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  1. He did win a long shot. Won his Division in the Chicago Solo Mac (there is no formal overall winner) as well...
  2. sidmon

    ONWA's disturbing statement about AIS

    Test of the AIS B output from a second boat here:
  3. sidmon

    ONWA's disturbing statement about AIS

    Looks like Onwa should get someone who can actually comprehend English to revamp that FAQ. Its entirely specious with the writer not understanding that a Class B AIS is -not- simply a receiver. Onwa has some wide exposure outside the US (where their transceivers are not FCC approved as the users can enter transmitter data), and comments on YBW and elsewhere are claiming good use from the various models of Class B AIS transceivers. I do like their idea of combining the AIS with the chartplotter...
  4. sidmon

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    Some footage of Natalie J in 2018...
  5. sidmon

    Sun Fast 3300

    Learned today that one will be delivered to the Chicago area in the same timeframe...
  6. sidmon

    Ulman Sails - Wally Cross - System Sailing

    Some good gouge from Wally when he previously worked at Quantum...
  7. sidmon

    Moar binocular anarchy

    Bought a pair MTRC-SX Fuji's back in in 1986. They have been consistently wonderful. Age has finally taken its toll with some astig (can no longer see the moons of Jupiter), a bubble in the compass, and crumbling rubber. Have resisted buying a new set the last couple years because they still deliver good -enough- performance. Especially at night. But alas have a little extra $$ working OT, so hit the button on a new FMTRC-SX for $725 literally just before clicking into SA and seeing this link. Inflation adjusted, thats about what I paid back in '86. This pair will likely outlive me.
  8. sidmon

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    I am on Lake Michigan. Should also say thats the nominal range of continuous hits. I see intermittent hits beyond that depending on atmospherics, but I dont usually have my chartplotter ranged out that far. Antenna height is ~45 feet.
  9. sidmon

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    I have had a regular Shakespeare masthead whip for my Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF/AIS receive for 10 years and routinely see AIS A targets out to 30nm...
  10. sidmon

    J/88 for single handed day sailing?

    Rich Stearns sailed a J/88 in the Chicago Solo Mac in 2018...
  11. I bought a main and genny made with CDX 7 in 2017. The main has maintained its shape quite well. The genny (roller furled) has grown a little mildew, but its not so bad that I can't live with it, but the leech is cupped and the weathermax strip is baggy. Its due some tlc from the sailmaker. The legacy CDX 7 was heavier than I realized. Their brochure shows 8.3 oz as the weight. Contender's brochure for the pro states they have "made a big improvement in the weight of the CDX PRO styles to make the fabrics more efficient in terms of strength to weight which will improve lower wind range performance and ease of handling", with the weight of the CDX Pro 7 being 7.4 oz. It also states that Contender has added titanium oxide to the adhesive to inhibit mildew.
  12. This vid gives some indication of how well it does upwind...but also shows the minimal interior (not such a bad thing for the kind of boat it is) and the rather rough construction details of the overhead as expressed above...That said it seems pretty quiet below as bare as it is.
  13. sidmon

    Boat Show Flood
  14. sidmon

    Sun and wind powered cars

    In english...