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  1. dyslexic dog

    Silver Spitfire - round the world trip

    They were radiator openings in the wing.
  2. dyslexic dog

    Indian burial ground?!?

    Monkey, How far up the bluff was it? I don't think most SA'ers understand what the east shore of Lk Mi looks like mostly. The lake is moving east right now and the dunes are getting eaten.
  3. dyslexic dog


    I guess I should say something but you all seem to have it covered. I think I'll go flog
  4. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Auto, Great Pics. The first I can't figure out. No safety harness to begin with but how long of a rope is he hanging on to with one hand?
  5. dyslexic dog

    College Football 2019

    Gator and fake news are the same? Makes total sense.
  6. dyslexic dog

    Port Huron - Mackinac 2019

    Well half right aint bad. Just got back from delivering Eliminator back to BYC nonstop.
  7. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    Thanks Hobs and sorry for the interruptions. Your work leads to wonderful places that bring history back alive. History Rhymes.
  8. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    And thank you Hobs for the presents you are giving. Especially the bow at the top of the page.
  9. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    I am trying to understand when Apollo 13 released from the Lem. I thought that they road both of them back most of the way to Earth. The way I remembered is that they rode the second stage and then rotated just after that near earths orbit. So I thought.
  10. dyslexic dog

    Skunk Works

    This is an old cheesy music film sent by a friend but it shows the startup. Air Zoo in Kazoo Mi has a SR71 trainer on display too. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1VBEMactWKZQWg1TGZGWVEzdm8/view?usp=docslist_api
  11. dyslexic dog

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    Yes. If we remember to turn it on. Last time your Bro said he couldn't see us. Duh.
  12. dyslexic dog

    Jan vacation options for wife's 60th

    Treasure Cay Bahamas. ? Rent a condo.
  13. dyslexic dog

    Random PicThread

    I did the inspection job on the left when I was 17. Knew right away I needed to get into a job that required some creativity and thinking.
  14. dyslexic dog

    Shit I Didn't Know

    Saw Bromberg in Lansing Mi in 76 with Moms Mabley. She was 82 at the time I believe. Also saw him at Bells Brewery in Kazoo Mi. last year. Still sounds great. Feat still play and tour. A friend opened for them in Traverse City and said their whole tour was just to be able to play golf in interesting places.
  15. dyslexic dog

    Shit I Didn't Know

    No one mentioned Lowell George and the feats. Same David Bromberg is another.