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  1. Holokai

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    18.6 on a J80 in the Kalohi Channel
  2. Holokai

    J80 - Harken 32.2A WInch replacement

    I will call them on Monday!
  3. I own J80 hull number 10, Boondoggle. The two winches are Harken 32.2A and the section of the aluminum drums which hold the pawls have become enlarged. I need either replacement drums or new winches altogether. PROBLEM: Harken has discontinued the 32.2A winch. Has anyone else here already solved this dilemna? Any ideas? Mahalo, Holokai
  4. Holokai

    J80 Bow Pulpit Replacment

    I need a new bow pulpit on my US built J80 Hull #10. Where can I find one? Any ideas?
  5. Holokai

    J80 Cockpit Drain Scuppers

    Never mind, I found them in England https://www.asap-supplies.com/us/centek-scupper-drain-fitting-1200134
  6. Holokai

    J80 Cockpit Drain Scuppers

    Since Waterline seems to be out of business, does anyone know where I can find replacements for my J80 transom scuppers? See jpg Also does anyone have any ideas who is in charge of all the J80 parts that Waterline used to carry? I also need a new bow pulpit.
  7. I am trying to order some J80 parts but their website order system does not work and they do not return my phone calls. I was trying to order J80 bow pulpit, chainplates, and several hundred dollars of other J80 parts. I finally had to get a local fabricator to duplicate my chain-plates, and he will start work on a bow pulpit replacement soon. Anyone know where I can get some plastic J80 transom scuppers?
  8. Holokai


    Are there any owners of the J88 with the Oceanvolt system? I am looking for owner reports on that aspect of the boat. I saw the J88 at Annapolis, and I am very interested in the boat.