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  1. MR MANN

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Yes Bad Dog is an Antrim 27 and the old boat, Raptor, is a mk 2 pocket rocket with a rocket 22 keel . And while we think we are the fastest boat on the lake our sails are toast, but new ones will be on it for next year, there is also another antrim 27 in Kelowna named Baad Goat
  2. MR MANN

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Hey Tempest ,Shit show said he might go sailing with you on sunday and i'll be in kelowna sunday and need to kill off a morning so I'm interested in joining you but just for the morning like real early until noon, i'll explain the reason why if i see you!!
  3. MR MANN

    Dry erasemarkers on what kind of clear plastic?

    I work at a sign shop and we always have off cuts of the actual whiteboard vinyl, and i make little race course boards with off cuts of other plastics and some thin clear lexan or plexi for a cover with pieces of velcro to hold it closed. I usually give a bunch of little vinyl dots of usual mark colours with it as gifts to fellow racers that i like.{ I would add a pic just that they are all in the boats under snow}
  4. MR MANN

    what is it?

    Something to do with a string drop?
  5. MR MANN

    ..a Poignant moment,,,

    There is an app for that called transparent screen for Android ,not sure if Apple has one but sorry no alarms for posts
  6. MR MANN

    Whars my next boat?

    Antrim 27, We sail ours with 4-5 and have even done well with 2, mind you we aren't small boys by any means
  7. They do have cleats but some of them snapped in half along with some concrete docks