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  1. dyslexic dog

    Daysail in Bermuda

    Bob, I'll be there too. We need a secret hand signal to identify SA Members when we are on vacation.
  2. dyslexic dog

    Jerry Lewis DTS

    VWAP, WTH is that about?
  3. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    Yeah, thanks. I would have done better if I didn't vote with my heart in the first round.
  4. dyslexic dog

    Lost in the Fog

    So 49 people with cell phones can't find their way back into the harbor. http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/06/coast_guard_rescues_49_people.html
  5. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    I was going to say that but I thought I would be nice. I'll buy you one at the club when I see you.
  6. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    Whistles have been put away mostly. Regular season would have had at least 5-6 more penalties.
  7. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Hobs thanks, Looking at the Laguna race and checking whats in the background is just fun. I work from a MAC at home and the search function sucks to find out info on some of the pictures. You make me work for the history which is probably a good thing. Thanks.
  8. dyslexic dog

    SUV anarchy

    I was a Ford and Chevy owner forever due to work. Retired and bought a 2015 Subaru Outback. Very impressed. Not a lot of towing capacity though.
  9. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    Well, that was not much of a defensive struggle. Looking at it, I might have guessed wrong and I should have picked LV
  10. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    Really tough call. Love GG and what he's done. Both goalies are doing great. Both defensive teams first. Seven games and .......Washington.
  11. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    Hey, I was in on this too. Caps in 7 (still can't vote for the penguins, even if it is National Penguin Day) Tampa 6 Knights 7 Preds 5
  12. dyslexic dog

    NHL 2017

    Got rid of my "can't vote for them teams" Goal tending and defense win the cup sooooo. Tampa in 6 Vegas in 6
  13. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Thanks Hobs. Cant say enough how much I enjoy you work. It engages your mind.
  14. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Just so you know, I felt it as a compliment. And Spelling is not one of my fine points.
  15. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    That's a first for me. Snaggy correcting my spelling.