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  1. Barney Army beats Me Off, thanks to them being OCS by 2 lengths. They caught right back up at Steiglitz, but it got shy after that and we wriggled away again and stretched out again. Maybe 5 mins at the finish. The Bad Grandpa boys sailed well and cleared out, but the new little Egan called Bruce will win our division I think, finishing 10 mins in from of us. Standout performer for fuckups was Transit Lounge, once again falling over, getting the mast we to the tip but getting her upright again, then sailing the rest of the race with her washboards in. Good times.
  2. Well the Barney Army will be there, gotta love this race, it was purpose built for Elliott 7's. Never miss a good opportunity to yell at the dumb fkn Multihull whackers who love to sail over the top of you then stop. The E7 intergalactic drain racing championships luckily co incide with this race, and Dan Jacks Me Off is looking the goods this year with his rock star crew, ex Americas cup pro sailors, Supermaxi crew and Sportsboat legends. Then there's Dan, but the others will drag him up a level or two. There looks to be one more E7, Steeple Jack from the Goldy, with the home waters advantage they will be a dark horse, at least until they hit the open water of the bay where there will be a big possibility they will get lost. The esky is packed, with Goggles and Millerbeer along for the ride again this year we'll need a full esky. Slapper will be happy to know I have insulated the bow locker, so his allocation of 3 rum cans and a bottle of cordial will stay nice and cool. Unfortunately, ice will be too heavy, so not that sure how cool they really will stay. Who cares right?, the after guard will have plenty of ice for the beers! We also have professional crew on board this year, gotta love being married to a sailmaker. And then our 5th is a world renowned 505 legend Dutch heritage ex Kiwi, now Aussie, with a touch of Yank thrown in. If we can understand him talk, we might go ok. This is my second favourite home waters event, behind the St Helena Cup, and well worth the effort of the 7 hr delivery down the coast. Always makes for dusty old start to Saturday and race day. On a side note, Blackjack, ex V70 Telephonica will be doing the outside course, it will be interesting if they can beat us to the finish line, I suspect they will easily, even though they have to do more than double our average speed to do so. C U on the water!
  3. Lol, I hate that!
  4. This is Anarchy MM, crossing the good taste line is what we do?
  5. Yep! What will it take! You two need to stop drinking from the same tippy-cup.... Or what! You'll fucking shoot me?
  6. Yep! What will it take!
  7. As a father of 3 small kids, I was horrified to wake to this news. Terrible to hear and I can't possibly imagine what the parents of those families are going through. As a resident of Australia and not "into" guns I do think its time the American people decided enough is enough. Ban these things which cause such great tragedies year after year. 5-10 year old kids. Such a great loss of helpless beautiful children.
  8. Looks great fella, shame about the tack then the fenders over the side, on our boat we shout the bar if that happens! Top job(for a shipping crate)
  9. 1.i didn't mean stiff as in physically. i was talking about no weight on the bottom ie. tippy as hell 2. the rudders are like 2 feet long. tiny. 3-4.the boats bow up/stern down so it doesnt trip over itself surfing down 2-3metre waves (and it trys to as it is) it feels like it wants to nosedive all the time- no buoyancy in the bow sections 5. possibly, thats what i was thinking. 6. lots of extra drag for another appendage (4???) 7. $$$$$ cheers PS it doesn't matter about habdicap anymore, the boat has been rejected by the ASBA and has not been granted an exception to the 6m rule (we knew it would happen) Looking at the handicaps finally from Geelong, i550, .771 Elliott 7 .777. That was never going to be kind to you..... Like I said earlier, save it for downwind races, Bay to Bays and the like, have a holiday come up 1st weekend in May!!! Well worth the trip.
  10. Tokyo realised this early on, he only enters races that are all downwind(S2C, Wintersun, Bay2Bay) It does ok in these races, in any other race he entered where there was a windward leg he was back with boats like a Castle 650... To put it bluntly, they just do not go upwind.
  11. Is the rumour true that a Hartley 16 beat an i550 around a race track without flying a spinnaker
  12. So if you 32:1 for rig tension, what tension do you run? Do you have a loose guage to check, seems like a lot. Six Pak has no where near 32 and seams to get enough.
  13. LOL!
  14. No!
  15. Whatever, Tokyo they are Elliott beaters.