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  1. SemiSalt

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    The materials and color choices are similar, but there is a wee difference in workmanship.
  2. SemiSalt

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    In number of designs, the box boats are a minority. In number of boats built, quite possibly a majority. A few of the boxy boats are quite elegant when nicely built.
  3. SemiSalt

    Dinghy Adventure Anarchy

    In a limited degree of fairness, I'll add that I think it's only meant for kayaks and other very light boats, but if that is the case, a bit of sandy beach would be better. I dont know what rules apply.
  4. SemiSalt

    Daysailer for old people

    The fiberglass Stone Horses were very well built and finished. Popular among the same New Englanders who might otherwise sail a 12 1/2. I sat in the cockpit of one at a boat show 4 decades or so ago, and it wasn't ...quite what I expected in the width of seat and depth of footwell, so I advise a personal visit.
  5. SemiSalt

    Dinghy Adventure Anarchy

    Did you ever arrive at a launching ramp and find it looks like this?
  6. SemiSalt

    Best Ocean Races

    Up against a tautology, I think. For example, one reason the Bermuda Race has not been mentioned is because of the more generally benign conditions that make it achievable by amateurs.
  7. If you are going to stick to the Maxie, get a firelighter and save your fingers. (Kitchen matches are an obsolete technology. )
  8. SemiSalt

    best boat to buy Put the other $175K into gold.
  9. SemiSalt

    Daysailer for old people

    I can't identify this one. I think it's not any of the Alerions; they all seem to have teak handholds on the cabin top.
  10. SemiSalt

    How long did it take to find/buy your boat?

    When my then-crew member and I went looking for a new boat, the very first one we saw was actually a very good option, but it seemed just a bit too small, just a bit too slow. It gave us a wrong impression about what might be available. The next umpteen boats we looked at were not as good as the first. After a couple years of looking at boats as far east as Rhode Island and as far west as Liberty marina, I showed an ad for a local boat to my wife and said "if we wanted to solve the problem by throwing money at it..." and she said "go look at it." I think in making an important purchase, we all have the risk of looking around to see what features are available and at what price, and then looking for a package which is just beyond what's available in the market. With boats, there is always the chance of finding a unicorn, but they are nominated "unicorn" for a reason.
  11. SemiSalt

    When is it time to transition?

    If you get a boat that displaces 3 tons or more and rates over 180 PHRF, and can find a fleet to race it non-spinnaker, you can can keep going well into your dotage. Don't make the crew sit on the rail, leave the sheets cleated in the self-tailers, have a younger crew member to set the whisker pole. Also, don't care if you win; just enjoy the tide and the sunset.
  12. SemiSalt

    Joe Biden is now President Elect

    Well, there may be issues about which Sen Collins is VERY concerned.
  13. SemiSalt

    Joe Biden is now President Elect

    How very USA that we spend days agonizing over the Electoral College until some news organization declares a winner, and then we say the election has been decided, long before the votes are certified, much less the EC convened.
  14. SemiSalt

    Results as they come in

    We don't have any idea what Pence has been thinking for the past 4 years other than that he had to support Trump or be totally sidelined. Mostly, he has just stood silently in the background. This not to say that I think he deserves a chance to shine. He reached his Peter Principle level of incompetence as a governor.
  15. SemiSalt

    Ok why were the polls off by so much?

    Nobody answers the phone anymore. What's the effect of that?