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  1. SemiSalt

    Garcia Exploration 45

    Large beam is good for power to carry sail, but not good for Angle of Vanishing Stability.
  2. SemiSalt

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Here is an affordable boat. $84.49 at The outboard is unexpected touch.
  3. SemiSalt

    Best Depth-finder/ GPS for under $500.00:-?

    It's very likely that Garmin used the same hardware for roadmaps and charts at some time back in the day. But chances are also that the charts only covered small areas, e.g. only LIS, and you probably cant find the one you need.
  4. SemiSalt

    Waquiez Gladiator

    Some saildrives installations have partial bulkheads fore and aft to prevent the boat from sinking in case of a gasket failure. Check out the saildrive's recommendation with respect to winter storage. I've heard that some don't like wintering in the water.
  5. SemiSalt

    Southerly 38 and other modern lifting keel boats

    For maintenance purposes, a modern plywood boat can be thought of as a wood core 'glass boat.
  6. SemiSalt

    Retirement Planning

    Best to have some money in stocks at least one, and preferably two, bull markets before you need it.
  7. SemiSalt

    Retirement Planning

    Friends delivered a Hunter 34 from the NYC area to Chicago. They had the mast dropped around Albany and stepped as they reached Lake Michigan. They reported running the engine 100% of the time. I was surprised at the number of routes available.
  8. SemiSalt

    Southerly 38 and other modern lifting keel boats

    I believe the Benereau/Jeaneau system uses a screw drive of some description the needs annual maintenance which I think is basically cleaning and lubrication.
  9. SemiSalt

    Southerly 38 and other modern lifting keel boats

    Having 30% or more of displacement not rigidly attached to the boat can cause problems. At minimum, it takes some costly and well-engineered gear to raise and lower, and maintenance of the gear is mandatory. A dagger-type blade is going to put a lot of stress on the gear in any kind of grounding where a swinging might, in theory, reduce the stress by swinging back and up.
  10. SemiSalt

    The Rant

    My sailing water is about 30 miles from Manhattan. There are about 50,000,000 people who could reasonably sail here though some have more convenient options. From shore you can see at least 5 miles east and west. Typical number of sail in sight on a sunny day in high summer? Five.
  11. SemiSalt

    Retirement Planning

    Chances are that sometime before age 60, you'll start thinking "now or never". It's difficult to maintain your strength, and the generation just ahead of you will be beset by various difficulties only some of which are medical.
  12. SemiSalt


  13. SemiSalt

    How good is a bad VPP?

    This post is a continuation of a sidebar in the Alberg 30 thead. The background: I followed up on an idea from Olin Stephens to write a VPP using "brochure data" that a yachtsman could use to evaluate a boat without a "real" VPP. (There other threads about this in SA's forum archives.)The program under discussion uses LOA, LWL, Beam, Draft, Displacement, plus I ,j, P, E for the rig. Bob Perry posted a VPP for the Flying Tiger 10M on Facebook a day or two ago. I don't think he'll mind my reposting it here. Probably it's already on SA somewhere. The first thing to notice is that my program assumes a symmetrical spinnaker and knows nothing about the big assymetric. Upwind, Bob's chart shows 6 to 6.5 kts whenever there is any wind. My chart shows 2 to 8 kts. Not good at all. Broad reaching is better. Ignoring my 4kt line, my chart shows from 5.8 to 9.5 while Bob's shows 6 to 9.5. How do I evaluate this? Considering the huge number of approximations that were necessary to get any result at all, it's gratifying to look at the quite realistic 12 kt line and feel I did pretty well. OTOH, I don't want anybody spending any money based on my charts; they're just not good enough. I look at the chart and ponder if there is a part of the program that can be improved. The hardest part to model was the keel because the only data offered is draft. I know the program is weak in this area because I had to use a fudge factor to get any decent results all. I may look at it again.
  14. SemiSalt

    Alberg 30

    it's not a spreadsheet, it's a Windows program. That complicates the install a little. I think you would need to get the .NET Framework although you may already have it. There might be version issues about that. There are a couple reasons that I'm reluctant to let the program loose on the world. The VPP isn't very good compared to other VPPs that are out there. A lot of this not-goodness is stems from the limited input data and is baked in, but of course not everyone is going to recognize that. Some of the not-goodness is due to the program itself. I had to resort to at least one huge fudge factor to get reasonable results. I may post a comparison of my results to the results of a real VPP in a new thread. Also, the user interface is just what was convenient at the time, not at all what you might expect from a finished program. I'd be embarrassed for anyone to think it's the best I could do.
  15. SemiSalt

    Alberg 30

    I will freely admit this is just me showing off and not really anything that can be trusted. The story is that I got interested in VPPs and programmed an over-simple version for myself that uses only the data in the file on the YRA/LIS web site. This is about 10 numbers per boat where a real VPP uses a hundred or more. The off-wind numbers reflect the use of a spinnaker. To my eye, the 20kt numbers are totally unrealistic. The 12kt line (middle of the five) looks reasonable. I'm pretty sure my Hunter 28 would walk away from an Alberg 30 in just about any conditions less than a single reef. PHRF says we are 30 sec/mile faster. But I basically never see 7kts. Partly this is WLIS conditions and partly is that I sail non-spinnaker. OTOH, the Hunter is not fit for blue water.