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  1. Because patriotic Americans know he is a Kenyan socialist Muslim who is trying to destroy the nation by attempting to create a government take over of Medicare. He also pals around with terrorists and wants to take our guns. The hell you say! So you're saying that the "other" 47% are nothing but a bunch Tea Party Buffoons?
  2. So I guess my question is; with all the things going for Obama such as the media, Mittens blunder's, and everyting else, why isn't Obama up by at least 20%? Disclaimer - I am not voting for either of these two as I don't feel either is qualified for the job, is in touch with reality, or really gives a damm.
  3. Being the optimist that I am, I'm saying an appendectomy scar
  4. So we're a week into this. How are you losers as in weight doing? I notice my gym is rather busy, but this will drop down in a month or so when all the resolution stuff wears off. Keep at it, t is going to take some time and there are no shortcuts to doing it right.. Good luck!