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  1. dolphinmaster


    Flo has some Balrog tailwhip left in her. We had 3.6” of rain in 6 hrs early this morning and flash floods popping up all over.
  2. dolphinmaster


    Haji could build up some awesome stations with pv’s and never lose powah.
  3. dolphinmaster


    Damn..... they don’t make weather stations like they used to,… But seriously all the reports coming out of Wilmington are very significant regarding tree damage and power outages. The River flooded More yesterday than either for Floyd or hazel and their highest recorded wind speed since 1958. Thank God it was only a category one.
  4. dolphinmaster


    That ECMWF model shows a forecast, through next Tuesday, of 47.5" of rain for New Hanover County, Wilmington, NC that is.
  5. dolphinmaster


    She's got my NC vote :-)
  6. dolphinmaster

    Flying Tiger

    So, the top four boats in the pursuit race in SD Scooter won were all FT10's , hmmm :-)
  7. Yep, that's not gelcoat, that's called spackle.
  8. dolphinmaster

    Tour de France - 2018

    Tomorrow is going to be a mtn sprint, without the miles and miles of flats to wear down solo or teamless riders. There should be some clarification of positions afterwards and before the ITT.
  9. dolphinmaster

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Get Snookered by some Silicone enhanced pleasure orbs that are much more abundant than the reds, flats, or specks
  10. dolphinmaster

    J/Fest Northwest

    No 92’s in the NW?
  11. dolphinmaster

    FP First Blood

    Scott, congrats on race 1 with 4, what are the characteristics of the Tiger that brought you back?
  12. dolphinmaster

    Flying Tiger

    Rick, see link
  13. dolphinmaster

    Flying Tiger

    Scott, How is # 13 going? Any results? What made you go back to a tiger? Inquiring minds and all, Rick
  14. dolphinmaster

    what are you?

    Emily encased in plastic! Let Her out, Let Her out!
  15. dolphinmaster


    E-Bike ='s Magregor 26 Nuff Said!