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  1. postpast

    My newest project

    After reviewing the last few pages, the level of detail and work involved almost seems ridiculous. I'm glad that things like this exist, but my lower class brain just can't comprehend the value proposition.
  2. postpast

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I haven't visited this forum in a few months; any way I could get a recap or update? I will likely look though these forums eventually but a summary would be great!
  3. postpast

    My newest project

    After three of these threads I still can't get my head around the process...; A thousand SAers agree that it's perfect, BP takes the negative feedback and makes it better, yet it still remains a short production run custom boat. Why can't there be a 35 Perry with a 200 run we could look forward to sailing. Or a Kick-starter for a one deign Perry. I think that the effort BP has added to this community, We should be able to build a design that last forever(or at least a few hundred years).
  4. I'm sorry to break up to fun, but does anyone mind giving a factual retelling of what has happened with the FH. I have tried looking back a few pages and may be more confused than when I started. What happened, without the BS.
  5. I have said it before, and was ridiculed. There is genius here. If marine ply or at least sign grade was used instead of OSB this thing would be a huge step forward. If all exterior surfaces were covered with at least a 1/2 inch or fiberglass than this would be a whole different animal. If aluminum supports were used to keep everything together than maybe, just maybe there is merit here... I can't help imagine a 100 ft cat built in Hot Rods philosophy with somewhat better materials.
  6. So...I'm interested. Has anything happened regarding the FH in the last year? Anything?? It moved a couple km's maybe. But anything important??? I would read the last 20 pages but I have a feeling it is BS. Am I wrong.
  7. postpast

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    So... I have talked to a few at the CBC and 'The Ramos Challenge" may be a thing. If anyone is personally interested in an around the world challenge in a stupid boat; please give me a pm. If I had a dozen sailors that would partake, it could be something. Please, let me know.
  8. postpast

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Ya, that hit's the spot. Some cheesy 80's style walk around video would be super great if you have it.
  9. postpast

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The boat isn't even ready yet?? OMG... While those racing shots were cool, a nice long glamour/sales shot of her at dock/anchor would be nice. We are all dreaming here, a good dream like overview of why this craft is so awesome, would be pretty,,,, awesome.
  10. postpast

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    So...they dug a hole for the keel and rudder? Just needs a little tlc, it says. This boat's interior (they couldn't be bothered to even try and clean it up?) After the tlc (a listing I found on Yachtworld): I don't think so. "so he dug a hole for the keel and rudder" Don't dis it until you have tried it. I presently have three boats "dug in" and I really think it is a logical way to store boats. If you do a good bottom job and have a lead keel, I don't see any possible damage from a boat being below ground level;It is also much easier to work on the topsides and can be moved back onto a trailer with two normal excavators. I personally think that marina's might be wise to have concrete slots they could put keel and rudder in while they work on sailboats at ground level.
  11. I think everybody here owes me a apology. Ten thousand posts ago I said it may float. Five thousand posts ago I recommended mixing HR's pure carpentry with a sailors knowledge. My question know is the same; can a boat be constructed using simple carpentry, as while as composite and shipwright methods to build a 65 by 35 catamaran for under $200 thousand?
  12. postpast

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Who has the time? Nobody! That's what makes it so interesting, people willing to sacrifice 300 days in hell, give up all of their commitments and connections. While I think that a basic boat (SJ24) could be made relatively safe and efficient for around ten grand, the participants would completely give up their sense of security, modern day self improvement and nutrition. My idea is not about tan and taste, but instead about endurance and character. Forged by Ice and water, adventurers willing to not only endure Rimus environments, but seek it out. Can Sir Richard Branson be the ultimate seaman if he crosses the Atlantic on a 30 million dollar boat in 4 days?, Even if people set off to race around the world in extremely modest boats?
  13. postpast

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    That would be fun. A figaro regatta for folks who eat taquitos from gas stations and/or sniff glue. I'm sure I could find an SJ 24 in Slidell. Going price for a SJ-24 is what looks like decent order seems to be about $3k Not sure what you're going to spend the other $7k on... ground tackle, handheld VHS, handheld GPS, cartload of used sails from Bacons, some wally-world foul weather gear... good to go. I think it's sounds fun as shit but we need to have a resource pool to get all the boats into one start location. If you begin your campaign in Slidell and I buy a boat in South Carolina then it's going to be a slow painful process getting into the same water to race Also, ditto on nixing the cold weather. Being cold sucks. FB- Doug I bought my SJ24 for $400 so I think the $3k is a little high, I would add to the expenses a full second set of shrouds and spreaders (the SJ tree trunk is never going to break unless a shroud lets go). I was also thinking about buoyancy bags front and rear so it would be truly unsinkable, and maybe a 400lb bulb on the keel to help with stability. I would also add a simple autohelm, at least a grand of cheese, and adequate reading material. I have 2 SJ24 trailers (don't ask), so I'm sure we could get everybody together(maybe start a kick starter to cover travel costs). I don't think Sidell would be ideal as it is like an extra week of sailing on an SJ24 compared to Miami. I am still not against Halifax as a starting point (while cold weather sucks, lets face it; a few months on an SJ is going to suck). Also, the whole Canadian sailing thing give even more street creed (we wouldn't want to be confused with fair weather sailors). / To make thing more interesting we could also do it like a treasure hunt; you have to arrive in Vancouver with a bride from Brazil , diamond from Africa and box of working IPad's from Asia. /s We already have five posters above who are interested, we only need five more and are ready to race. If you are wondering if I am serious, I am right there with you. This crazy idea I posted on an anarchy site half drunk can be easily ignored, on the other hand, from a marketing perspective people who undertook this insane challenge would likely be considered the bravest seamen in the world and could extract a lot from the exposure it could bring. If enough other people were interested I would leave my life to try and sail around the world on a POS. If the sport was looking for a way to connect with the larger audience; I can't think of a better way then some average wealth people, traveling around the world on POS boats, with modest budgets. Excitement: Some of use might die. Adventure: Doing something never really tried before. Characters: The devolution of somewhat normal people to what they turn into after many months on a SJ24. Drama: Our own pain as while as involvement with locals along our journey. Setting: The ocean with it's spender as while as many coastlines and exotic locations. Inserts: the glamour, speed and comfort of present ocean races compared to our torture. I think that this could be turned into the first successful sailing based TV show.
  14. postpast

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I have to say, this thread has tempted me to try and round the world in an SJ24 I have and am not using. I would invest a couple grand and have rain gear plus multiple sails. If ten people were interested in racing SJ24's from Halifax to Vancouver (the long way) I think that might be fun? The Ghetto Ocean Race, The True Endurance, The Ultimate Seamen. I know a couple people who have rowed across the Atlantic, this has to be more sane than that? 50 well prepared SJ24's leaving Halifax would make this truly epic. I believe that $10,000 can make an SJ24 truly seaworthy; For the price of a single open 65, this fleet of 50 Ghetto Ocean Racers could be prepped. If anyone else here is enticed by the idea or racing around the world in a SJ24, speak up. I bet we could make this a reality TV show, get sponsors, write books and experience a once in a lifetime experience.
  15. postpast

    Plane Missing

    Billions on miles traveled, thousands of feet in the air, at hundreds on miles per hour, in a thin tin can; every year. It is amazing that there isn't crashes every week. Even "higher risk" airlines have a much better survival rate then the average car in a small city. Every plane crash is a tragedy, but globally all air tragedy's equal the fatalities/serious injuries that occur in US car crashes in any given month.