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  1. SemiSalt

    A Form of Cruising...

    As I understand it, cruisers who are visiting from other sailing venues, are obliged to consume crab at least once a day. I'm not sure if this applies to the locals, though.
  2. SemiSalt

    Coolboats to admire

    From the same drawing board as the Allied Seawind, the first fiberglass boat to sail around the world. Probably quite similar to the Seawind in form. But, as you suggest, not the boat for anyone who is in a hurry.
  3. SemiSalt

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Phil Bolger designed a boat called the Storm Petrel. It's basically a rugged 16-foot skiff with enough decked-volume to keep it afloat, a steel plate keel, and a short rig. To me, it always seemed like the perfect boat for making a getaway. Boat without rig... The big safety issue with the immigrant boats is that they always seem to be overloaded.
  4. SemiSalt

    Catalina 25 rigging question

    All of which makes perfect sense to me. Thanks.
  5. SemiSalt

    Catalina 25 rigging question

    With the Cruising Designs furler, the ship's halyard is not used. The jib is hoisted with a separate line which runs to the top of the foil and back down to the tack. No use for the winch on the mast.
  6. SemiSalt

    Catalina 25 rigging question

    Arguments in favor of main on starboard: It's the convention to have the main on starbord. Winch is on port for the jib halyard which can not otherwise be tensioned effectively. The main luff can be tensioned by block & tackle downhaul on the sliding gooseneck. Arguments in favor of main on port: Most boats will were fitted with Cruising Designs furlers which have their own halyard, so a winch on the jib halyard would be useless. The guy whose boat is rigged that way is the by far the better and more experienced sailor.
  7. SemiSalt

    Catalina 25 rigging question

    I saw a C25 on the hard this morning, and it seemed to have a halyard led to a turning block on the cabin top, port side, about a foot from the mast, and thence back to the cockpit. I couldn't make out whether it was for the main or the jib.
  8. The Catalina 25 has two halyards. One cleats near the cabin top on the starboard side and the other opposite it on the port side. A winch is mounted on the mast above the cleat on the port side. I have two friends who own Catalina 25s. One boat is set up with the main halyard cleating on port and jib halyard cleating on starboard. The other has the main on port and the jib on starboard. Who is right?
  9. SemiSalt

    Any Free Apps/Resources for Wind/Currents?

    For current, I've not found anything for your area that's as good as this is for New York Harbor and Cape May thru LIS generall However, if you go here to NCCOOS (The North Carolina Coastal Ocean Observing System) there is some stuff. Go to Maps, then National HF RADAR Network Surface Currents. The map I see only has data from Morehead City north, and mostly off shore, but maybe if you poke around you can find something more local and comprehensive.
  10. SemiSalt

    Coolboats to admire

    Am I sure? No. I say Crocker because I found this schooner in Sam Crocker's Boats. The drawing shows a gaff foresail, but the picture in the book has a staysail as does my picture. The sheer could have flattened over the years.
  11. SemiSalt

    Coolboats to admire

    A Crocker schooner.
  12. SemiSalt

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Upwind? Don't think so. Upwind sailing is all about power to carry sail, which is why lead mines are lead mines. Even in light wind.
  13. The reason you are asking for advice here is because you aren't confident of your own opinion. But the people here have not even seen the boat, so what do they know. Competent opinions about specific steel boats can be obtained. With luck, someone who can supply that will look over the boat for free, but it the itch doesn't subside, spend the $500-$1000 for a survey.
  14. SemiSalt

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    I got out my copy of John Kretchmer's Sailing the Serious Ocean to see if he has anything to add. Well, there is this: "Nothing is more dangerous aboard an offshore sailboat than a narcissist." He doesn't explain at any great length, but perhaps he doesn't need to.
  15. SemiSalt

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    And I have not been able to find any reference to a Cat 30 with centerboard or swing keel.