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  1. SemiSalt

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    TIL has drawings of a huge number of ships in a standardized style.
  2. SemiSalt

    Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

    Constructionwise, the Tylercraft was never in the same league as the Centaur.
  3. Back in the day, I worked with some people in the Navy sonar business. One of them pointed out that every specialist would explain a phenomenon in his own terms. The oceanographers would say it was due to thermal layers in the water, the EEs would say it was due to water pressure on the hydrophones.
  4. SemiSalt

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    My folks crossed from Le Harve to NYC. I forget the month, but it was cold and raw on deck, not suitable for reading. North Atlantic, you know.
  5. SemiSalt

    Helm and Rudders on Catboats

    Whether you think a deep and powerful rudder prevents weather helm or merely mitigates it depends on your philosophy on the function of foils. But it does make the boat easier to control. Catboat sailing requires sacrificing perfection in the set of the sail as necessary to optimize the sail/hull/foils trio. Sloops have to that too sometimes but not as often. The most obvious case is dropping the traveler when the wind comes up. A cat should be pretty well balanced when on the wind and not heeling too much. Failing that, the thrust and drag don't line up and create a turning moment.
  6. SemiSalt

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    My father took the extended family on a few cruises. It was an OK way to have a family reunion. I preferred the days at sea to the days in port - lying in the shade with a book watching the ship's wake. The new ships are mini-amusement parks, and may not have space for that sort of indolence.
  7. SemiSalt

    Helm and Rudders on Catboats

    An old-time catboat sailor who saw me struggling with weather helm on a run taught me a trick of catboat sailing. To reduce weather helm when sailing DDW, trim the main in a little bit. This causes the sail to create a force vector pushing the bow down and countering the weather helm. This does not work on sloops because the mast is set further back, and the force vector goes through the middle of the boat so it doesn't affect steering much.
  8. SemiSalt

    Helm and Rudders on Catboats

    As it happens, this photo of a lug-rigged Bolger Chebacco yawl was uploaded to Facebook just a day or so ago. I'm sure it works fine. Although Bolger used shallow rudders with end plates quite a lot, he also designed small boats with deep rudders. The second picture is the Bolger-designed Cynthia J. catboat I had built for me back about 1980. She's 100 feet into her maiden sail on a very puffy day, and one of the builders is perched on the bow putting the boat out of trim. This boat has quite deep bladed rudder, though you can't really tell from the photo. I'm not sure what you mean by "twist".
  9. SemiSalt

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    I once saw a Soling that been given a cuddy cabin. Where did all the Solings go?
  10. SemiSalt

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Probably the OP has settled the question by now, but scanning through the posts again, I was reminded that someone just posted this in the C/L admiration thread. Note, design by Alberg, not Alden. One common characteristic of threads like this the conflict between a desire for speed and a desire for easy handling. Lots of people don't understand that the new and fast boats are not made new and fast by some magic in drawing the lines. They were made fast by exaggerating the factors that have always been speed-producing: big sail area, light displacement, high stability (possibly relying on crew weight), high-aspect ratio foils, and these things make a boat tricky to handle.
  11. SemiSalt

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    I assumed that was the stern, what with the flag and all. Thanks Veeger and Priscilla for the explanations.
  12. SemiSalt

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    This is off-topic, but I'd like to ask this question of the assembled brain-power: What are the diagonal pipe structures on the top sides of some British and German battleships of the WW1 era?
  13. SemiSalt

    How many hours on your diesel marine engine?

    I've read that most sailboat diesels die of overheating. In the last two years, the engine in my 30-year-old boat has started belching a bit of brown smoke on starting. Also, not starting quite as easily as before. I suspect compression is down in one of the cylinders. The engine in my father's boat was replaced when three cruises in succession were interrupted by some sort of mechanical problem with the engine, at least one of which involved spraying oil around. Noticing the symptoms is probably a better guide than the engine hours meter.
  14. SemiSalt

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    Car Carrier, Narragansett Bay.
  15. SemiSalt

    Refitting an older midsized cruiser

    I suggest you study Yachtworld, the internet, and boat ads to find the smallest boat you can that has a master stateroom that you can accept. Your boat is going to have to be at least that big because designers would have put the master stateroom in a smaller boat if they could have. Studies have indicated that the new boat premium is paid off in about 7 or 8 years. In other words, prices fall relatively quickly for that long, and after that, fall based on condition. That's about the time that gear that was on the boat when new starts needing to be replaced. Lots of sailors don't want 8-year-old electronics, for example. I don't think you save much in the long run by starting with a boat that's older than 8 years. You are thinking of modifying to sleeping compartments into offices. Does that leave you sleeping room for enough crew to sail the boat?