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  1. dolphinmaster

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    New Tricks on amazon, retired coppers pulled together in a new unit, British, humor and sharp.
  2. dolphinmaster

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Maybe there is someone's grandma near by who is usually a consistent volunteer, social worker, food prepper/cook, etc, at the local homeless shelter but due to a family death etc. she is too depressed to leave the house. Then out of the blue Tom shows up with bananas to share, goodwill is reactivated and off she goes back to her volunteer work etc. use your imagination on how goodwill can spread or not,
  3. dolphinmaster

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Wow, high standards of self righteousness going on round here. What a great way to create community and build goodwill among his neighbors. How do you know some of his neighbors aren't needy in ways you haven't considered?
  4. dolphinmaster

    MLB 2020

    The Rays seem to have ciphered the defensive small ball approach and done so with a relatively tiny budget.
  5. dolphinmaster

    Soverel 27

    We had a 2-3 oz nylon 170 on our Lindenberg 26 on Tampa Bay in the mid 70's. don't think you can call that boat in any way "IOR" inspired.
  6. dolphinmaster

    Caption Contest

    "Asym Short Dickitis"
  7. dolphinmaster

    What Have You Done Today?

    Scored 6,000 ft. of elevation this past Sat and Sun at Rode my old fashion e-bike up and down, no electric motor, no battery, e stands for effort. first bike ride was in 1962 :-)
  8. dolphinmaster

    LONQR 2

    Or treat him like an obstacle on a trail, weight back and roll over his middle.
  9. dolphinmaster

    what's wrong with it?

    notes say carbon spar, looks like Al U min ium to me.
  10. dolphinmaster

    What is good helming?

    A Good tack is completed a full boat length+ to weather of where initiated, the result of just enough angle for the wind speed and seastate, a poor tack leaves you 1+ boat lengths to leeward of the beginning of the tack. Can be as much a difference as 3 boat lengths. And then what Steamer said, be in tune with the boat, whatever that takes, ie know when the mainsheet needs to be eased an inch.
  11. dolphinmaster

    TDF 2020

    They need a drone just above the rider firing rubber bullets at the premier idiots, or paintball rounds for the shaming, not just this year but to keep the riders from having to throw punches to keep safe.
  12. dolphinmaster

    Harbor Freight ?

    The only carpenter who needs a $1500 hand saw is the real Master carpenter pulling down huge cash and too busy or too far away from the table saw on a massive high dollar finish job, Working a piece of exquisite wood with magic and finesse. Very Rare Bird!!
  13. dolphinmaster

    TDF 2020

    Watch for him at the very top of the screen going off into the grass
  14. dolphinmaster

    What Have You Done Today?

    What're you building Willis?
  15. dolphinmaster

    TDF 2020

    Sounds like one of em is running I9's