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  1. sidmon

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    This, from the wettest boat in the fleet, does not bode well either...
  2. sidmon

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    From my vantage at the Mustang on the island, the north end petered out... Of note the locals I’m sitting with have found the persistent easterlies over the last few weeks quite the anomaly. And the Solo Mac dealt with northerlies up the lake then some angry east stuff down the strait.
  3. sidmon

    Contender CDX Cruise Laminate Owners

    Bought a new main and roller furled 135 made with CDX 7 last year and am quite pleased with their performance. Of course the sails were only bent on from May to the end of October here in Chicago, but there is no hint of mildew. Issue I had for the season was the mess the spiders make. This year I will be more diligent about keeping the critters at bay, and giving the sails regular rinse downs.
  4. sidmon

    Sailing World mag

    Check out these Blasts From The Past... Still some good and pertinent gouge to be found in them. magazine&f=false mackinac race motorboating magazine&f=false world 1977&f=false Lots more if you rummage about.
  5. sidmon

    Tracking device or software

    First off a caveat: I singlehand on the Great lakes, so there is at least a chance of alert gets sent out promptly. A few years ago I did my Spring check of the ACR PLB I carry on my life jacket. Well, I thought I "test", but had hit "on". Once i figured out how to turn the damned thing back off, I found the number to the USAF SARSAT folks. A Sergeant said they had received the alert and she was looking up contact info to call me. While on the phone with her, another call came in from a Cleveland number. At the same time, my wife's phone started ringing, and it sounded like she was talking to someone official. Thinking it was the Coasties, I signed off with the Sarge with profuse apologies, picked up the other call which was sure enough Coast Guard Great Lakes wondering if I was in distress. Told him that I was not...just a dumbass who hit the wrong button. Both the USAF and Coasties were appreciative of me calling them. This whole episode lasted no more than 15 minutes. So, I would say those little ACR PLB's work as advertised! Since then, I've also started wearing a Standard Horizon HX870 which is a GLSS race requirement if you are going to not wear a tether ( which I do when I think its needed, but not necessarily always). The big thing to concentrate on is though: DO NOT DEPART THE BOAT!!!
  6. sidmon


  7. sidmon


    Thanks Steve. My painting scenario is pretty much the same as yours. I want to paint my cabin top next fall and winter, and then other parts such as the cockpit at a later date, so the ease of application and later repairability is quite important. Not to mention one of the biggest lessons I learned in the USN is: Once you paint, you shall continue to paint forevermore. Did you have any issues with orange peel? Seems to be the biggest con with the paint I can find.
  8. sidmon


    Has anyone used EMC's Quantum 99 (Genius Bucket) two part polyurethane paint? Specifically, has anyone rolled it?
  9. sidmon

    New Single Handed Sailor

    The calendar usually gets posted after the AGM in January. The Chicago.and Huron Solo Macs are the third Saturday in June. The Solos in other lakes follow in a progression so folks can make multiple challenges. The Lake Michigan Solo Scramble is the weekend after Labor Day. Some folks do the Solo Mac and then do the crewed "Big Mac" a few weeks later. GLSS is a great organization in that it encompasses both hard core top notch racers, and folks (like me) who are more into the solo aspects. While competitive, there isnt any of the ruinously expensive -and member draining- arms race to gain thqt 1/4 knot over your competitors (unless you want to). Also, everyone looks out for each other. Folks who first do the Solos are surprised at how much everyone communicates.
  10. sidmon

    New Single Handed Sailor

    Read this book... Techniques & Tactics For Singlehanded Sailing Thoughts, Tips, PDFSinglehanded Sailing Society › doc › Sin... And -EVERYTHING!- this guy has written... Techniques & Tactics For Singlehanded Sailing Thoughts, Tips, PDFSinglehanded Sailing Society › doc › Sin...
  11. sidmon


    "Absolute" and "Period"... The "SCIENCE!" ain't that settled...Not by a longshot. Over the past 40 years, the number of acres burned in California has varied widely, from a high of 1.3 million acres in 2008 to a low of 33,870 acres in 1991, according to totals from the U.S. Forest Service and Cal Fire. Although there are anomalies — years when large amounts of the state burned even after a wetter than normal winter, the overall pattern is clear. Most of the years with the fewest acres burned occurred after winters with higher-than-normal precipitation, like 1983 and 1998, both El Niño years with lots of flooding. Years following multiple below-normal rainfall winters, like 2008, or very dry winters, like 2007 and 1977, end up having more acres burn in the summer. Ok..."Climate Change" is a constant. Have you looked at long period evolution of the chaparral? Will a warmer/wetter climate reduce the beetle population? Is bankrupting your state chasing after the CO2 boogeyman they right path? Or would money be better spent on better fire science and mitigation? Here is a graph showing a decreasing trend in wildfires from 1930 to 1970 and an increasing trend in global carbon emissions. If we “cherry pick” data from 1926 to 1970 we get a negative relationship between area burned and carbon dioxide. However, if we “cherry pick” data from 1985 to 2013 we get a positive relationship. Neither relationship proves anything about the effects of carbon dioxide on wildfires since, during dry seasons, human activity is the overwhelming factor that determines both the number and size of wildfires. In the lower 48 states there have been about ten “extreme megafires,” which I define as burning more than 1 million acres. Eight of these occurred during cooler than average decades. These data suggest that extremely large megafires were 4-times more common before 1940 (back when carbon dioxide concentrations were lower than 310 ppmv). What these graphs suggest is that we cannot reasonably say that anthropogenic global warming causes extremely large wildfires.
  12. sidmon


    I do realize that. (Once lived at 1546 High St in Alameda. Where I learned to sail...But I digress) Read the fucking study. You still cannot say that the fires are directly attributable to CO2 induced warming of the climate... You cannot then make the leap that CO2 "Global Warming" is primarily human caused... You're "Absolute" isn't.
  13. sidmon


  14. sidmon


    Show me observations which definitively prove the fires in California can be attributed to "small changes in climate"... All you're gonna find is conjecture based on flawed model data. As for the "hottest day ever"... Show where that breaks out of the realm of natural variability.
  15. sidmon


    Right out of the last IPCC... That is ordained Gospel. So, when you say the fires in California are "Absolutely" being made worse by AGW, you are -in fact (such as they are in Monsoon's Holy Scroll)- spewing Bullshit. Also, when it was flooding in California, this study came out...Imagine that. Essentially the warmer it gets the more rain will fall in California. So, which is it gonna be? El Niño-like teleconnection increases California precipitation in response to warming