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  1. dolphinmaster

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    The Laser 28 looks perfect! Sweet boat, has trailer, just over the ridge and back to pick it up!
  2. dolphinmaster

    Life is a Beach - post your favorite beach photo

    Looks like a seahorse from here.
  3. dolphinmaster

    Random PicThread

    So, seems simple pilot error or non-mentioned mechanical failure.
  4. dolphinmaster

    Sailing in Raleigh?

    What IH said, Oriental, good spot, Nice club at Jordan Lake, , mostly dinghy, excellent dinghy sailing at Wrightsville Beach 2.5 hrs except Friday afternoon, add 30 mins, via CYC for ocean sailing, very fun phrf fleet in Southport, 2.75 hrs.
  5. dolphinmaster

    IOR landfills?

    Both appear to be turdfully slower than a J24,
  6. dolphinmaster

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    In the vid, it seemed pretty clear he was feeding.
  7. dolphinmaster

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    If the bill is still on it and it keeps your nose in the shade then of course, cooler than without.
  8. dolphinmaster

    NFL 2020

    If we could've gotten a few more puffs our way and picked up that lift and remembered the damn current always backeddies around that point, we Coulda Won! But you're right, sack Brady a bunch and it's a different game!
  9. dolphinmaster

    NFL 2020

    The Bucs made him look like Fran Tarkenton playing in a SuperBowl last night!
  10. dolphinmaster

    Daysailer for old people

    What Steam said, eager to hear how she matches your original parameters :-) Congrats !!
  11. dolphinmaster

    Vendee Globe 2020

    She didn't need a gybe to begin with, just harden up as she's done :-)
  12. dolphinmaster

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Damn :f-(
  13. dolphinmaster

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Rooster Tail Yanny!!!! torching :-)
  14. dolphinmaster

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Looks like Thomas is trying to soak down and avoid that final gybe.