowns here have to say about all this, join the 'discussion'. where's that demented brown noser poodle happy jack at?
  9. 3to1

    WTF is wrong with Pruitt?

    and therein lays the 'problem'; two-legged parasitic trash, that on say, moral grounds, should be neutralized like a common cancer. if it were up to me, I might throw a few of those evil cock splats on a bon fire just to make examples of 'em, an eye for an eye type of deal. ideally, there shouldn't be room for that type of raging asshole on the planet. I hope the right-wing clowns here, or anyone else for that matter, let that sink in. just sayin..
  10. 3to1

    Donald Trump is A Despicable Son Of A Bitch

    without stating the obvious, this bloated hog of a nation has always relied heavily on hypocrisy, probably always will.
  11. 3to1

    Merkel Photo was more fake news. (from Merkel)

    I just took a dump on your pettiness.
  12. huh, well I'll be dipped in shit..
  13. 3to1

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    go dong, wrap this shit up.
  14. ask the water, it'll tell you longer will always be relevant and faster to varying degrees no matter the proportions of a design or the conditions. it's like if you were designing an 18 foot skiff, you'd want max LWL simply because it's a net gain in overall ability of that hull's potential to maintain higher speed numbers from light to heavy air. look at a big wave surf board, they're long to better deal with the high speeds they'll attain on a big, fast wave. even full foiling designs like an AC35 benefit from a long foil platform (hull) because they will be that much quicker, if only marginally so, while they're in pre-foiling displacement mode and can get up on the foils that much sooner.
  15. 3to1

    Timex Ironman anarchy

    I don't see why not. I'm also a cheap Timex fan, good practical watches that don't look goofy or pretentious.
  16. I get it, it's too hard, too bleak, and it's not funny or fun.
  17. an attempt at context; today, racial issues are for pussies and whiners, just ask anyone who's been forced to deal with chronic, 'debilitating' mental health problems that force you beyond the outer perimeters of society and leave you with nothing to find your way back. talk about second class humans, let alone 'citizens'.
  18. 3to1

    WTF is wrong with Pruitt?

    are you really that f'ed in the head, cheesedik?? why not save a little face and say you're not apologizing for that unspeakably vile MF'er.
  19. 3to1

    is it just us?

    my two cents; please keep the occasional bits about 'environmental' issues, for example, coming on the FP, it's the absolute least any media outlet can do (unless it's a 'reich-wing' circle jerk). and fuck some of the whiny fart bags here who, oddly enough, may potentially get their panties in a bunch about someone merely highlighting critical issues that may not flatter their personal philosophies.
  20. 3to1

    Miss America Goes Down

    the fk are you on about, righty?
  21. 3to1

    Ideologues ... Live Right Next Door

    I make sure to read the handwriting on the screen, and a fair amount of it is relatively twisted shit, sort of like a culture of selfishness and idiocy.. imo, all things considered, ideology isn't all that relevant, just something else to discuss. nothing wrong with that.