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  1. newbie bowman tips

    you should have several douses in your playbook, depending on the approach to the leeward mark. a leeward, windward, & gybing (mexican). leeward has lots of variations, too. there is the stretch and blow, you can blow the guy, or letterbox. after a drop, if the kite was put together rigth when it was flying, I generally try not to take any strings off the corners, unless the entire thing is a big f-ing knot. as for glasses, in lighter air, up to about 15 or so I'll wear them. when I'm serving that useful purpose of wavebreak, I get rid of them, because I can't see.
  2. newbie bowman tips

    years of practice?
  3. newbie bowman tips

    main halyard on a j/30 failed a couple of years ago. we went back to the dock and got to the party first. tryed a free climb, but the mast was waxed, no grip. eventually parked the boat next to a frers 45 and used that as a crane. whee!
  4. newbie bowman tips

    ok, so this means that there are more handcuffs out there than the ones with their bails forged together. something like a webbing or spectra loop between the shackles like a quickdraw in the climbing world? that makes much more sense. it seems that the idea is to find something that is sturdy enough to hold the guy load and make a strop that fits that distance without too much slack.
  5. newbie bowman tips

    ok, I've read this entire thing and I still have questions about the whole peel thing. I've been doing foredeck for somewhere near 15 years, but mostly in short course racing, so I've never had to do a spin peel (plenty of headsail peels, though. now, I've moved to the coast adn gotten myself on a boat that's planning some longer races where spin peels may be necessary. I understand the basic mechanics of get the new kite up inside or outside, depending on which halyard is free. disconnecting the lazy guy and using that as a temporary sheet also makes plenty of sense. hooking the opposite clew to a 30" strop on the bow makes some sense as well. whaat I don't get is how the peeling strops (handcuffs) are used out on the end of the pole. so let me try to figure this out and you guys can tell me how I'll kill myself, the forestay, or the kite: 1. hook handcuff to clew ring of old kite 2. hook other end of handcuff to guy shackle (hopefully oversized) bail? 3. spike guy shackle off of old kite clew ring 4. get new kite clew attached to guy shackle 5. have those folks who like to work hoist the new kite 6. spike old kite off of handcuff shackle at clew 7. release other end of handcuff off of the bail and bring it back in with you. that seems like the logical way to do it and just requires that the guys are fitted with oversized shackle bails, otherwise it could be tough to get the handcuff attached. where else would you attach that end? also, seeing as how those things aren't cheap and you're doing things one-handed whie hanging ovre the water on the end of a pole, how do you make sure that you don't drop it in the drink? do you have a short piece of cord on there that you can clip somewhere? also I can see steps 6&7 being reversed, where the handcuffs come back into the boat on the old kite, but I'm not sure that I would like having that king of weight whipping about on a takedown. thanks in advance for your thoughts