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  1. Anybody got experience WRT Rhodes / the Dodecanese being better for meltimi?
  2. zedboy

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    MADE MY DAY +++++++++LOTS Take that Raymarine. Py if you come to Ottawa in the last week of August I will buy you a beer.
  3. zedboy

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    If you can make Nooks or Kindles that will tolerate the salt air corrosion on their charging ports and splash-proof them, sure! Same goes for the laptop. Actually, laptops are rather quaint. It should be a stick computer running some thin version of windows or Android Marshmallow. Was going to put the nooks/kindles in some kind of totally sealed box (except for rubber-grommetted charging port). They are cheap enough and big enough I think I can skip buttons to switch the display. I assumed everyone keeps a normal laptop below for OpenCPN and whatever other stuff. Looking around at sub-$100 anemometers. Will keep the class up to date as this progresses. I already have a spare nook so planning for very low initial investment.
  4. zedboy

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    But shouldn't I just write a web page that pulls data from the laptop running OpenCRM and display it on sunlight-visible e-paper nooks or kindles at <$99/ea. (Running over the wifi)?
  5. zedboy

    Dave's perfect sailboat

    You have to ask?! Awesome website, very informative about all aspects of the process. Thanks especially for the part about costs - In a million years I wouldn't have thought it could be so reasonable. Really in spitting range for anyone who would consider a new boat in this size range.
  6. zedboy

    My newest project

    I was looking back through the thread and I couldn't find (though it's probably there) - how much does the hull weigh (w/o ballast)?
  7. zedboy

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    When I moved my old boat from outside Hamilton to Lake Simcoe (~150km? including an explosive tire failure on the 407, good thing the trailer was 2-axle) we discovered a surprised and unhappy mother racoon and her kits under the cockpit. I called a local exterminator with coon experience, he said, "Leave the hatch open and I'll be she's gone by tomorrow!" ... I was lucky and he was right.
  8. zedboy

    My newest project

    Just one gripe Bob: where do you get off calling it a ketch?! The mizzen is too small. It is a yawl.
  9. zedboy

    Origami Boat Thread

    Good theory. Not explicitly in the book.
  10. zedboy

    My newest project

    ?? Not sure how you could possibly have a "cutter-rigged ketch". If the main was that far back, there wouldn't be room for a mizzen. If you somehow got the mizzen in, the weather helm would make the boat impossible. I think you know your boat is a ketch when it's got lee helm if you drop the mizzen to weather. New guess for LPS: 150.
  11. zedboy

    My newest project

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the carbon thing. This boat is way too out-of-the-ordinary. Gee frikkin whiz. I don't have anything normal to compare it with ...
  12. zedboy

    My newest project

    I got $10 on .... 132.
  13. zedboy

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Can we get some more juicy details on the "major mistakes"? Skeg hung rudders? Full-keel carbon BCCs, 4-up? Refrigeration?
  14. zedboy

    My newest project

    Ok, I'll bite, at risk of sounding dumb: Can that plug turn into a boat when you're all done? ... Can I have it?