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  1. Since your question was a few years ago you probably don't care any more, but I have an Oceanvolt J/88 and would answer any questions you might have. 


  2. I have been ordering crew shirts (J80) with the line drawing plan (attached) from the J80 website and am bored with that. Does anyone have any great J80 action "art" that would be suitable for crew shirts on my boat? Mahalo, Holokai ,
  3. Holokai

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    18.6 on a J80 in the Kalohi Channel
  4. Holokai


    Are there any owners of the J88 with the Oceanvolt system? I am looking for owner reports on that aspect of the boat. I saw the J88 at Annapolis, and I am very interested in the boat.