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  1. Shane I think you are onto something with the way you had Div 1 & 2 sailing the same course, (even though it was the slowest Div 1 I can remember) to be able to award Div 1 Div 2 and overall regatta champion was great, had there been a few bridge deck cats (non trailables) perhaps they could have contested a for a non trailable trophy and been eligible for the regatta champion as well. Did the Div 2 boats think the courses were to long?
  2. I have been there a few times, always been seperate starts 5 mins apart with shorter courses for Div 2 most of the time. It gets a bit congested trying to give the Div 1 boats room to start.
  3. Pete it cost me about $4.5k for ss discs, ss calipers, galv hubs and a brakeaway system but they seem to work well. Its probably an overkill if you were to tow after each dunking giving the discs and brakes a chance to warm up and dry out.
  4. Bigger than you requested but for what its worth, My F 31 weighs 2100 kg, tandem trailer 900 kg, tow with 100 series landcriuser turbo diesel, if you want to sit close to 100 kph expect 20-24 litres/100. The Jeep Cherokee T/D seems to be popular with better fuel consumption.
  5. Lafish, we just had our SOMR multihull regatta on the Melbourne Cup weekend. The fleet had 2 Melvest built F 22s, 1 Dash, 1 Sprint mark 11, 1 F 85/82?, 1 C 28, and a F 31. The F 85 was the stand out performer until he had mast problems, but the on water performance speed was very close, I was crewing on a F 22 we had a edge over the Sprint down wind and they had an edge upwind. On OMR we had similar handicaps. In 25 Knots with the kite up it isn't impossible to stick all 3 hulls in but a great little boat all the same.
  6. I'm with you Tony and when we get the rule sorted it will be much easier to achieve. However there was some real confusion at Airlie where we thought there were going to be two divisions and that was even discussed with the Race Committee. The the push came for one division driven to the best of my knowledge by the big Cats and championed by the unfortunate victim of a serious collision. As we were there for fun I just went with the flow as I believe a number of others did. In future my vote will be more considered. Perhaps it time for a split based on trailability, as some of us prefer at the Nationals "Trailerable Div 1 & 2" not that it would have helped in this incident. Probably not enough starters for this, but in the future it may encourage more trailerable's to travel.
  7. Pete, thanks for the ride around the "Whitsundays" did you get "Dux Nutts" back in to SA in one piece? what happened to racing at Hammo?
  8. SCANAS, one extra cost, Corsair normally sells in US Dollars, at the moment one Aussie $ buys about 87 US cents and I am tipping this is about to get worse so there's another 15% on the price at the moment.
  9. Tim you probably remember the day at Hastings following me in, I had just folded both sides in, my helmsman had us heading for the mud so a quick turn of the helm by me had us over at about 45 degrees, "expecting a swim" so lesson learnt only fold one side now when under way.
  10. Low Grove that one wasn't that far away sitting for sale in the Hastings Marina last time I looked, but I think I heard that the owner is keeping it after trying to sell for 5 years or so. Cabsav I reckon your right, looks like a huge off the beach cat (50 ft plus) shame he hasn't entered Geelong week with us.
  11. That is correct. I am boat #6 of the production version. I think I now have a new screen saver. Thanks very much! I might be pushing a little here but if you have any more pictures can you please e-mail them to me? I would really like some interior shots to see just how big the interior is with the center board option. Thanks for a great picture. Bill a737man@yahoo.com Try that again This may help keep the interest up 1 airbourne This time may be That's the view I usually have of it, but last Saturday in lightish conditions I had to look at the other side of that big puple bag all the way home and "Daylight Robbery" aswell. Well done guys
  12. Where's "Plywoodyboy" gone?
  13. Realy plywoody less than 8 knts, 2 to 1 and you still managed without a winch?