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  1. My newest project

    After reviewing the last few pages, the level of detail and work involved almost seems ridiculous. I'm glad that things like this exist, but my lower class brain just can't comprehend the value proposition.
  2. Design questions for Bob and friends

    I didn't mean to offend. I remember that quote from DC "No Excuse To Lose" and thought that is where it came from.
  3. Design questions for Bob and friends

    I remember reading that somewhere, but I think that book was pretty old. And I don't think he has many fans left. Looking forward; Do you see any theoretical ways that hull speed could be improved? Any radical innovation that could make a non planning hull significantly faster? Even in the imaginary world of unlimited crazy idea's, carbon fiber, and lead?
  4. Youth Sailing Instructor Background Check

    And,,, after reading threads like this, 99% of normal people will choose not to teach kids sailing. And,, the one most likely to harm kids will be the friendly high school gym teacher with the perfect record.
  5. Design questions for Bob and friends

    Another serious question; Why can't you trick Hull Speed? Why don't we see retractable 20 ft. bulbs that push the bow wake forward or foils that make the water think there is 10 feet behind the stern?
  6. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I haven't visited this forum in a few months; any way I could get a recap or update? I will likely look though these forums eventually but a summary would be great!
  7. New Jeanneaus & Bavarias

    These sailboats have finally caught up with the rest of manufactured goods. They will last for 20 years and give you the open modern feel you want. With the depreciation of boats and regular use I think that this makes total sense. Boats are now built for the average user, a few times a year as a buoy racer or over-nighter. If you want to take a 40 fter on the ocean than there are more expensive choices for you. As someone with an extremely overbuilt 30 year old Jeanneau that need as much money spent on it as its worth, I see the other side of the problem. I would easily trade all of the nice solid wood trim for a easy way to replace the wood bulkheads. If those wood bulkheads were actually a plastic with veneer that would be double plus good. I would much rather at this point, the headliner not have been made from pieces of thick leather. and i would very much have appreciated it the overall fiberglass had not rotted at all. When I see a new Jeanneau I think it looks really cheap; but half of me wonders if they have just fixed a lot of the problems that I am now coming across. If anyone could comment if they have improved the underlying problems or just cheaped out, that would be great.
  8. My newest project

    After three of these threads I still can't get my head around the process...; A thousand SAers agree that it's perfect, BP takes the negative feedback and makes it better, yet it still remains a short production run custom boat. Why can't there be a 35 Perry with a 200 run we could look forward to sailing. Or a Kick-starter for a one deign Perry. I think that the effort BP has added to this community, We should be able to build a design that last forever(or at least a few hundred years).
  9. I'm sorry to break up to fun, but does anyone mind giving a factual retelling of what has happened with the FH. I have tried looking back a few pages and may be more confused than when I started. What happened, without the BS.
  10. I have said it before, and was ridiculed. There is genius here. If marine ply or at least sign grade was used instead of OSB this thing would be a huge step forward. If all exterior surfaces were covered with at least a 1/2 inch or fiberglass than this would be a whole different animal. If aluminum supports were used to keep everything together than maybe, just maybe there is merit here... I can't help imagine a 100 ft cat built in Hot Rods philosophy with somewhat better materials.
  11. Sandy Hook parents suing everyone. ....

    If Sandy Hook actually happened...
  12. Cadilac

    Do you have sponsorship from Cadillac? If not; have you tried?? 10 million in marketing is Fuck All to GM.
  13. So...I'm interested. Has anything happened regarding the FH in the last year? Anything?? It moved a couple km's maybe. But anything important??? I would read the last 20 pages but I have a feeling it is BS. Am I wrong.
  14. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    So... I have talked to a few at the CBC and 'The Ramos Challenge" may be a thing. If anyone is personally interested in an around the world challenge in a stupid boat; please give me a pm. If I had a dozen sailors that would partake, it could be something. Please, let me know.
  15. I like it. I think it looks great. Practical and modern. I really don't see how anyone could call it ugly, I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.