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  1. The Shadow

    2015 ALIR

    Looks par for the course.... little on the slow side. First 367 ratings are gonna take another hit!
  2. The Shadow

    Gary Johnson

    That would be exceptional. America needs a third party.
  3. The Shadow

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    Hell Yoko Ono claims she was her lover.
  4. Yeah, he probably has issues with crisis managment and problem solving.
  5. So I see y'all are still arguing over a string of words and the aftermath. Try this, "it's the economy stupid!" 1 1 Attributed to James Carville.
  6. Just reading that this McIver woman is a registered democrat..... as such, speech writer and dem, you think she would know something about Michelle Obama's speeches.....
  7. Oh okay. I did take you up on the offer and you supplied a like to a listing of a penthouse. You did not offer up any "personal" pictures of the place. So????? And will you kindly stop switching screen names ever few minutes. Thanks in advance.
  8. Well yesterday the speech writers who worked on this piece were saying it wasn't them, that Melani Trump had made significant rewrites to the speech..... soooooo either this has been walked back OR some sort of damage control has kicked in and we are now being told one of them had in fact inadvertently included that phrase as supplied by Melani Trump. That in fact Mrs. Trump admires Michelle Obama and that she supplied the phraseology. Shall I let you all ponder that and perhaps figure it out or shall I just explain to you all what my take is about what is likely going on here?
  9. From Urban Dictionary rickroll To disguise a link to a video of Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." Popularized from excessive use on 4chan and certain Internet gaming forums. Sort of like Void Ho videos on SA I take it.
  10. you were already stalking me! No, mostly I just ignore you being nothing much creative nor worthy of consideration dribbling from your keyboard. your deep dive into my london lodgings was pro bono? London lodgings? Please expand on that thought. I'd be curious to hear more about it? The only poster I ever recall having a conversation, more a back and forth, was bL when she claimed to own a luxury flat south of Thames. She said it was for sale and when I used a British vernacular to ask what it was being offered for, she didn't understand the meaning of the question. Hence I concluded she was lying through her crooked teeth. So are you saying there is another instance of something less memorable, or the you are just another of bL's sock puppets?
  11. "A speechwriters draft of Melania Trumps remarks to the Republican National Convention did not include the passages that kicked off a firestorm Monday night. NBC News reported Tuesday night that the draft Republican speechwriter Matthew Scully submitted to Donald Trumps campaign did not include the phrases Melania Trump delivered that matched nearly word-for-word remarks Michelle Obama made in 2008. A senior Trump aide told NBC News that Scully submitted an early draft to the campaign that was rejected, and the process was started again. The aide said Scullys draft did not become a template for the final version. The New York Times reported that the campaign hired two high-profile speechwriters Matthew Scully and John McConnell, who worked on signature addresses such as George W. Bushs remarks after the 9/11 terror attacks to help draft Melania Trumps speech. They sent a draft but then Weeks went by. They heard nothing, the Times reported, because Melania Trump was uncomfortable with the text, which she began to change. The Times put together an account of how the slip-up happened based on interviews with more than a dozen people involved in or close to the Trump campaign. The original speechwriters were not aware of how much the speech had been changed until they saw it delivered on Monday night. Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trumps husband, brought Scully and McConnell in to help, but Melania Trump turned instead to Meredith McIver, who worked on some of Donald Trumps books, the Times reported. Its not clear how much input McIver had, but sources told the paper that but the time Trump and her staff finished revising the speech, nearly all that remained from the original was the introduction and a passage with the phrase a national campaign like no other. The Republican presidential nominees campaign has maintained there was no plagiarism in the remarks, and other Republicans have argued it amounted to common themes and some similar words. But several phrases are identical to ones uttered by the first lady, and plagiarism experts are beyond skeptical of it being a coincidence. Turnitin, a California-based company, uses a computer algorithm to automatically vet submitted writing for any matches that could amount to plagiarism. Chris Harrick, Turnitin vice president of marketing, told The Hill on Tuesday that 6 percent of Melania's Trumps speech was determined to have language that matched with other existing text. All 6 percent came from Michelle Obamas 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention. According to Turnitin, there is a 1 in 1 trillion chance that two writers would write the same 16-word sequence by coincidence. The longest matching sequence of words between the Trump and Obama speeches was 23 words." Will you quit posting using reason??? This is PA. Just insult the dimwits with whom you disagree and get on with life We all know the only people who are less than disgusted by the entire Trump candidacy are those who have total and complete faith in the Donnie. ACCEPT him as your POTUS and he will bring you eternal greatness. So you and bL firmly believe Melanie Trump knowingly copied that phrase from Michelle Obama? Kindly expand on that thought.
  12. you were already stalking me! No, mostly I just ignore you being nothing much creative nor worthy of consideration dribbling from your keyboard.
  13. Oh lookie, I have my own personal stalker. Nothing says you have arrive in PA like your own personal stalker. So you agree with me then that this wasn't plagiarism but coincidence. Interesting.