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  1. dyslexic dog


  2. dyslexic dog

    NHL. Summer season 2020

    Most of these picks are just because of who I like. It is really hard to judge where teams are at now in this time frame. What pisses me off is that the Penguins could end up with the #1 pick. WTF.
  3. dyslexic dog

    NHL. Summer season 2020

    Flyers 5 bolts 6 Caps 7 Bruins 6 Knights 6 Coyotes 7 Stars 7 Blues 5
  4. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    our refrigerator just died last year. It was in the house basement when we moved in. Along with the shag carpet.
  5. dyslexic dog

    holy fuck... beirut

    and what was your life expectancy after being shanghaied from a bar in England..
  6. dyslexic dog

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Snagalizee is similar to dyslexia.
  7. dyslexic dog


    Great analogy. Forest fire and humans are the wood. Pile it up with a party and watch it burn.
  8. dyslexic dog

    holy fuck... beirut

    Electrical codes dealing with it too are interesting.
  9. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

  10. dyslexic dog

    NHL. Summer season 2020

    Yeah his dad basically did the same and ended the career of a friend of mine. Cut his wrist in a scrap in front of the net.
  11. dyslexic dog

    NHL. Summer season 2020

    So are we picking teams this year?
  12. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    I worked at Canada Dry during college working night shift. I will say, you cannot imagine how much of that stuff went out of the warehouse around the holidays. I still get nightmares about it. Skids three high, and starting to tip over.
  13. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Yeah, I lucked out. I was #83 in 1973 i think and they stopped drafting as the war drew to a close. My life would have been a lot different. Respect to my friends that served.
  14. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    59 apache with a 327 and coil front suspension.
  15. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Should have done it to this one. Just finished putting it together.